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Malwarebytes 4 Review | Tested vs Malware

The PC Security Channel [TPSC]

Malwarebytes 4 has been redesigned inside and out. In this review, it is tested vs over 1500 malware samples including ransomware, PUPs, trojans etc. in a pro-active scenario.
Regarding: Using Malwarebytes with Iobit software.
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"Wow! ....There is so much to learn to be safe online."


I have been using Malwarebytes for the past year in conjunction with my Emsisoft anti-malware.  It amazes me how many threats it blocks and I am glad I won a license and believe this is a great deterrent against all forms of cyber-threats.

Anyone who also uses various Iobit software apps along with this software knows that Malwarebytes will block it from being installed as a result of "Pups."  When I first installed it I ran a deep scan of my system and it deleted all the Iobit software that I had installed.

I have never had any system problems with any of my installed Iobit software: Driver Booster, Advanced System Care, Iobit Uninstaller or Iobit Disk Defragger. 

I think these Iobit software apps are great. They make my machine run smoother and faster. So, I decided to add them to the "Exclusion" option available on Malwarebytes and I am very happy I was able to do so.

I have to remember to turn off Malwarebytes whenever I update any of my Iobit software which happens often since they tend to update their software several times a year.

Maybe I am fooling myself about the danger of these "Pups," but so far I have had no trouble that I can discern. My Emsisoft anti-malware does not block Iobit because of these "Pups" nor does it delete Iobit software when I do a complete scan of my computer system. Emsisoft takes the matter of "Pups" very seriously as you can see in this recent article on their website,  Click Link to see the article.     

I wrote this because I see some of the forum's members are very concerned about this problem and I wanted to share with anyone reading this thread that I have had no problem with having both Malwarebytes and Iobit software working together. Smile

*Thank you Tarekma7 for the very informative video post.  Thumb

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