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web dr nazareth

IgorehaDr Web Scanner by Portable
Dr Web Scanner by Portable

[Image: 2020-02-02_121138.1580634713.png]

Portable Scanner Dr.Web Scanner Portable is designed to detect and disinfect harmful objects. The scanner cleans your computer from: e-mail and network worms, rootkits, file viruses, Trojans, stealth viruses, polymorphic viruses, bodiless viruses, macro viruses and viruses affecting documents MS Office, script viruses, spyware (spyware), programs -pohititeley passwords, keyloggers, paid dialers, adware (adware), potentially dangerous software, hacking tools, programs, hatches, joke programs, malicious scripts and other malware.

Dr.Web Portable Scanner compares favorably with other similar programs increased resistance to viruses and the ability to work directly on the infected machine virus with a high probability of the system of healing. Moreover, the scanner can be run without installing the system, directly from any external media (CD or USB-drive). You can quickly check any computer, and, in the case of detection of malicious objects to cure it.

A quick check. In this mode, scanning the following objects:
• Boot sectors of all drives
• Startup objects
• The root folder of the boot drive
• The root directory is the Windows installation disc
• Windows system directory
• My Documents folder
• Temporary system directory
• Temporary user directory

Full Scan. In this mode, a full scan of all hard drives and removable media (including boot sectors).

Selectively. This mode provides the ability to select any files and folders to be scanned. When this mode is in the central part of the tab check will be presented to the file system as a hierarchical tree. If necessary, it can be deployed up to any level directories and files in them.
In the hierarchy list objects to be subjected to scanning. Along with the selected objects will be checked boot sectors of all disks.

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