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Promo2day Review Process Lasso 9.1 Updated Review
[Image: 55lkxnS.jpg]

Most computer users will have their system getting slow and sometimes unresponsive or freeze. You may even have more frustrating problems as BSOD with high CPU use. They will sure need to increase system responsiveness and helps to prevents system stalls.
Process Lasso is Windows process automation and optimization software. From tuning algorithms like ProBalance to user-created rules and persistent settings such as CPU affinities and priority classes, Process Lasso enables you full control over running applications!
The built-in ProBalance algorithm maintains system responsiveness during high CPU loads. This proprietary algorithm dynamically adjusts the priorities of running programs so that some are given higher priority access to the CPU than others. With ProBalance, no longer will single, or multiple, processes be able to bring your system to a virtual stall. Process Lasso will let you keep interacting with your computer, even when it is under a heavy CPU load.
Process Lasso also allows users to automate and tweak how applications are run through a number of unique and helpful functions. These include persistent priority classes, persistent CPU affinities, disallowed processes, per-process power profiles, a process watchdog for advanced rules, process instance count limits, multiple instance balancing and much more! These features give you the ability to control how programs utilize your computer’s resources based on automatically applied settings. With Process Lasso, you can decide exactly how you want your processes to run.
Many additional functions such as power plan automation, a system responsiveness metric and process activity logging are also available.
For minimal resource use, all algorithms and process rules are enforced by a stand-alone background service called the Process Governor. The GUI is entirely optional.
Home Page:
Current version:   v9.1.0.42
Release Date:  05/22/19
32 bit:
64 bit:
System Requirements:
The program supports all windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10, both 32 and 64-bit versions are supported. 1-3 Mb free RAM
Free trial:
After simple installation, you will enjoy 30 days fully functional trial, this gives you enough time to test all the program features before purchase. 
You can complete your purchase of a license code here:
Differences in Free and Pro are listed here:
License Types:
These are a one-time payment and for a lifetime license. This entitles you to all minor and major updates in perpetuity! It is the most popular and cost-effective option.
These renew annually and are set up as automatically recurring subscriptions.
These renew monthly and are set up as automatically recurring subscriptions.
Entire Home Licenses:
These allow you to use Process Lasso on all PCs in your home. Although the limit expressed is 5, more are permitted. The key is that these must be in your home, not in multiple locations, and not for commercial use.
User Interface:
It includes CPU utilization and system responsiveness graph in the upper part below the menu bar, a list of running processes, and a list of recent actions (log).
The program configuration is made easy to tweak through the menu system.
Right-click on any process will let you use many available options.
Also, individual CPU process history can be seen in the graph.
On the right side of the graph, you will find RAM Load graph which gives you a quick read on the RAM load.
[Image: BrWsP0t.png]
[Image: w8Cekw8.png]
[Image: ii6MXSP.png]
[Image: JA3G4pU.png]
Bitsum’s System Responsiveness Metric:

[Image: I2uBkCl.png]
This is a clever built-in algorithm to accurately represent the system responsiveness of a Windows PC. The algorithm is simple, elegant, and very accurate. It has been in real-world use over a decade.
Menu bar: includes the following buttons:

Main Menu:

[Image: Y7L00iv.png]

File Menu:

[Image: 6uWlK9M.png]

Options Menu:

[Image: jpCqz5D.png]

View Menu:

[Image: BCYNqGf.png]

Updates Menu:

[Image: DXkt4Mn.png]

Help menu:

[Image: opEPSjQ.png]
The taskbar icon:

[Image: J1czRIA.png]
This will make it easy for you to have quick information with just simple hoover of your mouse. You will get the program version, RAM use, CPU, response and power plan
With Process Lasso you can see the individual CPU history of process you select in the process list. It will be drawn as a smaller white line on the graph. You can also select which columns you want visible by right-clicking on the 'All processes' tab, right-clicking on the list header, or using the view menu and select choose columns to show. In addition, you can resize the columns according to your wish.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
The program supports many keyboard shortcuts to help doing some orders; for example, Del button terminate running process.
Keep Windows PCs responsive during high CPU loads with ProBalance
Optimize and automate process CPU affinities
Optimize and automate process CPU priority classes
Optimize and automate process I/O priority classes
Optimize and automate other process settings
Limit hyper-threaded core use
Limit number of instances of a process (even per-user)
Disallow processes from running
Log and audit process activity
Monitor PC Responsiveness with proprietary algorithm
Auto-restart processes
Broad CPU compatibility (SMP, NUMA)
Separate Graphical User Interface goes into sleep mode when minimized, or can be closed completely
Light-weight native C++ code with negligible resource use
Efficient stand-alone core engine that can run as a service
Does NOT inject hooks anywhere outside itself or change persistent system settings
INI configuration for easy on-demand changes
Select multiple processes to act on at once
Unattended install and headless operation
Quick Start Guide for Audiophile Servers
Multilanguage support to suite users’ needs. You can select the language you like during installation or using language options after installation
Compatible with all Windows Server variants!
Process Lasso v9.1 has been released!
This new version offers several enhancements over the last v9.0 build and a new feature called the Instance Balancer.

