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vpn vpns top speed tested best 2019

BEST VPN FOR 2019!! Top 5 VPNs Speed Tested!!

BEST VPN FOR 2019!! Top 5 VPNs Speed Tested!!

[Image: skA50DV.png]
Do you use any of these,Mike?
NordVPN is the best IMO. Never had any issues with it.
I have dealt with the support and representative people of most of the vpn for the last 2 to 3 years regularly (almost every day), so I'll share my experience.
purevpn is much more scam vpn company than tigervpn. their support people are fake. their representatives promise but don't deliver, and then ignore you, and they keep logs as you all know that they helped fbi.. fake is the word that comes to my mind when I think of this vpn and their people.
Ivacy is great. I have a lifetime + their main person told me and considers me as one of ivacy's brand should be a bit more faster to reply.
cyberghost support is great when they are available but not as great representatives and hard to get in contact with.
nordvpn support is top class but I hope they start sharing more detail information...
don't know about ipvanish...

about the vpn service... I guess, it's all up to preference....sometimes nordvpn doesn't work, and ivacy gets most of the job done...
the only reason I would consider giving my attention to purevpn is because they sell lifetime.....other than that, I won't trust it for sure..not the vpn, and their people...
cybereghost can be a bit buggy and lacks some features but is solid at what it does...
(02-09-2019 , 03:30 PM)clyde Wrote: Do you use any of these,Mike?

I currently have Expressvpn and Cyberghost on my laptop but very rarely use a vpn.

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