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Internet Download Manager has done it again
Internet download manager review

Home page

Pricing: Please see as prices varies depending on your location.

About internet download manager

Internet download manager is a program that makes downloading large files a breeze. It enables you to speed up your downloads as well as providing protection against common issues when downloading files. This includes internet being disconnected (regardless if the cause is local or remote), power outages, timeouts, corrupted files and more.

Features list

·         Start, pause and cancel downloads

·         Download media (videos and audio) files

·         Integration with many browsers

·         Speed up downloads by downloading parts of a file in parallel

·         Dark and light theme

·         Schedule downloads

·         Support many languages

Installing Internet download manager

Installing Internet download manager is quick and easy. There are very few questions you are being asked.

[Image: WbGGOSc.png]

[Image: NQ6YnC9.png]

[Image: zXRRq6U.png]

[Image: LcJjDnB.png]

[Image: oJSJIh9.png]


The main interface (shown below) is nice and clean. It has a dual pane interface where on the left-hand side you can select one of the many categories and on the right-hand side, it will shows the files that related to the selected option.

[Image: sdWjmEt.png][Image: dbbyqCm.png]

Main opening screen in both light and dark mode

Feature: Downloading files

Downloading files is simple. After clicking on a link that leads to a file that IDM supports downloading you will see a screen like the one below.

[Image: DyRvnXC.png]

You can choose the location of where you want to download the file. There’s also a category feature that makes it easy to keep say video or audio files all in the same place. If the provided category is not what you are after, you can create additional ones (for example if you often download ISO files you can create a category to keep those files in one place).

Other options include if you want to download now or later.

Feature: Downloading media files and browser integration

Internet download manager can download videos and audio files from one of many supported sites. This is achieved by using a plugin that integrates internet download manager into your favourite browser.

[Image: Cl3aJUE.png]

As you can see, when you hover your mouse over a supported video you can click on download this video and you can select the video you want to download. Some sites offer videos in several bitrates. Again, after clicking on one of the options, you will see a screen like the one below.

[Image: 8RWtoHz.png]

Feature: Schedule downloads

Internet download manager includes a scheduler where you can create a list of files that you want to download and want to download later. There is useful if you are currently hot spotting on your mobile phone and want to wait till you get home to do your downloads or if you want to download your files while everyone is sleeping (and you don’t want to get up to start the download).

There is no shortage of options when it comes to schedule downloading as shown below:

[Image: SokjNLv.png][Image: rHDqfgp.png]

For those with complex needs, you can have more than one download queue, great for those times where you may want to download certain files at different times of the day/week say large ISO or games files at night while you are sleeping and you want to download a bunch of smaller files during the day.

Other features included in Internet Download Manager

·         Cap download speed – Great for when you want to download large files during the day but also don’t want to slow down the internet for everyone else or yourself while you are working or playing games.

[Image: k1ba6F9.png][Image: lxKXG0g.png]

·         Batch add downloads – This option is useful when someone sends you a bunch of links and you don’t want to click on every link one by one. You just select and copy the links and use the “Add batch download from clipboard” option from “Tasks”.

[Image: 5O7cseA.png][Image: TYD7kGN.png]

·         Website grabber – Ever come across a website where you wanted to download all the images for offline viewing? This is the tool for you. Just enter the URL of the start page of the website.

[Image: QBYiEdp.png]

Final thoughts

Internet download manager is powerful but simple to use. If you just want to download big files with peace of mind, Internet download manager will do that. If you want more control over your downloads, including download speed and hours that your downloads take place, Internet download manager has all the options you need.

Is it worth the price? The amount of times it saved me from broken downloads – it worth every dolor spent.

Is there anything that I would like to see improved? The only thing that bugs me is that when you are using dark mode, there are areas of the user interface that doesn’t reflects to this change. Seeing that dark mode is a new feature, I am sure that this will improve overtime.
Thanks for the review
Thanks for the well done informative review. I also have posted it on the blog
Thanks for the review
Thank you for the detailed review!
Thanks Daniel for the very nice review. Thanks to your review i noticed the dark interface of IDM which looks better and i will use it for sure.


Well done. Tarek will be happy for this important help in writing reviews.
thanks for review Danielx64 Thumb Heart
Thanks for the insightful Danielx64 review! Thumb

This is the best download manager I use.
Thanks for the review! Simply the best tool to download in the internet!

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