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How to add Adobe Acrobat extension to Microsoft Edge Browser?
[Image: x169wkP.jpg]


Adobe Acrobat DC (Version 15 or higher) or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Version 17 or higher) must be installed on your machine
With the Adobe Acrobat extension for Chrome, it’s easy to convert web pages to rich, high-quality PDF files that maintain the look and feel of the original content.

Please remember that:

You don't need this extension to view PDF documents in Google Chrome. Google Chrome has an integrated PDF reader
You don't need to enable the extension to use the program ina normal way

Why you need to Install Adobe Acrobat Extension?


• Easily turn web pages into PDF files that look just like the page you converted
• Preserve the layout, formatting, and links of captured pages – including CSS styles, HTML5 tags, JavaScript, embedded Flash, and more
• Quickly switch from viewing PDFs in Chrome to opening them in Acrobat on your desktop
• Explore Adobe Document Services to convert and combine files in your browser

Privacy and License Agreement:

Your use of this extension is governed by the Acrobat DC End User License Agreement ( and the Adobe Privacy Policy (

If you don’t already have Acrobat DC, you can download a free trial at

How to add Adobe Acrobat extension to Microsoft Edge Browser?

If you are interested to use Adobe Acrobat Extension in Microsoft Edge Browser, follow this simple guide:

1. Launch Microsoft edge browser and in the upper-right corner of the edge toolbar, click the menu icon

[Image: TIu28CQ.png]

2. Click extension from the drop down menu and enable allow extensions from other stores

[Image: XFr9xel.png]

3. It is well known that you can now add extensions from the Chrome Web Store to Microsoft Edge. So, Visit Acrobat extension add on link here:

4. Install the add on (extension) and start using

[Image: eGuh9a3.png]

5. Don't disable the option to allow extensions from other stores

Information about Adobe Acrobat Extension:

Current Version:

Updated: June 24, 2020

Size: 821KiB

Languages: 26


Privacy Policy
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San Jose, CA 95110

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