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myFFmpeg 3.5.2
myFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so myFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.
  • High Quality and Control
    Convert and processes many media files with high level quality using FFmpeg with no knowledge.Advanced users are not left out in the cold with lots of options to work with.

  • Media Formats
    You can use all media formats supported by the installed FFmpeg version.

  • Merging media files
    Stitch unlimited files to one file. Two methods : Concat passthru (blistering fast) and Complex Filter.

  • Subtitles support
    Both hardburn subtitles and soft subtitles are supported (External or Embedded).

  • Presets
    A lot of presets are included by default: iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, Android, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many more

  • Encode multiple files at once
    Encode up to 8 batch at the same time.



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