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Able2Extract Professional 15: PDF Converter, Editor and Viewer
[Image: MkMNadz.jpg]

Convert, Create, Edit, OCR, View and Sign PDF Documents

If you are one of those users who work with PDF files as a part of their daily activity, then sure you need a complete desktop PDF software solution to help you and save your time. Able2extract is a must-have tool in every business environment.

Able2extract Professional is an advanced PDF software that simplifies and speeds up manipulating data locked down in PDF documents. It has many tools and features that make it easy to accomplish every possible PDF task smoothly, and quickly. You can easily convert, edit, OCR, view and control any of your your PDF documents

Able2Extract is the only PDF converter application that allows conversion of the content you need only. The conversion results are always precise. The latest version offers upgrades and improvements that make this product an ultimate solution to any business professional’s PDF needs.

[Image: Wb9Xy8I.png]

Cover all aspects of your PDF work on your desktop:

 Convert PDF files to all major formats including Excel, Word, CAD, PowerPoint…
 Extract scanned PDF content using OCR with multi-language support
 Edit PDF content, manipulate pages and PDF forms in real time.
 Process hundreds of files in one go with batch conversion and batch creation.
 Bulletproof your PDFs with advanced PDF encryption and file permissions.
 Add signatures to your PDFs and validate PDF signatures you receive.
 Revamped UI and Dark theme support for even more efficient workflows.
Add annotations and redact PDF content
Create password protected PDF documents
Combine and Batch merge multiple file types into a single PDF.

System Requirements

Available for Windows, macOS and Linux

Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Windows Server 2019/2016/2012 R2/2012, 32-bit or 64-bit
Memory: 512+ MB of free memory available for the software
Disk space: Windows: 200 MB
Screen resolution : 1366 (Width) x 768 (Height) (higher resolution screen required if OS scaling is more than 100%)
Administrative privileges for software installation
Internet connection may be required to download additional resources



The full version is available for 149.95$ onetime payment

Premium Support

Users who subscribe to Investintech’s Software Advantage Plan can enjoy additional customer benefits in the form of priority support via phone and email, exclusive access to software updates and upgrades, and web portal account that will allow them to view the status of their requests and find information on new product updates and upgrades available for download.

User Interface:

[Image: bYxMAPS.png]

This is very friendly, easy to use, simple with a modern design that allows all users to easily navigate its Tabs , Main toolbar , and Side panel options. You can easily choose between Light and Dark theme and 4 UI languages (English, Spanish, German, and French). The Start page will help you during the use session.

Main toolbar options (8 buttons): PDF tasks can be performed using the appropriate icons.

Multiple PDF documents can be opened in Able2Extract each in a separate tab with easy switch between tabs

What’s New in Able2Extract Professional 15?

Revamped User Interface & Dark and Light Themes

[Image: 6KVuqbi.png]

Able2Extract Professional 15 comes with a brand new graphical user interface (GUI). The aim was to honor the simplicity of the original GUI and to keep it familiar to the users while streamlining PDF workflows. The GUI has a complete makeover with new ribbon-style tab menu toolbar that aims to easily perform major PDF tasks and access the PDF tools associated with them.

In addition, the interface was tweaked with Dark and Light themes which helps you to stay comfortable more time on screen. You can easily adjust the user interface with a single click according to the lighting in your environment. This will reduce the daily eyestrain you experience.
The Start page is another major change with brand new addition to the interface. There is a homepage from which to start anything you need to do.
Able2Extract is now more easier to work with and your PDF work easier to tackle.

Additional UI and OCR Languages

[Image: MMi8WtF.png]

The UI is available in different languages. You can switch the interface to French, Spanish or German according to your wish.
In addition; the OCR engine was upgraded to accurately recognize Spanish, French, and German special characters in order to deliver high quality results when it comes to extracting scanned PDF data

New Advanced Batch PDF Creator Tool:

[Image: 4QbdeIR.png]

Able2Extract Professional 15 has also received a boost to its new Batch PDF creation feature. Just like its name suggests, this feature allows you to batch create PDF files with only a few clicks. This batch creation feature includes creating PDFs from multiple source files, including other PDFs, with the added functionality of the Batch PDF Merge option.  

