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Master PDF Editor 5: Good Alternative to Adobe Acrobat
[Image: uCGWxuW.jpg]

Master PDF Editor 5 is straightforward, easy to use application for working with PDF documents. It is equipped with powerful multi-purpose functionality. With Master PDF Editor you can easily view, create and modify PDF documents. The application enables you to merge several files into one, split a source document into multiple documents, and also to comment, sign and encrypt PDF files.

[Image: diIoBVQ.png]

Highlights of Master PDF Editor:

• Edit PDF text and images, Mark and annotate, Merge and split.
• JavaScript and Dynamic XFA form support.
• Validation Forms and Calculate Values.
• Adding a digital signature and Signing PDF Documents.
• Fast and simple PDF forms fill out.
• Changing font attributes (size, family, color, etc).

[Image: cIVLZxO.png]

[Image: f9QlXWI.png]


Product Page:



If you want to use the software without limitation, you have to purchase a license. The license provides you a right for perpetual of current version and provides 12 months of support via email and software updates. After that, updates and support are available at 50% of the actual price for any other year.

Online Help:

System Requirements:

Master PDF Professional works on any OS. It is a true cross-platform application working on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Start your work on one OS, continue on another.


This is very easy. Simply double click the installer you have downloaded and follow simple on-screen steps till the program is installed and working on your computer

[Image: mG1GFtc.png]

[Image: m2rhP2y.png]

[Image: Zud6h9z.gif]


Please, use the registration key sent to your email immediately after purchase to activate the software while connected online or offline.

[Image: XcDBsiU.png]

[Image: y8hOF6B.png]

The program offers an interesting feature. At any time, you can deactivate the program to move the license to another system.

 [Image: 3ZLHokz.png]

User Interface and Menus:

[Image: fCwImSq.png]

[Image: Pi88ZNP.png]

This is very friendly, easy to use and well arranged. The toolbars above can be customized using right click menu which lets you easily select the tools you are using. The main program area is divided into 3 parts; left sidebar that includes many tools as thumbnails, search, bookmarkings, attached files. Main document area in the middle (main part) and right sided object inspector. You can use the view menu to hide or show the object inspector and to see full screen document

[Image: Y9Fke6P.png]

[Image: 3TADIvz.png]

The drop down menu from each button in the upper menu bar is concerned with specific features/tools to manage your PDF; Follow these images:

File menu:

[Image: pi9GlR1.png]

Edit menu:

[Image: b7exGHs.png]

View menu:

[Image: 6hFiDux.png]

Insert menu:

[Image: U9FN7HS.png]

Comment menu:

[Image: Ml8jw17.png]


[Image: ujZBvLE.png]


[Image: G542Xip.png]


[Image: oQTidx4.png]


[Image: on6nSxD.png]

The options available on the left sided bar that helps you easy navigate PDF documents, search and attach files can be seen in this image:

[Image: PJGFFZJ.gif]


Master PDF Editor will let you view, create, modify, sign, scan, OCR and print PDF documents
It is a good alternative to adobe acrobat at a reasonable price

PDF Reader application:

The program can be used as your default PDF reader application. You can open any PDF file on your computer. The program lets you check document properties using file menu option. This allows you to view and edit document properties and metadata.

Document Navigation

Master PDF Editor offers several ways you can use to navigate opened documents.
Switching between opened documents

[Image: 2RrOxYQ.png]


Page navigation

View navigation


Using bookmarks

[Image: cfG0Az9.png]

The document properties window contains five tabs; these include info, security, initial view, fonts, and actions.

[Image: 43yZu94.gif]

Create PDF documents:

[Image: qgdjF0t.png]

[Image: 4FiqLwY.png]

PDFs can be created straight from paper documents using a scanner. Master PDF Editor allows you to create documents from existing files, create empty documents or insert empty pages into an existing document.

Virtual PDF printer:

[Image: yLYN9a8.png]

This built-in feature is included in Windows version only. It allows you to easily print any documents from different applications supporting printing (for example; Microsoft Word / Excel, OpenOffice).

[Image: hP2NfRU.png]

Edit PDF text:

Enjoy effortless editing of texts in your PDF documents including formatting, styles, alignment, line spacing and more.

[Image: 7jtfFna.png]

Modify text and objects:

With Master PDF Editor you can add text with any formatting to a PDF document or edit existing text. You can also insert images to the document, select and move objects, change the size of objects, save images to a file and copy objects them to the clipboard.

[Image: 8JwvuEJ.png]

Changing styles of the text:

You can change the font name, size, color and style of the text in the Object Inspector panel. Simply, click its button on the right side panel or use Ctrl+F11. The text can be manipulated in many ways to suite your needs. You will be able to edit it as a word document. For example, move, resize, rotate, align, copy, paste and many more

Editing Formatted Text in PDF Documents:

The PDF format supports two types of text objects: simple text objects and formatted text objects.  Unlike simple text, formatted text can use formatting, styles and alignment.

Edit watermarks, header and footer:

Quickly put your logotype as a watermark or into header and footer of each page with minimum editing. Drawn initials are supported too.

PDF Bookmarks:

[Image: mUMnOT9.png]

Create, edit and remove bookmarks. Add bookmarks for specified pages or paragraphs to allow fast document navigation and efficiently look up information.

Backgrounds in PDFs:

Background is image or solid color behind the document text. You can use only single background per page. For example; you can choose an image and set color, position on page and even specify number of the pages where the background will be displayed.

Add watermarks in PDFs:

[Image: NnmR2JE.png]

The program helps you to easily add watermark which can be text or image. In most documents, this feature allows the author to add some information to maintain authorship. The program makes it easy to customize the watermark in any way you wish. For example; you can specify size, font, style, color, page position and so on. You can save watermark settings to be used later

PDF document optimization:

Optimization removes unnecessary and unused elements from the PDF file and compresses images and forms to reduce the overall size of the document.

