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PDFCreator 4.1.1 - Maintenance release
#1            PDFCreator 4.1.1 - Maintenance release
Posted: July 28, 2020
Our PDFCreator 4.1.1 maintenance release is out and it comes with the following improvements:

Thanks to our translation community, we have been able to add a few new and updated languages.
The setup displays all languages that are available for the application, even if the setup itself is not translated to this language.
Bugs fixed
PDFCreator Terminal Server: The licensing service did not start properly since PDFCreator 4.1.0.
PDFCreator Terminal Server: It was not possible to select a local user for the license service.
PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: Hotfolder and Images2Pdf desktop shortcuts were created, although shortcuts were disabled.
PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: The creation of PDF/A with grayscale was broken. Temporarily this is fixed by using a RGB ICC profile.
Other changes
PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: The ReadMe file on how to build the x86 MSI file, is now an executable batch file.                     This is the new stable version of PDFCreator. Converts all printable documents to PDF - 100% free.          PDFCreator 4.1.1  Was  100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Kaspersky Security Cloud Free  &  Hitman Pro 3.8.18  &  Zemana AntiMalware 3.2.15 (Free) & Contains 

  No Malware, No Adware, No Backdoors, No PUPs,  No Viruses, No Worms,  No Trojans,  No Ransomware,  No Rootkits,  No Spyware.    Digital Signature ( pdfforge GmbH )
Thanks for the update mrtrout. I have visited the homepage of the program

This is UI for interested members:

[Image: b82HdpY.png]

PDFCreator in action

PDFCreator 4.3 is out  PDFCreator is open source!  (New) Released:          PDFCreator 4.3 is out
June 17, 2021 Categories:Releases

For PDFCreator 4.3 we focused on clearing any potential obstacles for a quick and precise workflow. Find out what’s new:   Full Changelog
Breaking changes

    Please check for the new e-mail format setting, when using the COM-interface for sending HTML formatted e-mails via SMTP.


    PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: When e-mailing via SMTP, it is now possible to send the e-mail on behalf of someone else and to define the display name and reply to address.
    The workflow editor view has been further improved with immediate and better visibility of incorrect settings.
    The print action now has the option to fit the document to the page size of the printer.
    New option to proceed with further send actions if one of them fails.
    It is now possible to save settings with removed passwords, which makes it easier to share settings for a support case.
    The e-mail quick action now uses default HTML setting of the client.
    New warning about circular dependencies when selecting another PDFCreator printer in the print action.

Bugs fixed

    HotFolder could sometimes use the wrong PDFCreator profile to convert files.
    HotFolder did not consider shared settings.
    The “forward to profile” action may have failed with an UnauthorizedAccessException.
    Opening the signature settings always selected the first time server account instead of the originally selected.
    The /Profile parameter did not work for files that have to be printed.
    The <OutputFilenames> token was not always replaced.
    For the special condition that the filename contained a whitespace in the 23rd position, the conversion of PDF files via drag & drop failed.            PDFCreator is open source!  PDFCreator-4_3_0-Setup.exe
MD5: fdfd4059aba90edcdfa0e395b96f2d09 34.71 MB      Download:      Digital Signature ( pdfforge GmbH )                                      PDFCreator 4.3  Is 100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With  Avast! Free Edition 21.5.6354    &    Contains    No Malware, No Adware, No PUPS,  No Rootkits, No Backdoors,  No Ransomware, No Spyware, No Trojan  Horses, No Viruses, and No Worms,

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