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FREE Cyber Security training!
[Image: 2WCVBlS.png]

[Image: IZh9HHx.png]

Quote:Now it’s time to kick things off with an overview of the action-packed emails you’ll receive in this course:
  1. Start here: evaluate your cyber security level

  2. Security 101: cover your basics in less than 1 hour

  3. The 10 Internet Security Myths You Need to Forget

  4. No more technical gibberish! Master basic security terms in 20 minutes

  5. Cyber criminals can steal your credentials in 2 minutes. Here’s how to master your password security.

  6. How do I choose the best antivirus? We have just the thing for you

  7. Next-gen anti-hacking tools are here to protect you (because antivirus is not enough)

  8. Do you know about these security holes in your system?

  9. Stop procrastinating! Read this & Get your data to safety

  10. You need data encryption (even if you’re not a security specialist)

  11. And the cyber security specialists said: secure thy browsers or...

  12. Are you protected from cyber attacks delivered via Wi-fi? Find out

  13. Keep cyber criminals out of your inbox for good. Here’s how

  14. Share. Tweet. Protect. Repeat. - social media, the safe way

  15. “Nobody understands the cloud!” - is that you? How to keep your cloud-stored data safe

  16. Where is your data? Block identity theft attempts like a Pro

  17. Are you under attack? Detect & block cyber criminals actions

  18. What your kids & parents need to learn about cyber security

  19. No-nonsense cyber security: 10 things you never know were necessary

  20. Cyber Security Ninja level achieved! Check out the BIG surprise inside

It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about cyber security, because this course will help you understand what it's all about.

Visit Here

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