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Promo2day Review Biniware Run : Keep all important shortcuts in one place
[b][Image: kKvGp0p.png]

[/b]Biniware Run - Keep all important shortcuts in one place

Biniware Run is a portable desktop tool which provides you fast access to your favorite website addresses, files and folders from one single place. Just drag and drop any website address, file or folder inside the colored circle from your desktop and you can easily access all you are interested in by using this handy software. 

You can define categories, move, sort, import, export or customize your shortcuts anytime. Instead of searching for bookmarks in different web browsers, files or folders through your computer, make your work and browsing easier with Biniware Run. And the best thing is that this software is portable. The installer will just extract one executable file and that's all. Want to get rid of it? Simple. Just delete the file.


The developer is  Alexandru Dicu who created Windows Firewall Control, the website and website.

System Requirements:

Supported operating systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2008 and newer.
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 or a newer version.

Current version:

Release Date: January 30, 2019

SHA256: 985defbb31c6699dd1a3e093dbe2f6756850747033dcc1bbc1d5246d94ce8b51


Product page:



[Image: GrHUgvC.gif]

After you download the file, installation is very simple with extraction of one file in few steps

User Interface:

[Image: zF9veiO.png]

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. You will see the Shortcuts Tab which is main place to define, import, export, sort the shortcuts of the program. You can use add button or simply drag and drop

Program folder:

The program is portable app with small size and simple use. There is a folder on your computer named biniware. You can change its location without break of its functionality or even take it with you on USB Flash drive for use on other computers you own. In the folder where the software is located, the files present include brun.exe (main executable file), brun.cfg, brun.log , icons and lang subfolders. The cfg file contains the program settings and the shortcuts in XML format

Registered Users Features:

Special thank you mention in the About section of the software.
You will get priority support via email.
You will receive unrestricted access to My account area.
You will never receive emails regarding upgrades, special offers and so on.
You will support the developer to continue the improvement of these programs.
You may use your license data to activate any of the Biniware products on all computers that you own, for unlimited times.

License Key:

The license data is valid for one year from the date you generate it. To renew your license, log in again and generate a new license data. The license data contains your name and email inside of it. You need to copy and paste the entire text of the license data in the corresponding area of the program to activate it. That's all.

Simply, donate using Paypal account here:

[Image: wLrSVKF.png]

Program Features:

Easy to use and highly customizable user interface.
Drag and drop support for website addresses, files and folders.
Sorting, moving, importing and exporting of the shortcuts are supported.
Importing from HTLM bookmarks files exported with all web browsers is supported.
Access all shortcuts anywhere by using the customizable global keyboard shortcuts.
Shortcuts to .exe, .cmd, .bat files support parameters and setting a working directory.
Shortcuts to .exe, .cmd, .bat, .msc files can be executed with administrative privileges.           
The configuration is stored in XML format, making it easy to edit the file in any text editor.
This is a portable software. You can move and execute it from any folder from your computer.
Full support for standard user accounts. Elevated privileges are not required.      
And many, many more. Just try it out.

What's new in version (30.01.2019)

New: Added 'Updates' tab which can be used to check and download new updates directly from the user interface.

New: Added multi language support. New translation files can be downloaded from the 'Updates' tab. A new language can be selected from the 'Settings' tab.

New: The software has now an online user manual located at . PDF version of the user manual is also available for download.

Removed: The .chm user manual was discontinued.

Full changelog can be seen here:

How to use the program:

[Image: hT1s1Yr.png]

[Image: mrMdh1J.png]

[Image: DdII44L.png]

[Image: NIAnMeZ.png]

[Image: W6o8yfg.png]

Biniware Run is displayed on desktop always on top of other windows and provides drag and drop support for quickly creating new shortcuts. You can access all your favorites from the same place. The use of the program is very easy. All you have to do is to press left mouse button on the desktop icon to open the shortcuts context menu. Drag and drop website addresses, files or folders inside the desktop icon to add new shortcuts. Press right mouse button on the desktop icon to configure, learn more or exit the software.

[Image: bXBysdx.png]

[Image: NxY7xDx.png]

You can also press left mouse button and drag the desktop icon to move it anywhere on screen. Right click menu inside the app offers you more features. The program supports import or export of shortcuts in the form of XML format

[Image: qltGFzR.png]

Right click menu:

Tree view right click

[Image: M1VA8IU.png]

Shortcut right click

[Image: ienhTDK.png]


These include the program settings. Other buttons allows you to customize the program appearance and check for updates. About button gives information about the program and license activation

[Image: nt4Fwvu.gif]

How to customize icons?

[Image: Q3bXLWz.png]

1. Copy a .png in the icons subfolder. It must be a .png image, not gif, not bmp, not jpg.

2. Name the file tools.icon.png. The file name is tools.icon, while the extension is .png. The file name must be

3. Set the Path of a shortcut tools.icon (without the .png extension).

The icon will be loaded automatically, when you change the Path. There is no need to restart the application.


Biniware run is a small portable application that will let you have all your favorite websites, files and folders with you anywhere. It can be used for lifetime on any computer you own
thank you for excellent detailed review.very good tool Heart Heart Heart
Thanks for the full review.
Thank you for the good review !

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