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Promo2day Review Surfshark
[Image: mvopC7x.png]

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN service provider based in British Virgin Islands that offer a comprehensive features that protect user of their online activity. Granted that it still is a work in progress product, it still packed with all the features while also support majority operating system available.


[Image: cleanweb-01.svg]

CleanWeb is a technology developed by Surfshark to help protect the security and privacy of its user. It help to remove unnecessary advertisements and pop-up (similar to those of ad-blocking software) while prevents any suspicious traffics and activities such as phishing from invades the system.

[Image: screen-android-connected.svg]

WIth Surfshark it allow you have multiple unlimited connection. Yes you heard it, unlimited devices! Surfshark is available in Chrome and Firefox as extension, mobile Android and iOS, WIndows OS, macOS, Linux, and FireTV.

[Image: whitelister.svg]

Whitelister is a split tunneling feature offered by Surfshark. It practically allows you to exclude an application from being run by the active VPN traffics. This is useful if you need to run an application by a local network such as intranet for instance.

[Image: no_logs.png]

No Log Policy

Surfshark is pretty transparent when it come to their logging policy which is explained in detailed what kind of information they collect and what they didn't. Here are the information which they do not log:

- IP address
- Browser history
- Bandwidth
- Session information
- Connection timestamp
- Network traffic

Quote:It however collect non-sensitive data for various purposes as explained below

To create your account and to provide you with an outstanding VPN service, we need to collect some information.
Your personal information that we collect:
  • E-mail address and encrypted password
  • Basic billing information and order history

We need your email in order to help you fix any issues that you may encounter. Also, we may send you information when we have a discount or news that we think you may enjoy. You can always opt out of newsletters!

Your billing information will include your payment amount, currency and the date of the payment, as well as what you chose to purchase. If you use third-party payment providers, they may collect additional information on you, however, you can opt for anonymity and pay with cryptocurrency.

None of this data can be tied to your account. Here’s an example: we will know if there is an issue with one of our apps, but we will not know whether you specifically had that issue, unless you contact our support. Any data that we collect is completely anonymous.
We only collect the bare minimum amount of technical data that we need to provide you with excellent services and inform you about our new offers.

That’s it! In the age of big data, a lot of companies know pretty much everything about you: what you like, what you do online, and who you are. We know very little, and we intend to keep it that way.

We are based in the British Virgin Islands. This means that our jurisdiction does not require us to store data – and we can enforce our strict no-logs policy.

Your privacy is important. Even though digital life often lacks it, we believe that you can take matters into your own hands and control your data. Our mission is to provide you with a tool to do exactly that.

You can read more here:

[Image: kill_switch.png]

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a feature which helps to protect your sensitive traffic (e.g. P2P downloads). In case your VPN connection drops, the Switch disconnects you from the internet so no one can see what you were doing. To make sure that your traffic is only sent through a safe, encrypted VPN tunnel, a Kill Switch disables your internet connection on the system level if your VPN connection drops. This way, your sensitive information is always under the protection of our industry-leading encryption and security protocols.

[Image: multi_hop.png]


Multi-Hoop is a technology which allows the user to connect to two different server at one time. It serves as an extra layer of protection and make it impossible for your connection to be intercepted and data stolen.

[Image: no_borders.png]


NoBorders allows the user to access even in the most difficult and restricted region and environment. You can now access all the content you wanted no matter where you are, anywhere and anytime!

[Image: Bi1WNa2.png]


[Image: 24iz94B.png]

We find that Surfshark Windows application is rather sleek and user friendly. All the necessary function is well presented within its main interface menu. Inexperienced user can simply click on the quick connect button and you are ready to go!

Surfshark offer more than 800 servers in 50 different location.

[Image: ryQu8BA.png]

[Image: IwzNq3z.png]

The location tab where you can choose your preferred server. There is also search bar to makes thing easier.

[Image: JAJXR9i.png]

[Image: w8VYABu.png]

[Image: V1AXqk5.png]

Surfshark Multi-Hoop feature caught our attention the most and what separate them from the rest of VPN in the markets. From here you can find a list of preset location available to choose from.

[Image: XWdLrWt.png]

From the setting you can view your account information and also change your password if needed. You can also change the application language from the available 6 different languages.

[Image: 14xU5X5.png]

Click on the advanced setting button and you will be able to set your preferred protocol

[Image: ZU7qtKJ.png]

Connection Speed test

Result without VPN enabled.
[Image: 8170726942.png]

Connected to Surfshark Malaysia server
[Image: 8170736857.png]

Connected to Surfshark Singapore server
[Image: 8170741363.png]

As seen in the test, Surfshark doesn't impact the speed of the connection a lot when connected to the nearest location server.


[Image: n3vqn2b.png]

Surfshark offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel it anytime if the service doesn’t meet your expectation. It offer 3 different plan ranging from the monthly plan, 3 month plan and also 2 year plan.

At the time of writing payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay and also crypto currency.




- Based out of the 5 eye jurisdiction.
- User friendly application
- Responsive live chat support
- Reasonable price
- No log policy
- Split tunneling
- Support major operating system and device
- Unlimited traffic
- Unlimited device simultaneous connection
- Allow torrenting
- Ad-blocker
- Kill switch


- Free trial only available through Google Play
- Inconsistent speed in certain server location
- No dedicated IP, yet.
- No Linux app
- Certain feature is unavailable in different platform such as Andriod
Good review in details. Thanks.
Great review. I am definitely gonna try it. Interesting app.
thank you for detailed review Heart Heart Heart
thanks for the detailed review
Well done review. Might have to give SurfShark a try.

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