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Promo2day Review BurnAware Professional v12.1
[Image: ehyNyAV.jpg]

BurnAware Professional:

BurnAware is a full-featured and free burning software to create CD, DVD and Blu-ray of all types, including M-Disc. Home users can easily burn bootable discs, multisession discs, high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs, make, copy and burn disc images. Power users will benefit from BurnAware's advanced options, including control of boot settings, UDF partition and versions, ISO levels, session selection, CD text for tracks and discs, data recovering, disc spanning and direct copying.


[Image: FYkMbJm.png]

Current version:  12.1

Release date:   March 12, 2019


Top-rated Burning Software
Super-intuitive User Interface
Windows 10 Support

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows XP (all service packs)
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7-10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
600 MHz Pentium processor or faster
Space:  20 Megabytes of free disk space
RAM:  128 Megabytes of RAM
800x600 video resolution


Free Trial
[Image: aCmBAyE.png]

[Image: 84qhus0.png]

You can test the premium or the professional versions for 10-days with all features available. This gives you enough time to test all features of the program. If you want to continue using the app, you have to purchase a license or use the free version

Download and Installation:

The installer can be easily downloaded from the official website and saved to your hard drive. Installation is very easy, simply double click on the installer and follow simple on-screen steps till complete installation

[Image: yhKWAX5.png]

[Image: xGsFXVr.gif]

User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly, intuitive and easy to use. It is well arranged with 4 main areas; data, multimedia, disc images and utilities. There is a menu toolbar in the upper part of the application that includes 4 buttons; file, settings, view and help. The user interface can be changed using the view menu

Vertical Layout:

[Image: QHDXWr9.png]

Horizontal Layout:

[Image: IjC3RFx.png]

Categories Layout:

[Image: THQkJMq.gif]

Menus Toolbar:

[Image: hQ9x2Zs.gif]

 Languages Supported:

[Image: J7aFUsM.png]

Activation (Registration):

[Image: 1IBB0iP.png]

[Image: CXEMbtv.png]

Simply use your name and the license key sent to you after purchase. Activate online and enjoy using the application


There are two purchase options; either lifetime license with free updates and upgrades for one year or lifetime license with upgrades. You can choose the option that suits your needs

[Image: EarNkTo.png]

Lifetime use with 1-year upgrades:

Premium 19.95$

Professional:  39.95$

Lifetime licenses:

Premium: 69.95$

Professional: 119.95$


BurnAware is a full-fledged, easy-to-use burning software which allows users to write all types of files such as digital photos, pictures, archives, documents, music and videos to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs (including M-Disc).

With BurnAware, you also be able to create bootable or multisession discs, high-quality Audio CDs and Video DVDs, make and burn ISO images, copy and backup discs, extract audio tracks, erase and verify data, recover data from multisession or unreadable discs.


Burn files and folders to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs.
Append or update multisession discs.
Burn standard or boot disc images.
Write ISO to multiple recorders simultaneously
Burn data across multiple discs (disc spanning)


Create boot CDs or DVDs.
Create Audio CDs.
Create DVD-Video and BDMV discs.
Create MP3 CD / DVD / Blu-ray Discs.
Make standard or boot disc images.


Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs to ISO images.
Copy from discs to discs.
Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs


Verify discs byte by byte.
Unpack ISO images.
Extract audio tracks from Audio CDs.
Erase and format re-writable discs.
View detailed disc and drive information.
Burn files across multiple discs.
Extract files from multisession or corrupted discs

All Media Storage

Support of a wide range of optical disc data storage, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, Double Layer discs, M-Disc, rewritable and extra large capacity DVD and Blu-ray.

[Image: KCoswtU.gif]

Various Tasks

BurnAware covers all daily burning tasks such as disc burning, backup, verification, image creation, copying, erasing, data recovery, audio track extraction.

Three Editions

We offer a full range of burning software with something for everyone, it can be full-featured free burning software or commercial software with extra tools.

Key Benefits

The user interface: clean, effective, easy-to-use and multilingual.
High-DPI monitors support,
Low CPU usage
Very stable burning process.
Support Windows 10,
Support Windows XP, (32 and 64 bits).

Advanced Options

Besides standard options, BurnAware offers many advanced options such as:
BOOT settings,
UDF partition and versions,
ISO levels and restrictions, session selection,
CD-Text for track and disc,
byte by byte verification,
direct copying,
disc spanning
and many more.

Not sure which Edition?

Check out our comparison page and pick edition which is suitable for you.

[Image: AvqUyrz.png]

What is NEW?