Improved Batch Converter Tool

[Image: zTSM7UJ.png]

The batch conversion tool was much improved with expanding upon the batch converter tool conversion output and adding the ability to batch convert PDF to HTML.  

In addition, for uploaded folders with a variety of file formats, you can use the new Filter file type option, which lets you pick a single type of file for more selective control over the process. There’s also newly added Merge Results into a Single File option to convert multiple PDFs to a single output file.

Refined Control over Table Structures in Custom Excel

With this latest version, you get even more control over table structures. Where once you could only do blanket adjustments to table structure properties, you will now be able to set properties for individual table structures.
Additionally, double-clicking lines during a Custom Excel conversion will delete them, making manual adjustments faster and more intuitive.

Overall Performance Tweaks

Create a blank PDF document: Create a new blank PDF document from scratch.

Split PDF feature:  Create a separate document for every page and split the document into even parts.

[Image: PeeeTXi.png]

Search PDF function: The table search function works faster, shows all occurrences, and allows searching the document in reverse.

New Hand Tool:  This new feature provides easier document navigation.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine:  Improvements include enhancements for bitmap quality before OCR and edge detection for raster-to-vector (R2V).

Features and Uses of Able2extract 15 Professional:

Easy PDF Creation

The built-in advanced PDF creation features let you create PDF files in two ways either using the File tab’s Main toolbar Create PDF option (within the software) or via the virtual printer with no need to open the app. In addition, the program allows users to secure their file by password-protecting it and setting up various file permissions

[Image: cbsXQMd.png]

Batch PDF Creator

This feature allows users to create PDFs from multiple files in one go. Save hours with the Batch Creator’s ability to batch merge PDF files during the PDF creation process.

Create a Blank PDF Document

Design your PDF documents and forms from scratch. Create a blank PDF and add as many blank pages as you’d like.

PDF Creation Options:

[Image: 36TJ2sB.png]

[Image: SKrBEtY.png]

Powerful PDF Conversion Features:

[Image: 9D2jBy1.png]

Able2Extract Professional 15 now offers even smoother and more accurate conversions, making this the most attractive feature for its users. The program offers wide range of choices for converting digital documents. You can convert the whole document or part of it into many supported formats in an easy and quick way. The supported file formats include MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice (Calc, Write, and Impress), HTML,AutoCAD (DWG and DXF), CSV, Image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF), and plain text. Able2Extract Professional’s major strength is the accuracy of its conversion output , especially for complex conversions such as PDF to Excel and scanned (image) document conversion.

[Image: Goa7P9b.png]

Exclusive Pinpoint Conversion

Customize your conversion by selecting a page, a paragraph, or even a single line for conversion.

Batch PDF Conversion

Automate the conversion process by queuing up a large volume of PDF files and even whole directories. Batch convert PDF to a wide range of formats from MS Office to AutoCAD.

Convert Almost Any Format to Excel

[Image: KY19bC1.png]

Able2Extract Professional 15 can perform non-PDF conversions directly into Excel spreadsheets . This useful feature allows users to easily transfer text and content from Word, PowerPoint, and more, into spreadsheets they can then instantly analyze. The process is the same, simply open file, select the content to convert or proceed to convert the whole document then simply select the PDF to Excel conversion

Custom PDF to Excel Conversion

[Image: LDMifVB.png]

The program has a built-in advanced PDF to Excel conversion option which is very useful for MS Excel Users. It allows users to manually specify the column and row structure within their PDF spreadsheet and preview the PDF to Excel results prior to starting the conversion.

