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What Is Windows 10X, and How Is It Different?
Quote:Windows 10X is a new edition of Windows 10 designed for dual-screen devices like Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Neo, which will be available for the 2020 holiday season next year. It offers a customized interface for these devices.
Windows 10X Is Windows
At its Surface event, Microsoft said Windows 10X “supports the breadth of Windows applications,” which means all traditional Windows desktop applications will work just like they would on Windows 10 Home or Professional. This isn’t an entirely new operating system—it appears to just be a customized version of Windows 10 with an interface designed for these devices.
Dual-Screen Interface Tweaks
When you launch an app, it launches on one side of the device. It’s a bit like Windows 10’s Snap feature—apps will open on one screen (or one side of the device) rather than across both displays. You can drag an application’s window to the middle edge of the screen and release it to “span” the application across both displays. Microsoft says this doesn’t just extend the app across both screens—it also “optimizes” the app’s interface so the app can intelligently take advantage of both screens.
[Image: img_5d94c5d5a2a7a.jpg.pagespeed.ce.nCzukwpTvg.jpg]

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