Version 12.1 [March 12, 2019]


• Updated translations.
• Updated track normalization method and Verify Tool.
• Improved compatibility with Windows 10 build 1809.
• Improved handling of bad sectors during disc copying.
• Improved support of LG drives.

Bug Fixes
• Resolved problem with non-ANSI translations.
• Fixed bug with setting cache size and number of copies in DVD-Video and MP3 Disc compilations.

Version 12.0 (14-February-2019)

New features:

- Added Swedish translation.
- Added option to generate MD5 checksum for ISO files.
- Added track normalization option to Audio CD compilation.
- Two view styles for main window - horizontal and vertical layout.


- Updated translations, help file and installer.
- Improved time zone handling in data compilations.
- Improved burning engine and file processing speed.
- Improved support of ISO files in iso unpacking tool.
- Improvements to overal program performance.


- Resolved issue with displaying file date and time in Windows Explorer.
- Fixed bug with cutting file names in ISO compilation with automatic settings.
- Fixed bug with copying CD-ROM to CD-R using "direct copy" option.

For the full version history:

Here is a detailed discussion of the uses and features of the program:

[Image: AGAszdG.gif]


Data Disc:

[Image: 1SuXt8n.png]

[Image: T2shM0C.png]

This feature is used to store electronic data on CD, DVD or Blue-Ray

Options: Finalize disc, Verify data on disc after burning, Buffer underrun protection, Use optimum power calibration

[Image: fcOjwRZ.gif]

Boot Disc:

[Image: Xc3LFiV.png]

This tool lets you create a CD or DVD with which the computer can be started without having to access the hard drive.


[Image: KDD8BUK.gif]

Span Disc:

[Image: KgDlSdE.png]

This tool allows you to add and burn files across multiple discs.


[Image: uGMjKNo.png]

[Image: UUbxCVr.png]

Copy Disc:

[Image: IzSYmBi.png]

This feature is available only in Premium and Professional editions. It lets you easily copy from disc to disc


[Image: cv5LsKU.png]


Audio CD:

[Image: 2UG9xvQ.png]

An Audio CD is a CD that contains music files and can be played using all standard CD players. To compile an Audio CD, source files with different audio formats are automatically converted into Audio CD format before being burned.


These include Write CD-Text, Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, Pause

MP3 Disc:

[Image: y0LX1zj.png]

This useful tool allows users to store music in one or more MP3 or WMA files. MP3 discs hold much more music with the quality less than Audio CD.  


[Image: Em88g4D.gif]

This is a DVD that contains high-quality video files and can be played on any DVD player.


[Image: zA89z5T.png]

The program supports BDMV/AVCHD format discs

Audio Grabber:

[Image: QWVekg4.png]

Use this tool to extract audio tracks from Audio CD and save them in various formats on your hard drive.

Disc Images

Burn ISO:

[Image: DCGxXEZ.png]

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, including the optical disc file system.


[Image: GyHV2vf.png]

Copy to ISO:

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, including the optical disc file system.

[Image: bXT0F1L.png]

Make ISO:

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, including the optical disc file system.

[Image: mMbmA0O.gif]

Make Boot ISO:

A boot ISO image is an archive file of a boot disc.

Unpack ISO:

This tool allows to browse and extract files from ISO images.


Erase Disc:

Disc with the RW or RE specification can be erased, as long as your recorder supports this feature.
The process can be quick or complete

Disc Info:

Displays information about the drive (compatibility, firmware, model etc.) and the disc (free space, sessions, file system etc.).

Verify Disc:

This tool checks inserted disc for the errors, byte-by-byte. If any file is not readable, it will be added to the list.

Data Recovery:

Available in Premium and Professional editions.
This tool allows to browse and extract files from different type of discs.


[Image: IPv0BfQ.png]

This feature is available in Professional edition only. You can use this tool to burn an ISO image to multiple drives simultaneously.


Command Line

Command line arguments allows you to burn the disc using BAT file or command line. You can burn a Data Disc, burn an Audio CD, burn a Disc Image, make an ISO, copy a Disc or unpack an ISO

Check for updates: This is an automatic process by default. If there is a new version you will be notified. You will be directed to the website to download the installer and update your software

[Image: MbEsZMX.jpg]


BurnAware Professional is a comprehensive burning software with lot of features and super-intuitive, multilingual user interface. It supports CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. It provides all the tools you need to create and manage different discs. You can create data discs, bootable and multi-session discs, erase and format rewritable CDs or DVDs, multimedia discs and many more. You need to download and try this software


Online Manual:



Error codes:

Reviews and Awards:



Affiliate Partner:

About Us:
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Thank you for an in-depth analysis of BurnAware Professional.

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