[Image: Vu0bP7c.png]

[Image: E5LTkMa.png] 

The Instance Balancer individually assigns CPU cores to multiple instances of the same application. This is done by way of a selectable algorithm. Presently, the options are to either give each instance an equal number of CPU cores (rebalanced when the instance count changes), or to set give each instance a specific number of CPU cores.
This new feature is not something most people will need, but it covers a previous gap in functionality. While users could set persistent CPU affinities for different applications, multiple instances of the same application were problematic because they have the same process name and path.
Other product improvements include a better looking graph legend with numerical readings, smoother listview refreshes, bug fixes and a few areas of refactoring.
For full list of changes and new features, visit here:
Now let’s discuss how process lasso is a must need program that will help you:
The program has an optimal Configuration with native 64-bit code for maximum performance! it does NOT use the .NET Common Language Runtime and that the code is compiled to machine code, instead of to Microsoft Intermediate Language. The offers you the advantages of fast performance and low memory use.
Process Lasso Modes available:
This famous built-in tool ‘fixes’ system responsiveness if it is a background process out of control, or as soon as you click away from the foreground process. You have to click away only because of the default ‘foreground exclusion’. This will prevent ProBalance from acting on something important to you. This feature is especially useful to gamers, multimedia editors, multitasking users and those with high CPU loads. It will save you from freeze, microlags, hard resets. 
[Image: 4wgLHzD.png]
[Image: 8oaadcm.png]
Gaming Mode 2.0: 
This is now renamed as “Highest Performance Mode” in the new version 9. This mode invokes the power plan: ‘Bitsum Highest Performance’. This will help to keep your CPU ready to execute code at all times. Otherwise, you would cope with that extra bit of latency seen while unparking cores, or ramping up the CPU frequency, which degrades performance of bursting CPU loads. 
With ParkControl, hidden CPU settings that control core parking are revealed. Process Lasso offers you a power plan pre-configured for maximal performance.
SmartTrim RAM Management: 
The program acts in a selective way using an intelligent RAM management algorithm to optimize your computer RAM. It doesn’t force everything out of memory all at once. It politely asks memory hogging background processes to release their working sets. It has many other criteria built-in, such as never trimming the application you’re actively engaged with. 
[Image: F2LPB0L.png]
This built-in option lets you enjoy top PC performance without sacrificing power savings. The program lets users choose an aggressive/performance power plan while being active on the PC, then a more conservative one when you go Idle.
[Image: 0xDUtfn.png]
Power Plans: 
The program lets you select from 5 power plans based on your needs and system use; bitsum highest performance, balanced (default), high performance, power saver and eco. It can be accessed easily from the main menu or right click of taskbar icon
[Image: ClC6TwY.png]
Keep PC awake: 
This option is available under main menu and lets you specify the time you want your PC to be awake
[Image: BkRZjQz.png]
Anti-sleep features:
The built-in anti sleep features help you to prevent your PC and display from entering a sleep or hibernate state by adding them to the 'anti-sleep' list. In addition, the program lets you set certain processes to cause the system to enter the chosen Power Profile each time they are run. These are available under options menu.
[Image: hF3ZdA3.png]
[Image: VoLMzwC.png]
Control of Active Processes:
The Active Processes tab 
This will show you the processes that are only actively utilizing the system CPU. It displays basic information about them, and a horizontal bar graph to visually depict their active CPU utilization. You can now either right clicking or double click on any of the running processes to show the context menu or more extended information. Also, simple hoover using your mouse over any of the running processes will let you get all information you want in a pop up window.
[Image: AV5CGMH.png]
[Image: R60xWEI.png]
[Image: xrNi5No.png]
Process priority:

[Image: EzNrICn.png]
Double clicking a process in the active processes view: This will help you to go to that process in the 'All processes' tab, where extended information is available.
Right click context menu:
Single process context menu:
Right-clicking on a process in the 'Active Processes' tab shows the same context menu as in the 'All processes' tab. You can perform any available operation on the process.
[Image: 9Fl5EyB.png]
Multiple process context menu:
Just as in the 'All processes' tab, you can select multiple processes and right-click on them to perform an operation on all of them..
Instance Count Limits:
The program limits the number of a process allowed to be running at the same time.
Keep Running Processes:
You can ensure certain processes are kept running using keep process running dialogue which is located under options menu.
Gaming Processes:
Moreover, the program will help you to designate certain processes as games. In this condition, it will induce the High Performance Power Profile and make certain adjustments to ProBalance in an effort to ensure all available CPU cycles go to the game.
Process Watchdog: 
The process watchdog allows for you to take an action on a process when it exceeds a certain amount of CPU or Memory. You can specify actions of restart, terminate, or change affinity. You can choose commit size of working set size if using a memory trigger. With both memory and CPU triggers, you can set a time the process must exceed this threshold before action is taken.
[Image: gohrnQL.png]
[Image: WpJTYd3.png]
This is one of the useful built-in features in process lasso. It will let you control your PC through either your own manual rules, or the program automated algorithms. You can set process priorities, process CPU affinities, and more. In addition; you will have those settings persist for as preferred. The program automated capabilities include ProBalance, power plan, power settings, keep your PC awake, limit instances, disallow processes, advanced watchdog rules and much more.
Default (Persistent) CPU, I/O, and Memory Priorities:
Process Lasso has a robust ability to set default priority settings for a process. This includes the CPU priority class, I/O level, and memory priority. These options are also easily accessible via the process context menu (right-click) within Process Lasso’s GUI.
Real-Time Apps: 
The program ensures optimal performance at all times for real-time applications!
There are built-in tools under options menu that help you to tweak windows NT scheduler parameters, tweak the multimedia scheduler parameters, open task manager, open windows power options, configure core parking and launch CPUeater demo application 
[Image: tkGrlGV.png]
Audit System Activity:
Log and audit process launches and other selected system activity. Process Lasso supports robust logging of various process activities. You can then filter (search) the logs for relevant events. These logs are excellent for auditing process activity.

[Image: pnUeoo4.png]
Program settings:
The program settings are located under options menu. It includes general settings, log settings, probalance settings, performance mode settings and smart trim settings
[Image: J63QTot.png]
[Image: 8QEySM7.png]
[Image: yArkkdV.png]
[Image: SijOnoT.png]
[Image: 291Yf4i.png]
Process Lasso offers an optimal solution for real-time PC optimization and automation using intelligent real-time algorithms and user-created rules. Process Lasso’s ProBalance algorithm dramatically improves system responsiveness in high CPU load situations. The program has many tools and features that are set to the default level to optimize your system performance. You can do many tweaks that improve the performance and suit your needs. Just download and try.
Process Lasso

v9.1.0.68 – June 8 2019
  • GUI: If system only has a single CPU group
    • For default process columns, hide ‘CPU group’
    • Set CPU utilization bars caption to ‘CPU %’ instead of ‘CPU Group 0’
  • GUI: Improvements to graph components and sizing, especially for non-English languages
  • GUI: Restore ‘Governor Not Running’ warning graph overlay
  • GUI: Text, menu item, and dialog cleanup and consistency improvements
  • GUI: Fix issue where previously used config profile couldn’t be deleted until governor restarted
  • GUI: Show automatic gaming mode in rules column
  • GUI: Restore color theme when GUI launched
  • GUI: Invalidate target windows after theme change
  • GUI: Status bar – Remove ‘cores /’ prefix on queue length per core
  • GUI: Improve process tooltip formatting, especially for non-English
  • GUI: Continued prep for full dark mode
  • GUI: Add Slovenian
  • GUI: Other code improvements
  • Core: Allow auto-detected games to be children of framework (e.g. Steam) at any level, not only immediate child
  • Misc othe

thank you for excellent in depth review Heart Heart
Well done review for an excellent program. 

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