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Panda Dome Complete
[Image: 3e0OJvm.png]

Online Threats are increasing and you need to protect your security and privacy. To achieve this, you need good security software that is updated with the most current and zero-day threats, PC Cleaner, protection against ransomware, VPN, good firewall app. Panda dome complete is all in one security solution that includes all of these tools to offer you complete online safety and privacy

Traditional security solutions, while effective in protecting against malware, are not capable of dealing with attacks where non-malicious tools and other advanced techniques such as APTs, zero-day threats, targeted attacks or ransomware are used. The built-in smart technology, based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, monitors every running application on your systems, scanning and classifying absolutely EVERYTHING.

Panda Dome Complete has replaced Panda Global Protection. This security solution has many new features and tools which together with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, offers you good protection for your computer. You can forget all about viruses, rootkits, spyware and online fraud. In addition, you will enjoy real-time protection against the latest malware threats. The program will protect all of your devices including security for your Android devices. The new real-time protection technology allows you to shop and bank online, read your favorite blogs and safely browse the Web. You can configure Panda Dome Complete in many ways according to your needs. In some critical and threat problems, the program lets you start your computer in safe mode and disinfect it.

It is imperative to use security software appropriate to the level of threat that you are facing. That's why Panda Security provides home users and businesses with next-gen anti-malware solutions with prevention, detection and remediation capabilities.


Comparison between different versions:

[Image: FUx4Kz4.png]
[Image: ZNeSH14.png]


[Image: 2Sb2RdW.png]

Current version:  18

[Image: yKq8prs.png]

System Requirements:

The minimum requirements that your computer must meet to install your Panda product are as follows:
RAM: 256 MB.
Hard disk free space: 240 MB.
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 o or later.
 .NET Framework 4.0 (or later) is also required.
Windows® Operating system: Windows 7 to 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
Android™ Operating system: Android 4 or later.
iOS® Operating System: iOS 7 or later.
OS X® Operating system: Mac® OS X 10.0 or later, 200 MB


This is very easy. Simply double click the installer and follow simple steps and wait till download is complete. Finally activate the program using your account

[Image: JTIdGh6.gif]

[Image: eqQtbP6.png]

User Interface:

The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The in-built interface features tabs can be accessed from the single main window.

[Image: hNaESGw.png]

[Image: mk51Z4U.gif]


[Image: EOLjHiW.png]

Next-gen antivirus to protect your digital life against any kind of threat.
Protection against ransomware and all types of viruses
Firewall ensures safety from hackers.
Process Monitor analyzes your system background processes.
Wi-Fi protection, secure online browsing and shopping and block intruders.
Making your life easier and safer with Panda Dome
Parental controls, app lock and call blocker: It will help to Keep your children away from inappropriate content.
Back up your files and recover them quickly and simply.
Data protection and password manager
Data Shield - Protect your money and most important data from cyber-criminals.
Password Manager - Manage all of your passwords with a single click.
File Encryptor: This built-in feature allows you to encrypt your confidential data.
Tuneup: this tool lets you optimize your computer for peak performance.
File Shredder will allow you to easily delete files permanently.
Device location, optimization and remote control
24/7 unlimited premium technical support
Premium VPN: VPN allow users to securely access data remotely through public networks. This will help you to browse online safely, anonymously and without limits.
Panda Security's Cloud Technology provides an intelligent protection system based on a user community where everyone contributes. Your computer will always be up-to-date and fully protected.
Panda Dome Complete lets you enjoy a new, more modern and intuitive user experience that is more aligned with that provided by the latest operating systems and platforms. The great thing about Panda Dome Advanced is that you don't have to be an expert to use it; it does everything for you. Simply install it and forget about viruses and other threats.

[Image: 2Z5xCPh.png]

Protection against all types of threats

Panda Dome Complete will monitor, scan and classify every process run on your devices. The continuous thorough monitoring of the activities executed on your network allows to classify every running process as good ware or malware.  This offers you a broad range of integrated remediation options and better protection.

[Image: 2AReGTW.png]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of Artificial Intelligence helps to increase threat detection significantly, while reducing response and remediation times. Additionally, the application of Machine Learning enables us to scan huge amount of data and detect behavior patterns. Thanks to the combination of these technologies, our security system is always learning without forgetting: the more data it collects, the smarter it becomes.

Intelligent Malware Platform

Computer threats always find new ways to compromise systems. Next-generation malware uses more harmful and intelligent techniques to spread, and so it is necessary to also use next-generation technologies to stop it. Our advanced analytic capabilities enable us to provide customers with effective and proactive protection against any kind of threat.

100% detection rate according to the Real-World Protection Test:

[Image: AejENjE.png]

Smart Technology:

Panda Security's solutions, based on smart technologies and Machine Learning, are the perfect fit for your security needs. The combined use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques enables us to scan huge amount of data and detect behavior patterns in malware and advanced threats.

