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Shadow Warrior 3- Watch 17 Minutes of Glorious FPS Goodness

Quote:Who’s better than Lo Wang? Lo Wang with a grappling hook! Look, we all know that Shadow Warrior 3
is going to be glorious. Today, Devolver Digital and Flying Wildhog have released a 17-minute
playthrough of the upcoming game and reassured us that it indeed will be a glorious FPS experience.

The following video is a full playthrough from the Way to Motoko level from the game which was
initially teased during the Devolver Direct 2020. It has everything you ever want from a Shadow Warrior game
your trusty katana, lots of guns, Lo-Wang, and more guns! The footage also showcases the series’ newfound inspirations
from Doom: Eternal when it comes to the gameplay and Serious Sam 2 for the new visual style and tone.


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