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Schedule Tweets on Twitter
Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Now, Twitter lets you plan/schedule your tweets to efficiently manage the platform for social networking.
Scheduling posts is an essential function for any social media as it gives an edge in managing announcements. Social media administrators and news agency which mostly rely on twitter can easily handle the tweets by using schedule tweet feature.
The new feature allows users to tweet at a particular time and date in the future and those planned tweets can be seen and edit using scheduled tweets window.
It is still not clear if this is just a pilot feature or whether the feature is permanent for twitter user as this is not officially announced. Schedule Tweet was only available for Twitter ads user before. Although, it is observed by many users including me in form of a dedicated button saying ‘schedule tweets’.
While, this most demanding feature increases the performance/reputation of the platform but at the same time, making it smooth to tweet for everyone.
Interesting read thanks for sharing.
(05-11-2020 , 03:15 PM)Mike Wrote: Interesting read thanks for sharing.

I knew that you would appreciate this post Mike, so you and I are active users of Twitter.
Thanks for the post Sasha. I will move it to our new social section

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