[Image: SZrFcQT.png]

How Panda Dome will help you?

The product you have purchased provides you with a series of protection modules designed to ensure maximum security of your computers and devices. Besides Antivirus Protection, the solution includes the following protection modules: Firewall, Data Shield, Parental Control, Application Control, Safe Browsing as well as protection designed for other types of devices (Android, Mac and iOS). Additionally, you also have USB Protection and Wi-Fi Protection against intruders.

[Image: HB7Kp0U.png]


[Image: t8NuUE1.png]

[Image: 10qY13l.png]

Panda Dome Complete offers you a complete antivirus protection that protect all of your devices and  provides real-time protection against all types of malware. Manual scan allows users to check critical areas in order to detect active viruses. You can also perform a complete scan of your PC. In addition, you can choose to scan certain folders only or clean all connected USB devices. It offers you good protection and prevent your Wi-Fi networks from being used without your permission thanks to the integrated firewall which secures communications.

[Image: AOWDcUz.png]

Protection for all your devices

The program is available for all device platforms and Keep all devices safe with the next-gen antivirus.
It will shield an unlimited* number of devices: from laptops to smartphones to tablets to smartwatches.

[Image: OUpSGHE.png]

Panda Dome features to Protect and manage all your devices:

Real-time location,
Lock and wipe them remotely whenever you want
Anti-theft alarm and get a photo of the thief after three failed attempts to unlock your lost or stolen device
Improve performance and extend your device’s battery life
Trigger an alarm and take photos from your Android Wear™ smartwatch


The program helps you to locate your device if lost through your account. You can also wipe your device to protect important data

[Image: zmkgzAo.png]

Application Control:

[Image: zLF1YwC.png]

This useful built-in feature allows you to configure which programs installed on your computer may or may not be executed. With the Application control feature, a secure and closed environment is set. Thus, it is an ideal extra layer of protection against zero-day threats. 

[Image: zLF1YwC.png]


Keep your photos, memories, passwords and confidential data safe from all threats, including ransomware and Bitcoin mining attacks.
Relax while we take care of you and your loved ones:
Virtual vault to protect your money and confidential data
Real-time next-generation antivirus protection
Full control of any device connected to your Wi-Fi network
Secure and manage all your passwords with a single click
Access your most important information regardless of time or place
Wipe your device data remotely in case of loss or theft


Know what your kids are doing online or where they are in real time. Our priority is protecting what matters the most to you:
Know what your kids are doing in real time.
Monitor your children’s Internet use
Block access to inappropriate and harmful content
PIN-protect access to specific apps
Keep track of your loved ones’ location at any time
Protect your Wi-Fi from hackers and piggybacking neighbors
Keep your memories, photos and confidential data safe
Know what your apps can do and what information they can access
Add phone numbers to your blacklist and stop unwanted calls

Panda Security Cleanup

[Image: YA7aBI1.png]

PC cleaner to clear browsing history and to optimize your devices
Clean and speed up your Windows devices, extending their useful life and improving performance
Speed up your computer
Speed up your Windows device and free up hard disk space by deleting unnecessary files.
With Panda Cleanup you'll be able to:
Delete temporary files and clear your browser's history
Delete cookies (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer)
Clean up the Windows registry
Defragment the hard disk

Online Backup:

[Image: H54KmII.png]

In addition to the backups that you can do in external drives, flash drives, CD / DVD, etc, you can also choose to perform backups in the cloud with Panda. The information you  backup and store will stay secure on Internet servers. Using this method, no need to allocate space on your local hard drive for backing up copies. Futhermore, your documents, files, and contacts stored in the cloud will not be exposed to infections or malware attacks.

PC Clean Up:

[Image: fmwO9ng.png]

This feature allows Panda Dome Complete to speed up your system using 4 tools. These include; boot manager, defragmentation of your hard drive, free up space and scheduled cleanup tasks

Boot manager

Enable required programs only and make your PC run faster.
Some programs and applications are configured to run automatically whenever you start your PC. This may slow down your computer.
With Panda Cleanup, you'll be able to see which programs are configured to run at startup and disable them if you don't think they are necessary. Additionally, Panda Cleanup will warn you every time a program installs as part of your computer's startup sequence so you can keep the boot process always optimized.

[Image: iQ35BcV.png]

Registry cleaner

Prevent operating system errors by deleting unnecessary registry keys.
Panda Cleanup will delete any corrupted or unnecessary registry keys that may cause operating system errors.

