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ScanMyReg Review
Registry is a critical part of Windows. Since the registry is in constant use due to regular PC usage, it can get cluttered over time. Installing and removing software regularly and even moving and accessing data on the PC creates more and more registry entries, thereby increasing its size and deteriorating the systems performance.

ScanMyReg is the fastest and most effective registry optimization utility in the market. it scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing this obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. it also defragments the registry, keeping it streamlined for smoother system performance. The backup/restore function of the tool lets you backup your whole Windows Registry so you can use it to restore the registry to the current status in case you encounter some system failure.

  • Fine tune your PC automatically with ScanMyReg.

  • Effectively organize the registry fragments & compact the registry

  • Scan and fix registry errors

  • Backup and restore registry files

  • Eliminate slowdowns, crashes and freezes

  • Boost PC and Internet Speed

Download and Installation:
The program is small in size, just 3 Mb and can be easily downloaded here:
Installation is simple and doesn’t need any special experience. Just double click the setup file in windows explorer and the setup will start.
System Requirements:
The program is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows; XP/Vista/ 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
You can purchase the full version here:
Benefits to activate full version:
Purchase of scanmyreg key to activate the full version has many benefits. It  removes trial version limitations. It helps to diagnose and scan of your Windows registry completely. It also defrags your PC registry to optimize performance. The program finds and detects any hidden problems of security and performance. It offers automatic care in the background. The application is a complete solution for PC top performance with free technical support at any time.
Version History:
You can see changelog to revise the new application features here:
User Interface:
[Image: JHQ4WFC.png]
 The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. There are 6 buttons in the menu bar; status, scan registry, defrag registry, backup registry, settings and Register now.
Scan registry: Start scanning your registry and then you can fix the registry errors.
Backup Registry: Create a backup file for your registry or restore your registry.
Defrag Registry: Defrag & Compact your registry
Settings: Options to tweak Scanmyreg

Scan Your Registry:

  Scanning your registry is very simple and easy. First thing you have to do is to select the sections of the registry that you wish to scan by opening the program main window then settings then scan areas Finally click "Scan Registry" to start scan. That’s all!
The areas that are usually assessed for errors include software settings, system settings, recent history, File associations, shared DLL, unused language codes, unused time zones, system autorun sections.

[Image: xKgDuqH.png]

When the program finish scanning of your registry, the scan results are displayed in the result sheet. You can click an entry to see the details of the invalid entry. If you want to print the results, you can export the results to HTML file, then print them. (This feature is only included in registered version of ScanMyReg)

Fix Registry Errors:

After scan is finished you can easily fix any errors in the registry by clicking “Fix Errors”. For any problem that may occur, The program will automatically create a backup for your Registry before a scan, so that you can restore your registry, if any troubles occur after the scan.

[Image: kI4coIV.png]

Restore of your registry is very easy. You only need to click "Undo the changes made by previous scan" under Backup Registry window, choose a restore point and click "Restore". That’s all!

[Image: Jxi37zG.png]

Defrag & Compact Registry
Utilizing this feature the program allows you to analyze and defragment your registry. This will organize your registry fragments to optimize your PC performance. Simply click "Defrag and optimize registry" button to analyze Windows Registry then use "Defrag Registry" button to compact Windows Registry. Finally reboot

[Image: NIFlQVq.png]

Backup and Restore Registry:

If you want to create a full backup of your registry you can do this easily by choosing "Take full registry backup". The fill will be saved in backup folder in the program installation directory. At any time if you want to restore your registry from a backup file, select a date from the Restore Registry list then click Restore button.  Usually you will not need this function because the program automatically creates backups of any changes done which allows you to simply undo.


Scan Areas:
[Image: gbG3lRN.png]
You can select/unselect an option by checking/un-checking the mark against it. By default, 9 Registry areas are selected for scanning.

Exclusion List : If you want to exclude a registry path from scanning, you can simply add it to the exclusion List. You can do this easily by clicking “Add button” and select the section that you want to add in exclusion list.

Skip errors due to removable media: Registry entries due to removable media become invalid when the drive is removed from your system. It is advised not to delete such registry errors as you will have to reinstall the drivers again when the driver is reattached. You can avoid this by simply checking the option to skip Registry errors displayed in such condition.

[Image: ona3cpN.png]

Schedule: The registered version of ScanMyReg comes with a built in scheduler for launching Registry scan automatically. You can schedule ScanMyReg to run only this one time, every day or every week.


This section includes options to control Language and skin

Scan and fix registry errors
Fast and Effective
Automatic backups created
Easy restore of registry
 Eliminate slowdowns, crashes and freezes
Optimise PC performance
Boost PC Speed and internet
and many more


Cons:  None




The application is one of the fastest and most effective registry optimization utility. It is a complete solution for PC top performance.

It corrects any problem in your registry with no worry because of the automatic backups and easy restore.

Good Review !

Thank you for the thorough review Tarekma7. ScanMyReg sounds like a useful application.  I appreciate that you are able to offer a contest to win a license here at Promo2Day.
I had my registry corrupted uninstalling anti-virus software, but because I had used ScanMyReg to back up my registry I was able to restore my registry and get my computer running in no time.

This meant no reformatting which would have taken me hours.
Thanks for the nice review !
Thank you for the nice thorough review Tarekma7.
Thanks for the nice review. Smile

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