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Promo2day Review Fotor
An overview of Fotor

Founded in 2012, Fotor is a professional online photo-editing tool which has benefited over 300 million users across the globe. Since then Fotor was widely used as a great alternative to its counterpart as it provides them with better accessibility and functionality. Fotor is well known for its well-equipped build in templates as they offer over thousands of pre-designed poster, social media cover photo, and et cetera for the user to choose from. In just a matter of a few minutes you could have the design you wanted all ready to be shared to your audience and it could be done with a few clicks and tweaks away!


Fotor comprises the three main components are photo editor, collage maker, and design)  You don’t really make compulsory. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the detail of each of Fotor main component and how it could come in handy in different situations. It’s not a certain obligation to register an account to use the service but you might need to consider for it if you want to maximize the user experience. Below are the benefits of the registered user:

- Save their projects to Fotor cloud and retrieve your past work. 
- Upload own photo and material to Fotor
- Download and save your projects
- Share your work to the public via social media site

The Oline Editor

Before we highlight the main feature of Fotor, we would like to touch on a little about the program interface and settings. On the top menu you will find the most common tools as seen on the image below

[Image: WsMHvhE.jpg]

- Open: You can open and load your image from the Fotor cloud, local drive, Dropbox cloud, or even pictures from Facebook. The editor also support drag and drop which is an icing on the cake.

- Undo and re-do: If you are not sure with your edit or make a mistake, fret not as you can cancel the changes with un-do button. You can also use the shortcut with your keyboard by pressing Ctrl+Z.

Meanwhile, re-do button allow you to move one step forward or to cancel out the un-do you had made before. The keyboard shortcut key for re-do is Ctrl+Y.

- Original: Revert to the original state and cancel out all the changes made.

- Snapshot: Capture the current project image and save it to the Fotor cloud of your account.

- Share: This allows you to share your project content easily with your friends and followers through social media.

- Save: This is to save your changes made and download it to your local drive. A new tab will pop up and you can further customize on how you wanted to save the output.

[Image: ftDBvef.jpg]

- Help

Clicking the help button which at the bottom of the editor will lead the user to its help center where you will find the answer to the most common question that user usually encounter. The search bar is also available so that user can use the keyword to search for the relevant topics and solutions easily.

- Setting

From the setting menu user will be able to browse through the tutorial on how to use the application to help enhance their user experience. To add to that, through the feedback menu they will also be able to submit feedback to the developers if they were to discover bugs or even sharing their user experience of the application.

There is 2 different GUI color for you to choose from which is the original white or the more Photoshop-esque black. From there user will also be able to select and change the application language to their preferences. At the time of writing it support 9 different languages which is English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional.

Photo Editor

To sum up the Photo Editor is that it’s basically a tool which fundamental to Photoshop and what make it better is that it can be access with just a web browser- anywhere, anytime! Here is a list of the feature highlight of what it can do and what it offers:

- Stickers

Fotor’s unique designed sticker photos and clip art are the perfect additions to your images, new design or social media content. A load of custom stickers and free clipart images can be applied to any of your creations for all occasions. Fotor provides all kinds of stylish stickers and clip arts, which are suitable for different themes, such as birthday, wedding, holiday, and more. They will give you more inspiration on your creations. You just need to paste them on your content in a few clicks and make your artwork more beautiful and interesting.

- Effects

Fotor’s exclusive and amazing photo effects are developed by its  designers. Inspired by different photographic styles, Fotor’s filters can easily suit all your editing needs! Through advanced – and often painstaking – processes, Fotor designs new effects, ranging from light saturation, Lomo, Tilt-Shift and Color Splash to provide you the most comprehensive editing experience. Mosaic and Blur is used to highlight and contrast while Cool and Funky effects can spice up even the most mundane image. With some covering professional photography and others more 'for fun', you can let your imagination run wild with Fotor's amazing effects.

- Text

Fotor photo text editor allows you to adopt fonts directly from your computer and also from our various online fonts. You can add text to your pictures directly online for free. All comprehensive text settings are available at Fotor.

[Image: HFme3gY.jpg]

To start off, load the picture you wanted to edit to Fotor online application. You can either upload from your local desktop or import from cloud storage such as Dropbox, Facebook or even Fotor cloud.

[Image: BnZdIe9.jpg]

The basic tab offers a variety of feature and tools to help enhance your photo.

- 1-Tap Enhance

This is a powerful tool where the user can enhance their picture with just a simple clicks and the system will optimize your photo which save them a lot of time. Talk about productivities!

[Image: 6t1unIh.jpg]

Let take a peek at the before and after of my random photo with the 1-tap enhance tool

[Image: R1FGmle.jpg]

- Magic Clipper

Magic Clipper is yet another excellent tool that can help save lots of time from doing it the typical old school way. So what is the benefit of it? Well, literally it helps you to crop an object from one image by removing the background (or the unwanted object) and making it transparent. This is especially useful if you want to place a specific object from one image to another image.

