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Online Shopping Section
Hi All

I started this section to share everything about online shopping. You can post anything you need about online shopping. For example of interesting topics:

For example : amazon, AliExpress, other sites 

What is your experience with purchase online?

Problems which you have during purchase online

Personal experience with some websites, services,,,,,

How you complete your purchase?  for example Bitcoin, credits, Banks......

Sure many users are asking these questions before proceeding with online shopping

Also, you can ask for help if you need
I do about all my shopping online anymore as prices on products are very differently priced. I look for websites that offer me free shipping also as this will save you lots of money. I also use the RetailMeNot Deal Finder browser extension which Instantly Applies the Internet's Best Coupons at Checkout. As far as completing my purchases I use paypal most of the time.

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