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building learn projects reactjs flux 10 eduonix

Giveaway eduonix ReactJS and Flux - Learn By Building 10 Projects
ReactJS and Flux - Learn By Building 10 Projects
Building apps is now easy with ReactJS and Flux. Learn React JS and Flux in this hands-on project based tutorial.

[Image: lCxANp9.jpg]

In this course, you will build the following 10 projects:
Project 1 – Bootstrap React Components – This starter project will familiarize you on how you can create simple React components using the Bootstrap framework.
Project 2 – Github Profile Viewer – This project will show you how to create a UI using React and also how to fetch data from the Github API.
Project 3 – Quick Quiz – This course will get you started on how to design a simple quiz using ReactJS.
Project 4 – Movie Find – Learn how to use the OMDB API to fetch data and create a database for movies.
Project 5 – Contact List – Learn how to make a contact list using the Firebase database technology
Project 6 – Stickypad Notes – This project will teach you how to create a ToDo List that looks like a Sticky Note
Project 7 – InfoFinder Search Engine – Create a working search engine using the DuckDuckGo API.
Project 8 – Youtube Gallery – Learn how to make a video gallery that allows you to add YouTube videos using just the ID of the video.
Project 9 – Chat – Create a functional chat application that allows you to add a username and send messages back and forth over web sockets.
Project 10 – Workout Logger – Learn how to create a local storage and make Workout Logger with a mobile friendly interface, which allows you to input your exercise data.

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