To use it all you have to do is to upload the image in the photo editor. Go to the edit tab and click on Magic Clipper. You will then be presented with the menu option on the left side of the editor.

[Image: 1zgO8FC.jpg]

Use the retain brush to keep the object or area you wish and the removal brush to remove the unwanted background. You can also use the zoom in tool at the bottom of the window if you want to be more precise which is effective whenever you want to remove or retain a small area of an image. Remember to adjust the brush size whenever necessary as it could help save you lots of time and effort.

[Image: B1QliIf.jpg]

Load the image of the object you wanted to crop out.

[Image: 6huaf5R.jpg]

Select the magic clipper tool and highlight the area of the object you want to keep.

[Image: 6dzb1Ls.jpg]

The retain tool plus is shown in green while removal brush in red.

[Image: hgW12nG.jpg]

Use the zoom in tool and adjust the brush size to select a more detailed area for better accuracy.

[Image: QkTVU7y.jpg]

Click on apply button to apply the effect.

[Image: KhXktyJ.jpg]

Remember to save your output file!

Fotor Photo Editor also come with all the basic editing feature you need to help you enhance and customize your image. This includes the ability to adjust color, brightness, image size, exposure and et cetera.

- Beauty

The beauty tab there is a variety retouching feature which can help to improve or fix a person‘s appearances from the photo. I will briefly go over with the feature and their function of each tool very quickly.

1.       Blemish Fix:  Use this tool to remove unwanted blemish on your skin or face such as pimple.
2.       Smoothing: Smoothen the area of your skin tone.

[Image: TTfQSGJ.jpg]

3.       Wrinkle Remove

[Image: 0bf6pL7.jpg]

4.       Weight lost

[Image: 9LsJAoQ.jpg]

5.       Reshape: It reshape any part of your face or body as you wish.

[Image: ptwe0ke.jpg]

6.       Clone: The clone tool allow the user to clone objects or area within the same image. Select the area you wish to clone and brush it on the anywhere on area you want it to be.

[Image: k2KUdFx.jpg]

This is the original image display of a watch. So I would like to clone another watch with the same model.

[Image: aJk9wWW.jpg]

 To start select the area of the subject, in this case it was the watch.

[Image: G9AtQcZ.jpg]

- Eyes

The eye plays a very important that decide your appearances in an image captured. Knowing that, Fotor had a ton of tools that can help you fix and enhance your eye feature with high customizations.

1.       Eye liner: Add any color of eye liner

[Image: 8pi67O5.jpg]

2.       Mascara:

[Image: 1yceed5.jpg]

3.       Eye brow pencils: Color your eye brow

[Image: YbxOcyq.jpg]

4.       Eye tint: You can change your eye pupil to any color you wish.

[Image: 5sQttdX.jpg]

5.       Eye pop: Basically it crystallize your eye pupil.

[Image: OjJvjdT.jpg]

6.       Red-eye remove: Remove red-eye  caused by camera flash

[Image: LrCEneF.jpg]

- Lips

1. Lip tint: Color your lips

[Image: vOPI6Mb.jpg]

2. Teeth Whitening

[Image: YPegvwq.jpg]

- Frame
The frame is where the user can add borders to create the perfect final touch to your image. There is a variety of well-made template available to choose from.

[Image: 3VXy2TV.jpg]

- Sticker and text

Fotor’s unique designed sticker photos and clip art are the perfect additions to your images, new design or social media content. It can apply a load of custom stickers and free clip art images to any of your creations for all occasions.

Fotor provides all kinds of stylish stickers and clip arts, which are suitable for different themes, such as birthday, wedding, holiday, and more. They will give you more inspiration on your creations. You need to paste them on your content in a few clicks and make your artwork more beautiful and interesting.

The Collage Maker

Fotor’s collage maker provides the user with hundreds of ready-made template with high customization capability. It allows you to add cell or column to the selected template, add a border, stickers and so on. It’s straightforward and easy to use even for the novice user.

The collage maker is extremely user friendly and you can have your collage ready in just a couple of steps away!

[Image: kqlTzoX.jpg]

1.    Select your preferred collage style template

[Image: nxnhsDK.jpg]

2.       Drag-and-drop your image into the template box.

3.       Lastly, save and export your work and share it with your friends or family. Yup, it was just  that easy!

- Collage Style

Classic  Collage


You can choose your photo grids based on the picture amount and even add more cellsTo maximize your photo collage, you can adjust the borders, effects and even add stickers as you like it.

Artistic Collage

[Image: FKOZxvq.png]

With more preset background pictures, text and themes, Fotor’s arthistic collage would be the perfect option for you to share your photo collages on social media! There are even 3 ratios for you to choose from! You can even further customize your collages with our exclusive stickers, text and photo effects! Unleash your creativity with your art collage and share it on social media!

Funky Collage


Now your pic collages can be created in a cool and funky way! Fotor’s awesome funky collage templates provide you different shapes for you to play around and unleash your creativity. Start your creation right away!

