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Wondershare PDFelement short review
[Image: h.png]

Wondershare PDFelement
                           Simple & Powerful


PDFelement Pro 7 (newly released)

Wondershare PDFelement is a premium PDF Editor Software. It packs a PDF reader to view files & advanced tools to edit PDF files. It's designed or simplified to perform complex changes to files quickly & easily. The neat interface, powerful editing tools & ease of use make it suitable for novices & experts.

The newly released version 7 comes with Reimagined Interface and Management Console for users. It got new features, tab rename, quick add, new keyboard shortcuts, and more. It has improved batch processing, speed, optimization, and other. New simplified homepage with quick access to essential tools.

PDFelement in a Nutshell

* Create/Edit/Convert/Combine and OCR
* Extract Form Data and Scanned PDF
* Reorder, Split, Add, Delete, Optimize
* Batch Convert, PDF/A, Bates Numbering
* Password Protect, Redact, Sign, Share
* Markup, Shapes, Stamps, Watermark
* And many many many more... Just try it!

I have been a user of PDFelement Pro 6 for one & half years now. It has served me well.
I am using PDFelement Pro 7 for a few days. It is a visible improvement over version 6. Version 7's speed, functions or tools have improved and are faster. New features enhance the productivity and product. It is lighter on system too.

About Wondershare PDFelement

* Excellent and Complete PDF Solution by a dedicated team.
* Annual product updates with improvements and new features.
* Video tutorials to help understand and perform the functions.
* Tips, tricks and ideas to master PDFelement.
* Wonderful forum to get help with features, issues, etc. Staff present too to assist the users.
* Good & fast support service.
Affordable Perpetual & Yearly license.

In my experience, PDFelement Pro is faster & better compared to the bloated Adobe, Foxit, Nitro, etc.

Wondershare PDFelement is a ReliablePowerful & Complete PDF Solution PLUS simple, good looking & Affordable too!

You can win a free license of Wondershare PDFelement Pro here 
Wondershare PDFelement review and invitation (to review and win PDFelement Pro) by whizkidraj
Thanks for the review but to avoid conflicts and problems you cannot post the same review in 3 forums (MDL, PZD, P2D). It must be different (copyrighted material).

Please have a look to our rules here:

Please modify your review to be new and not posted anywhere else including the images. Also watermarked images would be better (forum logo or name)
One last comment; the contest was announced on pdfelement website with no mention of Whizkidraj or MDL forum. Please confirm....
(06-17-2019 , 12:12 AM)tarekma7 Wrote: One last comment; the contest was announced on pdfelement website with no mention of Whizkidraj or MDL forum. Please confirm....
Yes, they are very kind and generous people, and like a friend, and I have partnered with them. Every comment i.e review shall receive a license (lifetime or 1-year)...Depends on the review and of course, I'll try to get lifetime for all the participants or as much.
This is good offer from you whizkidraj but for me this is an external free giveaway with no need to mention or link to your review or to MDL forum as any user who will post review whether written or video on blog, personal website, forum or even social media will get one year license for free according to the rules of pdfelement website

If you offer lifetime licenses to the users; of course this will be great offer but it must be arranged as a contest with your rules and not free website offer. Also the topic will be posted as external contest with link to MDL forum topic

The review here is published in 3 websites which you know will cause problems to us and against the rules of member shared reviews section

I am waiting for YashKhan reply or decision about his review before I delete this topic

Thank you for informing me.

Your copyright mention is wrong.
It's my review. I have the copyright to copy or post the review.

Your forum rules mention is right.
"Reviews must not be posted in any other site including your personal website"
I will edit or remove the review in a few hours.
Thanks for your reply Yash

The review is good for me but please let me add some points;

You are right about authorship of the review and copyright owner. Buy there is also website copyright  which means that your unique review is intellectual property for Promo2day and If anyone want to copy your review, he will need to copy part only and add promo2day as source

Second; copy of exactly same content even if good topic will not add anything new to you or to Promo2day forum. It may even be seen as duplicate content which will affect our SEO and rank

Third; you can make some changes in your topic and some new watermarked images if you want to prepare many reviews to win many licenses for more than one PC

I hope you get my point and not to be disappointed. I know you can prepare good unique topic for Promo2day forum. We need your help and experience to have good new topics. If you decide to prepare good new topic I will post it on our blog with mention of your name as an author 

Finally; the giveaway on MDL  (with all respect to WKR efforts) is an external free giveaway and still not a contest

I understand the website has the exclusive right too. It is the reason I said will edit or remove the review.

It's not about licenses. The vendor won't give me more licenses for the same review. I prepared a short review to get a license. I like & use PDFelement. I posted the review on 3 forums to support the vendor. Forums have their reach & members.

I understand the discussed points. I will edit or remove the review in a few hours.

I have edited the review. I think is fine now.

Can the giveaway link be added or not?

Let me know.

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