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Top 4 Free Anonymous Email Accounts
Quote:Not so long ago, internet privacy was dead, and no one batted an eye. However, thanks to whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, netizens are becoming more vigilant. While everything you do on the Internet is not confined between your device and the web browser you use, achieving a certain degree of anonymity is no longer an impossible endeavor.

Technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) exist to make your browsing more secure and private. Moreover, with privacy concerns arising due to email scanning, anonymous email accounts are also increasing in popularity. These services make it possible to send emails without revealing your real identity in the process.

Here, we’ll discuss the four best free anonymous email providers that you can use to stay hidden on emails. But first…

Why Do You Need an Anonymous Email Account?
There are many reasons why people like you and me may need to create an anonymous email account, including but not limited to:

Fight Spam
Even the most popular email providers do not protect you from the notorious practice of email address harvesting. Most people are unaware of the fact that specific tools and software can be used to extract email addresses from different sources on the web. This information is then used for bulk emailing or spamming, which can clutter your inbox!

Avoid Pesky Advertisements
Did you know that email providers like Yahoo and Gmail scan your email content to sell your data to advertisers? While the practice was ended in 2017 at Google, it is believed that Yahoo still reads your emails for ad targeting it is better to permanently delete yahoo account. With an anonymous email account, you will not have to worry about seeing ads based on the text in your emails.

Speak Freely
People can use extra features like burner emails to break bad news or give negative feedback anonymously. If you are not sure how the news or feedback you are about to give may impact the recipient, it is wise to use a free anonymous email.

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