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Promo2day Review Private Internet Access: Safe and Secure VPN
Looks very promising. Nice review and screenshots. Thanks.
Great review, man. PIA seems to be a better alternative than Express.
Thank you @tarekma7 for the extremely detailed review. It further confirms my belief that PIA is in a class of its own when it comes to VPN services. It has very simple and easy to use VPN clients. The disconnect protection feature is also fantastic since that would protect me if I'm downloading something, and am away from my computer. Not only that, PIA doesn't keep ANY logs, and actually means it when they say it unlike most other VPN services. PIA would help me protect my personal information/identity from my ISP, which is something I have been increasingly concerned with after the downfall of "Net Neutrality," and the additional "powers" ISPs essentially gained from it's demise.  Also, PIA works on basically every operating system and even has browser extensions now!
Thanks for the great and detailed review. One of the best vpn in the world for sure. Even support torrents whose speed my ISP limits.
Nice detailed review, I didn't knew few things you mentioned.
Great and well made chronicle. Thank you.
Thank you again for nice review, apreciated.
Thank you for a detailed description.
Thanks for the great review!!
Thanks tarekma7 for this excellent review. Thumb

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