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novaPDF Professional 10 - one powerful PDF creator
NovaPDF review
Home page:
Pricing: Please see for latest prices, as there are often specials on and there are several editions and licensing options.

About novaPDF
NovaPDF is a virtual printer that allows you to create PDF documents from any programs that allows you to print. Unlike the print to PDF option that comes with windows 10, NovaPDF has many more options and gives you full control over every aspect of your PDF creations.

Top features in novaPDF

UNIVERSAL PRINTING - Allows you to print from any software that allows you to print
ADD-INS FOR MICROSOFT OFFICE - This enables one click PDF creations and allowing advanced features like adding bookmarks to PDF and embedding hidden hyperlinks
PDF SECURITY - You have control over your PDF file. For example, you can only let people open the protected file if they know the password, disallow people to print your protected file and more
DIGITAL SIGNATURES - Since PDF can be edited (even if they are password protected from editing!) You can add a digital signature to protect the integrity of your document
PDF WATERMARKS - This allows you to add a banner on selected pages or an entire document. Examples including marking your document as DRAFT or confidential. Templates are included


[Image: 45GOHip.png]

Installing novaPDF

Installation is easy and simple as shown below.

[Image: HgjMrD0.png]

[Image: bzaukcp.png]

[Image: z7Vpbz1.png]
After installing novaPDF, you are greeted with a short wizard. You can start a 30-day trial, or if you already own a license, you can chose to activate the software.

[Image: SNScEJT.png]

[Image: OW8HjF9.png]

Feature: Creating PDFs from any applications
Creating PDF is extremely easy. Once you start your trial or activated the software, you will see a screen like the one below It explains how to do this.

[Image: vs2woVo.png]

As you can see above, it shows you how to print by using the print function of your favourite software and it also shows how to use an addon that is included with Microsoft Office.
After selecting print from your favourite software, you are then greeted with the below screen

[Image: Ii6xaZC.png]

There are options for where you want to save your file, what quality you want to save your file as, what you want to happen after you save your file (for example send it in an email).

Feature: Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office
Creating a PDF from a Microsoft Office document could not be any easier. You have a toolbar that you can use to generate a PDF in one click.

[Image: niqcYk4.png]

Feature: PDF security and digital signatures
Currently protecting documents against tapering could not be more important. NovaPDF leaves you with no storage of options, including password protection and digital signatures.

[Image: Xop0y1y.png]

[Image: 01bYJ8k.png]

[Image: zUV8rky.png]

Like protecting PDFs from being edited, there is no shortage of options for adding digital signatures as shown below

[Image: kdHpjC8.png]

Final thoughts
If you need something that is more powerful than the built-in option of Microsoft Office and Windows, NovaPDF is worth looking at. Please note that there are 3 versions (see chart at the start of this review) and I would suggest that you take the 30-day trial before buying.

While this is a minor thing (and I do respect this as it to do with branding) that the installer is very heavy on red. This does not affect the operation of the program and since that the install is noticeably short, you do not need to deal with that for long.
My only other suggestion and advice are that you should look at the manual. While some functions are really easy to pick up, some of the more advance features such as network printing complex license management and such require you to have a deeper understanding on what taking place under the hood.
I say it is worth looking at if you find that you don't need everything that Acrobat has or if you are looking for features that Acrobat doesn't have.
Thanks for the very informative well done review Danielx64
Thanks for the very informative review.....
Thanks Danielx64

get a key for NovaPDF Standard V9.6
thanks so much Danielx64 very good one continue Heart Thumb
Thanks for the good informative review
Thank you for a good review.
Thank you for the detailed review!

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