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ESET Smart Security Review
[Image: qqzb6x.jpg]

ESET Smart Security is all-in-one security including Antivirus, Anti-Theft, Personal Firewall. It is an intelligent system that is constantly on alert for attacks and malicious software that might endanger your computer. ESET Smart Security is a complete security solution that combines maximum protection and a minimal system footprint. You can enjoy banking and paying online while completely protected and safe.

The trial version is downloaded from the official ESET website. The program can be installed using either live installer which is small file and automatically download additional needed files or Offline installer using large sized. MSI file that doesn’t require additional files download. If a newer version is found you will be notified in the first step of the installation process.

After the installation is complete, you can easily activate your product using a license key. A trial license can be used before purchase.

Computer scan:
After installing ESET Smart Security, a computer scan will start 20 minutes after installation or computer restart in order to check for malicious code. You can manually scan your computer at any time.

User Interface:

[Image: 691u8xL.png]

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use.  The main window of the program shows are six menu tabs on the left side, after clicking on any tab the details appear on the right side.

Home: Provides information about the protection status of ESET Smart Security. It informs the user about the current protection level of the computer. It also includes information about the most recent update and the expiration date of your license. The green icon and green Maximum protection status indicates that maximum protection is ensured. If the icon is red then maximum protection is not ensured and critical problems are present (for example virus database out of date, product not activated and so on). he orange icon indicates limited protection (for example, there might be a problem updating the program or your license may be nearing its expiration date, antitheft optimization warning and so on).

Computer scan: This part helps you to configure and launch a scan of your computer or create a custom scan.
Update: this section displays information about virus signature database updates.

Tools: Provides access to Log files, Protection statistics, Watch activity, Running processes, Network connections, Scheduler, ESET SysInspector and ESET SysRescue.

Setup: This option allows you to adjust the security level for Computer, Internet, Network protection and Security tools.

Help and support: This button provides access to help files, the ESET Knowledgebase, the ESET website, and links to submit support request.

Computer scan:

[Image: XQ5ZLNy.png]

You can easily configure what to scan, either to scan the whole system (smart scan), or certain locations and targets specified in some predefined scan profiles (custom scan). You can also scan removable media as CD, USB Flash drives and so on. This type of scan can be initiated by clicking custom scan and selecting removable media.
The computer scan checks all files on local drives and automatically cleans or deletes detected infiltrations. The cleaning level is automatically set to the default value.

[Image: qktTZ0V.png]


It is very important to update both the program and the virus signature database to protect your system against viruses and malware. Simply launch the program, click “updates” in the main menu, you will easily find virus database version and last successful update.
The update is usually automatic with active internet connection but you can do it manually using update and then click Update now.

[Image: 5TJpCXV.png]

Additional update options (such as update mode, proxy server access and LAN connections,) can be found under the advanced setup window. You can open it easily by clicking setup in the main menu and then choose advanced setup, or press F5 on your keyboard. Finally click on particular tab in the Update window.
You can also check if there is an update to the program itself from this window.

Trusted zone setup:

[Image: pZkF9U0.png]

In order to protect your computer when connected to a specific network, you have to configure the “Trusted zones”. Using this feature, you can allow or deny other users to access your computer thus you are able to control sharing. The process is easy and simple Click Setup then open Network protection; you will find the connected networks. Finally click the link below the connected network and choose the desired protection mode of your computer in the network.
When your computer connects to a new network; by default, a popup window will ask you to set the protection level for that zone, thus it is not necessary to define the trusted zone.


[Image: r14TiTw.png]

To protect your computer in case of a loss or theft, activate ESET Anti-Theft. Simply register for free then activate anti-theft from the setup security menu and follow some simple instructions. Anti-theft allows you to collect snapshots, watch thieves via the built in camera, or see thieve location on camera.

Parental control tools:

[Image: Agxa0kW.png]

This feature is very useful and important as it allows you to protect your children from potentially offensive material. Remember first to configure this feature properly for a specific user account.  Then setup the rules you need to avoid any sites with offensive content or to exclude other sites.

The Setup menu includes 4 sections: Computer protection, Internet protection, Network protection and Security tools.

[Image: D4VS1q5.png]

Computer protection setup include many tools useful to protect your computer. The Real-time file system protection: lets you to scan all files for malicious code when they are opened, created, or run on your computer. HIPS tool monitors the events within the operating system and reacts to them. The Gamer mode if activated you will find the main window orange and you will receive a warning message. At any time, you can easily disables all antivirus and antispyware protection using “Pause Antivirus and antispyware protection”.
Internet protection setup This includes many tools which helps you to safely use the internet.
Web access protection allows you to scan traffic through HTTP or HTTPS for malicious software. Email client protection monitors communication received through POP3 and IMAP protocol. The antispam protection scans unsolicited email, i.e., spam. Anti-Phishing protection helps to filter any suspicious websites to protect your confidential information.

Also there is a network protection (through personal firewall, Network attack protection (IDS) and Botnet protection) and security tools (such as Banking & Payment protection Parental control, Anti-Theft).

[Image: 2lbfa7d.jpg]

[Image: BMQLLlR.png]

The Tools menu includes tools that help complete control of the program and offers additional options for advanced users. ESET Smart Security protects your credit card and other sensitive personal data while banking or purchasing. A secured browser will be launched to provide safer banking transactions. Anti-Theft tool simply allows you to locates your missing device in case of a loss or theft. Other tools are of help only for advanced users. The menu includes tools such as log files, running processes, network connections, activity, and so on.
The advanced setup menu includes tools and features that allows you to completely control all program features as antivirus, update, firewall, web and email, device control and user interface. You can leave it in the default state or configure it in each section according to your needs.

Powerful antivirus
Safe online banking
Automatically scans all USB flash drives,
Regularly updated
Gamer mode
Powerful built in Firewall
And many more


ESET Smart security is all you need to keep your computer safe and secure. You can do online banking safely with completely protected personal data.
Very good and professional review.
Excellent work, tarekma7.
Great review.
Thanks for the review tarekma7 !
Thanks for the good review
Thanks for a review tarekma7.
Really perfect review, really! Thanks a lot dear MOD Tarek!
Detailed and in depth review.
Thanks tarekma7.
Good Review tarekma7 really good.


Thanks for the good review. Thumb

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