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Convert your Word Document into an image
This can be done either using many online converter and the quality is poor in most converters

To have good quality, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your word document as usual

2. Select the part you want to convert or select all if you want to convert all document

[Image: yjkMT0I.png]

In this example, I have selected all text:

[Image: 7Eenw54.png]

3. Open new document and right click or use Paste button and select picture or paste special

[Image: Qb8gAth.png]

[Image: dG9Nf6q.png]

4. Save the image using right click menu and select "save as picture"

[Image: ySdGLiO.png]

5. Finally, choose your favorite image format

[Image: ts1SAZU.png]

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