[Image: F1Q8OuM.jpg][Image: HMwhw4e.jpg]

Photo Stitching

[Image: kWq2vsj.jpg]

With Fotor’s photo stitching tool you can not only stitch multiple photos together, vertically or horizontally but also alter the thickness and color of your border. Pic stitch has never been so easy!

Collage Feature


Fotor offers online HDR software for free. With our world leading Alignment Technology and Ghost Reduction, Fotor will help you to bring out the true color of your HDR photography!

[Image: jTpIPOd.jpg]

HDR photography utilizes technology that allows you to capture a much wider range of lighting and colors than possible with a standard digital camera. HDR technology combines three or more differently exposed photos of the same scene into a single photo that accurately captures the details and vivid colors of the world as it is seen through your eyes. The advantage of HDR technology is that it retains details that are lost with standard digital cameras and it reproduces vivid colors in both the light and dark areas of a photo.

- Alignment

[Image: v0HDYGd.jpg]

It's not always possible to keep the camera completely still when taking a sequence of two or more photos in a row. Any number of factors can cause the camera to shift slightly. When merging photos, it is critical that the coordinates of every pixel are aligned perfectly in order to create a sharp HDR photo. Fotor’s advanced Alignment technology takes care of this, allowing you to get crystal clear results every time.

- Ghost Reduction

[Image: AYqiqYy.jpg]

Moving objects are one of the biggest obstacles in creating high-quality HDR photos. When shooting multiple photos of the same scene, a moving object will appear in different positions within the frame. With other HDR applications, these objects may appear ghost-like on the final merged HDR photo. To solve this problem, Fotor developed advanced "ghost-reduction" technology to intelligently reduce the ghost-like effect caused by moving objects.

- Tone Mapping

[Image: Tf1IlYh.jpg]

After the compensation of alignment and ghost reduction, photos with different exposures will be merged into a digital HDR negative, which is also called a 32-bit float pointing radiance map in the HDR imaging workflow. Compared with conventional 8-bit image formats like JPEG or BMP, the 32-bit float pointing format has the capability to record a much wider range of values, and can thus accurately capture the full dynamic range of the real world. However, a 32-bit float pointing value cannot be displayed or printed on current 8-bit monitors or printers. Therefore, although a 32-bit float pointing radiance map records extremely accurate values, at this stage they are just meaningless numbers from the user's perspective because the results cannot be seen. "Tone Mapping" is the technology used to convert a 32-bit float pointing format to 8-bit images for display or print. Since 32-bit float pointing radiance map is also referred to as the digital HDR negative, Tone Mapping can be regarded as a kind of photo development, but for digital photos.

Fotor Design Tool

Designed with over 19 preset sizes of templates, ranging from social media covers, posts, cards, banner ads, posters and more - you can create a perfect graphic design online with Fotor!

- Social Media Design

[Image: uFbUG7w.jpg]

Ranging from different themes and occasions, your social media posts can become truly outstanding with Fotor’s graphic designer!

- Headers & Covers

[Image: Ioq16Lc.jpg]

Design the perfect headers and covers online for your social media, blogs and emails for maximum self-expression!

- Banner Ads

[Image: oKBf4eZ.jpg]

Covering the most popular IAB standard ad unit, you can easily design banner ads by yourself to boost business and profit!

- Events

[Image: lqFEIlg.jpg]

Designed for massive occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, festivals and many more, you can find everything at Fotor’s photo design!

- Online Business

[Image: FBirPo8.jpg]

From your Etsy shop cover to icon, it’s the perfect way to express your style with Fotor’s visual help!

How to use?

Simply select one template that suits you to get started from recommendation. Then you can do all the edit you want such as to add stickers from library, text, and also customize the backgrounds.

[Image: ULSh4eW.jpg]

There is tons of different templates to choose from for various different purposes. You can also edit or change the image from the pre-build design and what’s not. Other tool to note is the

- Clone: Duplicated layer such as picture.

- Rotate: Rotate your image from left to right, horizontally or vertically.

- Shadow: Drop a shadow to your layer or image. You can also choose any color of the shadow you wish.

- Transparency: Similar to opacity feature as in Photoshop. The lesser the value the less visibility it become.

- Lock mode: This tool allow you to lock a particular layer so that you can edit without having to worry about messing up on an important layer such as backgrounds.


[Image: kyyB2DO.jpg]

Fotor come with a very reasonable price for all the feature which it offers. It’s a no-brainer for it value and feature it provides. Fotor is available in Window, Mac and also mobile apps.
You can view the full feature and comparison charts here:


Fotor is a complete all-in-one designer tool and a superb alternative to Photoshop. It’s not only easy to use as it can produce the result in just a few minutes but it is also accessible as it will only require just a web browser for you to use it. We recommend Fotor’s not only for the beginner but also for the professional alike designer too.

- Easy to use
- High customization
- Hundreds of well-made beautiful template, and vectors
- Support all major operating system
- Reasonable pricing
- Save your project in Fotor cloud

- Do not auto-save your progress
- Free user tier user may need to bear with the annoying ads.
- Limited and watermark on certain tool for free users.

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