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4k Video Downloader Released
#1        Get started now - it's free!

Get 4K Video Downloader:              4K Video Downloader speaks your language            4K Video Downloader allows downloading videos, playlists, channels and subtitles from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo and other video sites in high quality.      4k Video Downloader   Is  100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Bitdefender Total Security 2021  &  Contains 

  No Malware, No Adware, No Backdoors, No PUPs, No PUMs, No Viruses, No Worms,  No Trojans,  No Ransomware,  No Rootkits,  No Spyware.    Digital Signature ( Open Media LLC )
4K Video Downloader 4.19.3

Quote:◦TikTok video links parsing issue fixed
◦Subtitles naming fixed.
◦Some Soundcloud links downloading fixed.
◦Various issues fixed.
◦Download speed drop issue fixed.
4K Video Downloader 4.20

Quote:What's New:
◦Rumble download feature implemented.
◦BitChute download feature implemented.
◦Parsing issues with some Bilibili links fixed.
◦Endless parsing of some YouTube Shorts fixed.
◦Endless parsing of some YouTube channels fixed.
◦Incorrect subtitle recognition in some videos fixed.
◦Incorrect notifications about downloaded files fixed.
◦Incorrect Twitch clips duration time display fixed.
◦Incorrect audio quality download fixed.
◦Various small issues and crashes fixed.
◦Audio extraction no longer requires video codec/quality info.

Quote:What's New
◦Youtube subtitle downloading issue fixed.
◦Various Youtube slow downloading issues fixed.
◦Incorrect Youtube video size issue fixed.
◦Soundcloud channel parsing fixed.
◦Various Facebook parsing issues fixed.
◦ Various Bitchute parsing issues fixed.

Quote:◦Variuos Soundcloud parsing issues fixed.
◦Various Youtube subtitle issues fixed.
◦Youtube slow parsing issue fixed.
◦Download hanging issue fixed.
◦Incorrect Youtube video size issue fixed.

Quote:◦Variuos Youtube and Youtube.Music parsing issues fixed.

◦Various Tiktok parsing issues fixed.
Version 4.21

Quote:◦ Download speed drop in YouTube issue fixed.
◦ Long parsing of some playlists fixed.
◦ Hang while parsing some Vimeo videos fixed.
◦ Hang while parsing SoundCloud playlists fixed.
◦ Inability to fully download SoundCloud playlists fixed.
◦ Facebook video parsing issue fixed.
◦ Inability to parse links from Likee fixed.
◦ Sound missing in videos from subscriptions fixed.
◦ Subtitles missing after resuming video download fixed.
◦ Parsing of “” links implemented.
◦ Error for all unfinished downloads after resuming fixed.
◦ Inability to log in within the application on Ubuntu 22.04 fixed.
◦ Incorrect video count in YouTube playlists fixed.
Version 4.21.1

Quote:◦Inability to parse links in smart mode fixed.
Version 4.21.2

Quote:◦Overall stability improved.
◦Memory footprint reduced for conversion stage.
◦Endless parsing of re-added channel fixed.
Version 4.21.5

Quote:■ YouTube Musk parsing fixed.
= YouTube Music slow download fixed.
■ YouTube age-restricted videos parsing fixed.
= Missing subtitles fixed.
■ Wrong title for some Facebook videos fixed.
= Rare issue with subscriptions downloading videos without sound fixed.

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