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Promo2day Giveaway Random game giveaway [CLOSED]
Thank you tregs, I've got "Out of Reach: Treasure Royale"
Thank you very much for the key! I got "Drake Hollow".  Thumb Smile
Thank you, Tregs! Unluckily it's a game I already have in my library. Confused However I believe you can still use the key in a new random game giveaway. Smile
Thank you very much!  Heart
I will soon let you know what game I got.
It seems I can't edit my post so I have to make a new one.
I did some thinking. Phobic got a key for a game he already has and I have not yet activated the STEAM key I got from tregs_beales so I will send my key to phobic instead and he will give me his key. So we both are happy. :-)

I will send my key to phobic right now and hope we will both get nice games.
Thank you very much @tregs_beales for this giveaway!  Heart
Phobic sent me his key and it activated successfully. The key was for the game Murderous Pursuits and I think it is a nice game.  Thumbs Up
I hope phobic will get a nice game, too!

Kind regards
Hey, @Peace, I got a game called "DEPLOYMENT".

It looks entertaining.  Smile Thank you once again! And thanks to tregs_beales!  Smile
please i need dear tregs_beales

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