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What’s new in Kaspersky 2020 security solutions
Quote:Kaspersky 2020 solutions: enhanced security

There are many different types of threats, each requiring a special approach. This year we’ve strengthened our defenses against network exploits such as the infamous EternalBlue used by the even more infamous WannaCry, or SMBloris. Reminder: these can allow malware to spread automatically throughout the network, infecting any PC in its path. Thus, good protection against such threats are a must.

Another type of threats we’ve dealt with in this update is RATs aka remote access tools. RATs are legitimate tools used for remote support, often misused by cybercriminals to defraud people. In the 2020 versions of Kaspersky security products, protection against RATs of all kinds is enabled by default. This to ensure a user is protected from getting a RAT without their consent. In case the user really needs to use such a tool, they can temporarily disable that protection.

We’ve also improved protection against exploiting vulnerabilities in popular programs such as Microsoft Office, a common way for cybercriminals to attack a system.

As everything becomes more reliant on cloud storage, it is also important to think about cloud protection. With OneDrive more deeply integrated with Windows 10, we’ve started scanning OneDrive storage for malware.

Quote:What else is new in Kaspersky 2020 security solutions

Remember the old myth, “an antivirus solution slows computers down “? We’ve sped up our solutions’ processes so that they consume less resources, but work faster. This year’s increase in performance is about 15%, although in some cases – such as installing apps on Mac – it can reach 50%. Our solutions weren’t slow to begin with. When it came to performance, they came in first place in independent tests. But the 2020 version of Kaspersky solutions will be even better at maintaining your security and protecting your privacy blazingly fast.

To add to the speed, we’ve redesigned our interface to be lighter and easier to navigate. There’s nothing too complicated in installing and setting up a security solution, and now it’s become even easier.

Read all new features HERE

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