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mixer mac photo 10

ahmedGiveaway Photo Mixer [for Mac]
[Image: eL7PdZU.png]

Photo Mixer is a photo blending application which allows you to create amazing looking photos by combining them using different filters, shapes, linear combinations, and transparent images.

Photo Mixer projects can be: By Combination, By Shapes, By Transparency, Horizontal Linear, and Vertical Linear.
By Composition: You can composite from two to how many photos you want. For every photo you choose the filter to apply on the composition.
By Shape:You can add multiple shaped masked photos on top of a background image.
By Transparency: You can add multiple translucent photos on top of a background image. Transparent PNG files are supported. Linear: You can form a horizontal or a vertical strip of photos with the option to change the level of intersection between images.

OSX 7 or higher

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