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Promo2day Review WinRAR 5.70 Review
From the earliest days of networking and the precursor to the World Wide Web (WWW), the Bulletin Board System (BBS) had various limitations, notwithstanding the bandwidth limitations of using analog phone lines to share files and data. These limitations led to the notion of making files smaller and retain their integrity. The solution to this was the creation of archive file types/containers; the first being .ARC and .ZOO for this purpose. A few years down the line, the .RAR file format gained traction, and supplanted its predecessors, with greater compression range and file system support. In the halcyon days of the early 1990’s, with  .GIF utilization, and CompuServe and the start of AOL, everyday citizens and companies had to start sending more complex data across the dial-up modems of 14.4/28.8/56Kbps. Baud rates. Several competing file containers for these compressed files arose, one of them being .ZIP. While .ZIP has taken a prominent place in the de facto choice for compression file container, .RAR has taken a close second and frequently used in Linux Distros and on the Macintosh platform.

[Image: 2eojgbs.jpg]

In looking at today’s software landscape, RAR Labs has carried forward the torch and iterative development of .RAR into the Post-Modern Era of today, in its flagship program, WinRAR. The current version is 5.70 for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. The latest version has several key improvements and changes that meet the needs of the 2019 user base

[Image: 2isyyl5.jpg]

One new highlight is the ability to encode the modifications to an archive, based upon how often the internal files have been changed, when they were created, and when they were last viewed. This can help people, who collaborate and build archives with revisions and update package distribution, to keep things organized and sequenced. While my workload does not require this feature set, it has many opportunities and uses nonetheless.

[Image: 2ci918k.jpg]

This version of the software also supports nested archives, so when you either compress or extract an archive, it will contain them in a file tree hierarchy in that sequence. For an example, if you make an archive, that has a archive file inside of it, when you extract that archive, it will not forcible extract the nested archive, but instead leave it intact, ready to be called upon by the other files in the archive. This has potential for making distributed software viable, as you could create .cab files for Installshield-like installs for Windows integration and registry dependences. This has much potential for many users.

[Image: s6iy4l.jpg]

As WinRAR can be used for .ISO creation and disk imaging purposes, it is vital that buffer sizes are sized for I/O throughput that helps alleviate network congestion and efficiency. This new version has improvements under the hood in this area, and is now much better in this regard. I often make .ISO files of my disc-based software, so I can create bootable and usable USB driver for systems without optical drives. Having this program to do this, even with a remote network drive and it working well will be much appreciated.

[Image: 9urnkw.jpg]

The file system of most Windows’ versions has limits on the maximum size of an executable, with it being placed at 4GB. In previous versions of WinRAR, if an archive contains executables that exceed this limit, it would only flag this after the first volume of a multi-volume archive, and display an error message. Now, in 5.70, it will catch it beforehand, and not proceed to make an archive that the OS sees as invalid.

[Image: 30saibl.jpg]

These are but a few of the changes posted, and you can see more of them on their website, listing what is new. One other thing of note is the discontinuation of .ACE archive decompression file format, due to recently discovered security vulnerability in the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that enables this feature. All in all, WinRAR is a very full-featured archive utility and decompression tool that will meet your needs quite well.

[Image: 2wlwqc8.jpg]

[Image: 23hnhxl.jpg]

[Image: 2afwhoh.jpg]

If you are interested in purchasing this great program, you can buy it directly from RAR Labs at their website for $29.00 USD. You can also purchase a backup copy on disc and one year of insurance and support for additional funds, as well. I know that if you use this software, you will want to stay a customer for life. Thanks to RAR Labs for an opportunity try out this great piece of software, and share with all of you their fine product.
Thanks for the informative review
Thanks for sharing this detailed review.
very well review thank you Heart
Thanks a lot for the awesome review @Condor-Wingman!
Thanks for the review. I enjoyed reading a bit the history of archiving the files.

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