To summarize PDF Editor properties:

Add, edit, remove, replace or format text in the document.
Convert PDF text image into editable text format.
Add, edit or remove forms and manage them. Set up forms actions.
Add, remove, edit and manage hyperlinks. Set up actions for hyperlinks.
Copy and paste graphical objects and images. Move them, align, remove etc.
Insert copied objects into multiple pages at once.
Add, edit, remove watermarks, background or headers and footers in the document. Set parameters of these objects.
Edit container content.
Create, move, remove and edit bookmarks, set up actions with them.
Remove clipping path.
Manage document pages (insert, extract, remove, change size, order, rotate, crop etc).
Insert pages of the current document into another PDF file.

[Image: 9GIAy7K.png]

Export PDF to image.
Export PDF to text.
Export and import pages including bookmarks.
Optimize PDF files (by converting JPG and JBIG2 images, removing unused elements.

Operations on PDF pages:

Master PDF Editor supports both the merging and spiting of PDF files. It enables you to easily move, remove, insert and rotate pages in PDF documents as well as change their size.

[Image: 8Zr7gCP.png]

[Image: ImXGRTi.png]

Page layout:

[Image: BFwMcW1.png]

Move Pages:

[Image: Ubg5Lyr.png]

Protection of PDF Documents:

The program has many features to protect and secure your important PDF documents. These include:


This feature lets you protect viable PDF files to restrict unauthorized opening, encrypt the document with a certificate, or digital sign it to secure authorship.


For example you can set permissions to copy, edit, print and so on

Encryption with certificate:

Digital certificate is an electronic document that verifies the identity of a user and prevents forgery of the document content. Master PDF Editor itself does not provide any digital certificates. You should acquire a certificate from a CA before using it to sign documents.

Redact personal or classified information:

The built-in redacting capabilities make it easy to hide private or confidential information in the document, so the PDF could be published without disclosing too much.

Digital signature:

[Image: Z4rXReB.png]

To create a signature, you must own a valid digital certificate. You can get it from various Certificate Authorities (VeriSign etc.) that act as a trusted third party ensuring the validity of the signature. You can also validate the signature of any PDF document with the help of Master PDF Editor. In addition, the program allows you to viewing the signed version of any PDF document

Annotate PDF documents:

Master PDF Editor has a wide range of annotation tools that let you enjoy better collaboration of information, comments, sticky notes, ideas and many more.

This allows you to easily review a PDF document and add your annotations, comments and other text and graphical information regarding its content. You can add some comments about some changes to be done in the document, or to inform other authors your thoughts. These will not alter the original content and will not be displayed in printing.

The program has many tools; including sticky notes, drawing tools, measurement tools, highlights, strikeout or underline text, typewriter, Stamps and attach a file as a comment

[Image: hdAnVIP.png]

[Image: aTsmvWl.png]

[Image: xCJ4StW.png]

[Image: t9PBA8p.png]

PDF Form fields:

With Master PDF Editor it is very simple to edit the various elements of interactive PDF forms such as buttons, text fields, checkboxes and more, as well as implement event handlers for predefined user actions. Automatic calculation and data validation with JavaScript is supported.

PDF files can include two kinds of forms: interactive and non-interactive.

Interactive form: PDF form with fields, which can be filled without any additional functions. Hand Tool can be used to fill this form

Non-interactive form: this is just a file with text and lines to write your data over them. This can be filled with insert text tool.

Regarding interactive forms; the program lets you easily create, modify, fill, import and export of data.

PDF Form features:

Recognize form fields.
Fill and save forms in PDF documents.
Create and edit a variety of interactive forms (list field, test field, hyperlink, button, flag, switch etc).

[Image: LuZ5aJe.png]

Set specific form parameters for different languages.
Set forms layout.
Place images on buttons.
Set event kind (open page, open file, execute JavaScript etc) to happen after user initiates predefined events with the form (mouse cursor hovered over form, button clicked or released, cursor moved out etc).
Export and import forms data.
Locate form fields by the grid.
Choose multiple form fields at same time for copy, alignment etc.
Copy form fields.
Insert copied form field(s) on multiple pages at once.
JavaScript forms support.
JavaScript automatic data calculation and validation support.


[Image: iLeyts2.png]

Optical character recognition allows the ability to search for text fast and efficiently, as well as to edit scanned documents and documents containing images. This feature is already built-in the app and you don’t need to purchase it. Please remember you can use this feature only if it is not locked in PDF document permissions. You can do document text search, copying, edition and all other PDF text functionality.

Other Features:

Search text: you can use search function to find a word for example. This is done using search box on the toolbar or search side panel

[Image: TdNwJ4c.png]

Inserting Initials: This is a way used for singing a document to confirm your authorship.

View attached files, rename, add or remove them.

Send PDF files via email with application’s interface (GUI).

Send files by FTP, HTTP(s), email with JavaScript.

Hotkeys: users will be able to set keyboard shortcuts according to individual preferences. You can use the default or customize your own

Settings (Preferences):

These re located under tools menu. There are many options that are well arranged into many headings (buttons). This renders the program highly customizable. The default settings that are built-in are suitable for most users

Multi language support and installation:

[Image: u8wfNhX.png]

Follow these images to learn about the different program options:

[Image: jrhy8kJ.gif]


Master PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF software solution that offers you a very good alternative to adobe acrobat. You will have all the features you need to manage PDF files in any way and at a reasonable price. The program is compatible with all platforms and has a friendly user interface. You can use it as your default PDF application. In addition you will be able to create, edit, copy, search, send, sign and encrypt your PDF in a simple few steps
thank you so much for very detailed review very hard i know Heart Heart Heart Heart

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