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Here's What PC Gamers Have to Say About VPNs
Quote: A new survey by IGN and PCMag asked PC gamers about their VPN use. We found that many think VPNs keep them safe from trolls. Which isn't exactly true.

PCMag teamed up with IGN to run a survey on VPN usage while PC gaming. From April 14 to 22, we asked 770 readers of IGN and PCMag to tell us how and why they're using VPNs (virtual private networks)—that all-important software that helps keep your online activity private—while playing games on PC. 

But some of their answers revealed that a number of gamers (and probably the rest of us) might have a fundamental misunderstanding of the kind of protection a VPN provides.

First, most respondents—78.6 percent—said they were not using a VPN while gaming. Of those who do, 58 percent said the reason is to "protect my privacy," which is all well and good.


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