 [Image: SKs45vx.png]

There are a number of options for Excel users that help to customize file and avoid column misalignment within the table. For example;  add, delete and replot tables, manage named table structures, add columns and erase column lines, manually edit rows , etc.
The built-in custom Excel templates can be trained to automatically locate and convert PDF tables making tabular data extraction accurate and easy

Sign and Secure PDFs

[Image: SVqTozI.png]

You can easily insert electronic and digital signatures to PDFs using Able2extract software. Furthermore, the program can verify the authenticity of signed documents. This will help users to save time and money on printing, signing, scanning, and sending paper files, maintain data integrity, and add a few extra layers of security to important PDF documents. In addition; users can encrypt or decrypt existing PDF documents depending on the state of the opened PDF file. You can also set passwords and file permissions as needed.

Edit Document:

[b][Image: rxU0baa.png][/b]

This set of tools will let you make changes to PDF’s document information, viewing preferences, pages, content (text and images), and more. Page editing options include merge, split, delete, move, resize, rotate pages, insert blank pages. There are many on-page PDF text editing that will help you to add text, add shapes or add bitmap

[Image: mPGtgiz.png]

Insert Bates Numbering to PDF pages and index your business, medical and legal documents hassle-free. Select from a wide range of formatting options--numbering sequences, prefixes and suffixes, date-time stamps, and more.

[Image: 5Zak5oC.png]

Merge and Split PDF and insert pages from other PDFs or extract pages into brand new PDF files.

Resize and Scale PDF pages

Specify paper sizing options for content intended for different types of businesses. Scale PDF pages along with the content and annotations.
Redact and annotate PDF content

[Image: MtPbzax.png]

Batch Merge Documents

Convert whole folders of PDFs to a single output file (Word, Excel, AutoCAD, HTML and more) and instantly merge batch created PDFs. Take your PDF productivity to the next level with powerful 2-in-1 tools.

Creating and Editing PDF Forms:

[Image: LQMpU4W.png]

Using the Edit Form tab , users can insert a form field by clicking onto the page where you wish to place it. Form fields can be customized, populated, and assigned values. To create PDF forms for submission, you have to set up a server to collect the data. Submission settings can be specified when the Push button is added to the form.

[Image: CL0hhOG.png]

Fill in interactive PDF forms directly by clicking onto the fields and entering and editing your information. Specify options through radio buttons and checkboxes, select items from combo boxes and list boxes and submit them with a push of a button.


[Image: n44c0lo.png]

Annotate PDF content and collaborate with others like never before. Able2Extract Professional offers a full range of markup options you can directly insert on the PDF page
Insert comments, sticky notes, and stamps.
Highlight, underline or strikethrough specific content.
Attach various files.
Add a squiggly (jagged) underline and caret.
Fine tune your document by adjusting color, opacity and other relevant properties.

PDF Viewer:

You can use the app as your default PDF viewer

[Image: V9oSrb8.png]


Investintech uses advanced OCR technology that can convert even poorly scanned documents or electronically created files that contain damaged fonts and don’t convert well via the standard conversion.

Convert Image-based PDF

Accurately extract image-only PDFs into fully editable and searchable content with the help of advanced OCR technology. Convert scanned PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and more.

Convert Poor Quality Scans
Use Able2Extract’s OCR engine to convert even the poorest document scans. Correct skewed content and iron out grainy, broken text into smooth fonts and lettering.

Extract Scanned PDF Tables into Excel
Stop retyping scanned tabular and numerical data into Excel. Extract all your image-based PDF tables into perfectly formatted Excel spreadsheets for immediate analysis and manipulation.

Multi-language Support
Get high quality results when extracting scanned PDF text in 4 languages. Use our upgraded OCR engine to accurately recognize Spanish, French, and German characters in addition to English.

[Image: 6zQZko5.png]


Able2extract 15 Professional is a comprehensive set of PDF tools that make converting, creating, editing, and signing PDFs has never been easier!


Product Page:



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Thanks for the nice detailed review
Great Review Tarek!
Thanks for the nice review!
Thanks for the nice review! Thumb

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