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Promo2day Review JV16 PowerTools: Simply, make windows better
[Image: JfR76W1.png]

This was originally developed as a program called RegCleaner when founder Jouni was 15 years old in 1998. The application later became called jv16 PowerTools. The “16” part of the name was actually from Jouni’s age (How old he was when he released RegCleaner). The main purpose of RegCleaner was simple: A no nonsense, powerful app designed to clean your Windows registry. Simple and significant.

Currently; JV16 PowerTools is a complete set of PC system utilities designed to make your computer run fast and smooth. It offers the best possible Windows cleaning and optimization tool. It is a utility suite with dozens of tools included to help doing a complete maintenance of your system. You will enjoy optimal performance of your system with many built-in features and tools for cleaning, fixing and optimization. Simply put, a tool to make your Windows PC run faster and smoother. 


You will have minimal fuss and optimal performance. 
Have your PC working just like it used to with just a few clicks
Easy to use
Simple user interface
Multi language support

Current version:,

Release date: February 3, 2020

File size: 7.60 Mb

[Image: iruHPqq.png]


Download link:
You can get the latest version from:

Free Trial: 14 Day fully functional trial.

System Requirements:

jv16 PowerTools can be used on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. Fully supports 64 bit systems.


[Image: 9ilVJwK.gif]

This is very easy. Simply double click the installer and follow few on screen steps till the process is complete. Installing the software over any older version will now automatically uninstall the old version before installation. After complete installation, the program will check your computer as an initial setup process to ensure that the app will be working good on your system. During this step, restore point will be created

[Image: flM0oiq.png]

[Image: kxTPyCd.png]

[Image: nljv2w7.png]

[Image: TGRKVGh.png]

User Interface:

This is very friendly and easy to use with no skills needed

[Image: A9wW3kv.png]



[Image: FyReLTl.png]


[Image: tl4A5o4.png]


[Image: KxpD95J.png]


[Image: l7Q5KyU.png]


[Image: WP7W8vm.png]

Multi Language Support:

The following translations are available:

Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.


[Image: Hy8OBUL.png]


Download the free trial version of jv16 PowerTools. Install and open jv16 PowerTools, then access the My Account tool. Now, enter your name and email address into the My Account tool. This will automatically download and install your license, and convert the trial version to the full version.

License use:

jv16 PowerTools can be installed on any number of computers, but it can only be activated on a maximum of five computers at a time. Licenses can be transferred, meaning that the user can remove a license from one computer and activate on another, for example, the user buys a new computer, he/she can remove a license from the old computer and activates it on the new one.

When you start any of the mentioned tools, they will explain what they do in the app's user interface: this nice feature makes the use of the program very easy and doesn’t need any skills or previous experience. Simply start the app and use any tool you need then you will see wizard with explanation of each step

The use of the program is very easy, simple 3 steps. First select the feature you like to use, then Analyze, Finally Fix. That’s all!

System Cleaner

[Image: a8dwsi7.png]

Common issues found on most systems include but are not limited to registry errors, file system issues, start menu and desktop items as well as temporary files.

[Image: JrT9eKc.png]

System Cleaner is designed to scan your computer for temporary files, left-over files from software you have already uninstalled and even unnecessary system files that may clutter your system. In addition; this built-in system utility can also do comprehensive registry sweeping. A common cause for computers running slow after extended use periods, which makes it a good practice to perform on a regular basis.

[Image: DTqHGmQ.png]

During the scanning phase, everything found is collected into an easily read user interface that gets populated with all issues found. No changes are made to your system. Once the scan is completed, you will have to decide either to clean all the recommended files or to edit what gets removed.

[Image: veORIwg.gif]

Internet Optimizer

[Image: 0fDQG5E.png]

There are many factors which can affect the speed of your Internet connection. Luckily, with the help of Internet Optimizer, you can see improvements in just a few minutes, with little effort required. Simply set the process off with a single click.

[Image: qBED3mQ.png]

Once the tool has finished performing necessary benchmarks for your current Internet connection, a results overview will be displayed. Before deciding if you would like to apply the suggested settings, the software will show the average DNS query speed improvement that can be obtained. then simply select your preferred DNS and apply.

In most cases, you can expect a speed improvement of 20% or more. This depends on your Internet connection type, geographical positioning as well as overall hardware and software running on the benchmarked machine.

Software Uninstaller

[Image: H46TrrH.png]

Software Uninstaller does not just list the same software listed in the Windows Control Panel. The tool digs even further by scanning your Windows registry and all your hard drives for data related to currently installed software and left-over traces of software you thought you had already uninstalled.

[Image: KjB23qz.png]

During the scanning process, no changes are made to your system. The following screen displays the results and allows you to choose what you want to do about each particular piece of software.

[Image: DXFsxzN.png]

Backup feature:

[Image: Z1Jiknb.png]

it is recommended to always do a backup before any changes are applied to your Registry or File System. This is done automatically by jv16 PowerTools. Both, using its own backup feature and by creating a System Restore Point.

What is new?

In addition to many bugs fixation; there are many feature improvements:

Improved the overall performance of the program, from starting the first time and also the scan speed.

The Clean and Fix Everything button of System Cleaner is now bigger to make it easier to see.

Automatically uninstall old version during update

Changed the button caption of the System Cleaner report screen from “Close” to “View Results” to make it clearer that clicking this button will show you the scan results.

[Image: RBMtIAw.png]

The My Account data (the license owner name and email address) is now also saved to the Windows registry if an uninstallation key for jv16 PowerTools already exists there. This way, if you delete all of PowerTools files, the My Account data is still remembered and stored in the registry. This data is removed if you choose to uninstall the program. Also, the registry is not used unless you choose to add PowerTools to the Windows Control Panel during the installation.

The circular scan progress indicator’s size is now better adjusted for the size of the window and the screen. Improved the overall smoothness of the scan progress screen. Less elements jumping around and resizing during the scan.

Updated translation files, such as updated Dutch.

Improved the accuracy of Steam game and app detection of the Software Uninstaller.

Greatly improved Software Uninstaller’s ability to detect software installation directories and software main executable paths.

Reduced the frequency the program creates System Restore Points

The default action button of each tool is now highlighted and larger.

Program settings:

[Image: Jrv7kjg.gif]

Check for updates:

[Image: NqDsWUQ.png]


Fast and effective
East to use
Reasonable price
Good registry organizer and system cleaner
Built-in software uninstall tool
No adware or bundled software


jv16 PowerTools is a PC System Utilities Software that works by cleaning out unneeded files and data, cleaning the Windows registry, automatically fixing system errors and applying optimization to your system. It will let you enjoy simple and effective Windows optimization with just a few clicks. Now, download and try the app, you will have full features for 14 days
Thanks for this very informative review of a great software product.
thank you for excellent review Heart Heart

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