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Promo2day Review piZap Photo Editor & Collage Maker
[Image: iYEWFe9uii7MLCHBoj6-c4-YFHrOuUy9d8Gh65vR...3pCQw=s180]

piZap is a great and interactive online photo editor which comes with tons of resources such as fronts, template design, resources, stickers, and so on for you to use and choose from. The application is easily accessible online and user-friendly (though they offer a Windows' version software which now in beta phase) and you don't even need to be real good designing to make the most out of piZap.

piZap currently are available in the following operating systems:

- Windows browser (active internet connection required and any browser that supports either flash or HTML5):

- Windows application (currently in beta and only available for 64-bits version operating system):

- iTunes app store:

- Google Play store:

* Please note that this particular review is conducted using the online browser version of piZap. So without further ado, please allow me to introduce the cool features offered by this excellent app!

[Image: LWtR99R.png]

First and foremost head over to piZap homepage here and login or register yourself an account there. The registration is simple and could be done in just a couple of minutes. You can get a 7-day free trial of piZap Pro that unlock unlimited features such as remove ads, produce high quality (HQ) image and so on. Refer image below to see the full benefits of Pro user

[Image: JdRRUGi.png]

Right after signing in you can select the mode you wish to use on top of the homepage.

[Image: lh7Si1Q.png]

Click on "more" button and you will be directed to a page which you can do more awesome stuff with the editor.

[Image: kbGOOyo.png]

Features Overview

[Image: WBMMIz1.png]

[Image: fkYPyg0.png]

The Photo Editor

The piZap Photo editor allows user to do all the essential editing tasks which available in any typical photo editor software. Simply select a photo that you wish to edit (it can be a photo from your local drive, Facebook picture, import from file storage services such as DropBox or Google Drive) to get started.

[Image: uSk5fLA.png]

From there on you can adjust the brightness of the image, cropping, rotate, and so on. If you are not sure what to do you can just click on "Auto-Adjust" button and piZap will help do the dirty tricks for you in a few seconds.

[Image: kAhzGa7.png]

A sneak peak of the auto enhancement of piZap Photo Editor:


[Image: gwISnlp.jpg]


[Image: JpVMHF9.jpg]

There are also tons of filter effect and sticker to be chosen from to further enhance your image

- Adding filter:

[Image: GJ1YLvZ.png]

- Adding stickers:

[Image: somJ3dg.png]

You can also edit the selected sticker as you like it such as adjusting it's opacity, flip or even rotate it.

- Adding touch up:

[Image: eBzV89F.png]

Touch up is a great tool that help to enhance and fix a person appearances such as removing wrinkle, teeth whitening and so on.

- Adding text to image:

[Image: wVl6hnq.png]

- Adding border to image:

[Image: NH51x7Q.jpg]

- Adding Image to another image:

[Image: yUqvWyQ.png]

The Cut-Out tool

The cut out is a great tool that allow user to cut out an object from one picture to be placed on another.

[Image: IxheEVi.png]

- Creating a meme-like image text:

[Image: 20Ha5UC.jpg]

At the top of the bar is where user can undo or redo a task, save your project, save it cloud or even share it on social media page easily.

[Image: n5pTf2F.png]

Video overview:

The Collage Maker

Besides allowing user to edit photo, piZap also able to create a collage from photo. There is tons of ready made template to be chosen from:

[Image: 5zWHzeg.png]

Here is a randomly selected template:

[Image: lQ7mB7g.png]

And the final output:

[Image: IrTU1gX.jpg]

As usual user can also add effect and filters to the collage image.

[Image: IjtEk9i.png]

Design Maker

The design make is a useful tool that allow user to create item easily such as banner, business card, poster, Facebook or YouTube cover and a lots more in just a few simple steps.

[Image: xE8GpMB.png]


piZap come with a very reasonable and affordable pricing plan. With the Pro subscription user will entitled to various extra feature and benefits such as:

- 367 Fonts
- 4530 Stickers
- 1700 Royalty Free Stock Images
- 78 Filters
- 1451 Collage Layouts
- 304 Borders
- Unlock the Mobile and the Popular Desktop/Web App

...and many more!

[Image: YiuRnet.png]

You can also try it out first before deciding to go ahead to subscribe for free.

[Image: vY39xoR.png]

For a limited time user can subscribe to piZap Pro plan for a huge 60% off! Simply apply the coupon below during checkout

60% Coupon: cyber18


piZap is a good alternative to its more popular counterpart such as Photoshop. Beside for being more lightweight it is also very convenient as there is no software to be installed and can be easily accessed with just a web browser. 


- Tons of ready made template to be used
- Easy drag and drop 
- Various filter and effects to be chosen from
- Adjust and boost any photo easily in just a few simple steps
- Template for social media site such as Facebook
- Easy to use and suitable for everyone even for those who had zero experience at designing
- Search bar that can easily search for specific stickers or template


- Missing some important tool such  object removal.
- No auto save feature
- A more flexible pricing option would be mostly welcomed.

Thanks a lot for the very good review. I have never heard about this software. Seems quite interesting. 
Perfect Review , Thanks Thumb
thanks for excellent review.seems very interesting Heart Thumb
sad no 32 bit :-/
Good informative review, thanks a lot Cool
Looks very interesting and nicely done.
Thank you.

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