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Giveaway Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game
Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game

[Image: 5.1593777327.png]
Perplexed - Math Puzzle Game has been awarded the “App of The Day” by MyAppFree: it will be free to download from July, 4 to July, 6! Get MyAppFree to discover more offers and sales!

Perplexed is a fun math puzzle game. Perplexed is addictive brain teaser logic based puzzle game where you have a grid full of numbers. Easy to learn and easy to play. Perplexed is very helpful for the improvement of your brain, logical thinking and memory. Perplexed is completely ad free and have well balanced difficulty levels both for beginner and advanced players. If you like to play sudoku you will also enjoy playing perplexed.

The goal is to make the sum of numbers in each row and column be equal number in the box. So you have to rearrange numbers in the grid to make sum of numbers in a row or column equal to the number in the box.

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