Data Shield:

[Image: QmZY9r9.png]

[Image: yvxCAva.png]

The Data Shield protection included in Panda offers an extra layer of security against malware that tries to access sensitive user data for malicious purposes (theft, deleted or encrypted). A well known example of this type of malware is Cryptolocker. It encrypts your data and prevent any recovery

File Encrypt:

[Image: BNXDIbc.png]

File encryption lets you prevent other users from accessing your most confidential data. You can protect the files that you want with a password so that only you have access to them.

File Shredder:

[Image: vUQuHLH.png]

When you delete a file on a Windows system you don’t eliminate it permanently. Even after you have emptied the Recycle Bin it is still possible to retrieve the deleted files using specific software for this purpose. Now,using File Shredder feature, you will be able to completely remove files, preventing others from being able to retrieve them later.


[Image: fyyfarH.png]

This is a very useful feature that helps to prevent connections between the local network and the Internet that do not comply with the security policy. The programs will not access the internet without your permission

Parental Control:

[Image: Lozhs89.png]

As its name suggests, the Panda parental control is installed by default and is especially useful for parents and educational leaders to prevent children and teenagers from accessing inappropriate Web pages. Furthermore, an administrator user may apply filters to different Windows users

Password Management:

[Image: jxfOXWE.png]

Another excellent option memorizing all of your passwords and enabling you to access all the Web services that you use by just remembering one master password. This feature is of great help to keep your security and privacy. Never write down passwords on a piece of paper; don’t use the same password over and over again; and don’t use passwords that are easy to guess, 

Rescue Kit:

[Image: Co3hnwy.png]

The Rescue Kit of Panda allows you to perform the following scans using the Panda Cloud Cleaner collective intelligence or cloud-based technology; create a rescue USB drive or detect advanced virus

Safe browsing:

[Image: UrAsAcC.png]

This feature lets you browse the Internet in a virtual environment, completely independent of your system and other applications on your computer. This way, your system will be safe from possible Internet threats. 

Protection of USB Devices:

[Image: ifHi1aD.png]

Virtual Keyboard:

[Image: 4Lm2fCW.png]

This is a special feature you can use for typing particularly confidential data, such as bank login details or credit card numbers. By entering your data using the virtual keyboard, you will prevent cyber-crooks from capturing, under certain circumstances, your keystrokes and stealing your banking details or credit card numbers.

Security News:

[Image: 2puPXyl.png]

Why download an Android Antivirus?

Panda Security's free antivirus for Android protects your smartphone and tablet against viruses, malware and spyware.

Not only that, we also provide anti-theft protection, block unwanted calls and protect your privacy by letting you restrict access to your apps with a security PIN.

Features included in Android Anntivirus software:

[Image: iw8agmw.png]

My alerts:

These are notifications to inform you about threats, critical, information..etc

[Image: eotP5wD.png]


[Image: zB9YQp7.png]

Protect all your devices
Provides you with tailor-made security solutions for all your family‘s devices.
VPN protection for free
Free VPN and antivirus protection for your online browsing

Panda VPN:

[Image: AR4x4aR.png]

Panda Dome complete has a built in VPN solution which offers you security, privacy and protection and allows you to secure your Internet connections with complete peace of mind, using for this a private, highly secure virtual data tunnel. You will get a really private connection and nobody can access any of your encrypted communications.

Program side Menu:

[Image: rYQCZy8.png]

Program Settings:

[Image: bL2iICi.gif]

Support Team:

[Image: aQH53pC.png]


Panda Dome Complete is not just a simple antivirus, but a comprehensive security suit, which can keep your files safe, block access to dangerous websites, safeguard your privacy and ensure your PC is running smoothly. Panda Dome Complete comes with all the features previously mentioned, along with others that are designed to help you guard your privacy. It lets you back up and store data securely and manage passwords. You can also secure your files against ransomware attacks or, if you choose, delete them without the possibility of recovery.
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The best review i have ever read. For Panda.  Big Grin
Thanks, Tarek.

Very good job!
Thanks for the detailed review  Tarek. Thumb

I would like to try, because the new Panda is based on the new engine of the next generation. The main difference is the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which allows continuous monitoring of absolutely all active processes and their interaction with each other, regardless of whether these processes are legitimate (reliable) or not. The new engine allows you to provide reliable protection against new, improved and unknown threats.

Panda is a software manufactured
in Spain, my country.
We know some things well.
thanks for this review
thanks for excellent review Heart Heart Heart
Great review Tarek. I have never tried Panda but after reading your review I might have to give it a try.
Thanks for the detailed review  Tarek.
I read review and I want ask if how we can save settings in Panda Dome. I have not yet used Panda Dome and I read somewhere (I forget where sorry) that settings cannot be saved...? Is that correct? But I see from review that stock/default setting good enough with Application Control and Process Monitor. Firewall is I read easy to use unlike Comodo with lots of confuse settings. Thank you for review!

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