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Protect your messaging apps with a password now
Quote:We’ve previously written about which messaging apps you should be using instead of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. (If you’re not using an encrypted messaging app in 2019, what are you even doing?)

To give your messaging apps an extra layer of physical security, set them up with a passcode or a screen lock.

Why should I protect my messaging apps with a password?

First off, password-protecting your device as a whole is essential. Rather than using your fingerprint to unlock your device, choosing a strong password gives you much greater security over the sensitive information on your phone, from your photos to your credit cards. Your fingerprint may be more convenient, but it doesn’t really increase your phone’s security.

If you’re ever in a situation where someone has unlocked your phone (when you’re crossing a border, for instance), or where your unlocked phone is stolen or in someone else’s hands, having an extra layer of security to protect your private messages from prying eyes would provide greater peace of mind.

Messaging apps that allow password protection

Signal, Telegram, and Viber for desktop all have an app-specific password or lock option that you can enable. They’re already in our good books as alternative messaging apps that also support E2E encryption.

Default messaging apps on your devices, both iOS or Android, don’t have additional password protection, and we’d be wary of downloading third-party apps and add-ons that give you a screen lock for you messaging apps.

While WhatsApp has password protection, we still discourage you from using this messenger service, not just because it’s owned by Facebook but also because of serious doubts about their security that arose after several senior government officials in multiple countries were targeted and hacked through their WhatsApp.


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