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unhackme giveaway x5

Promo2day Contest UnHackMe x5 Giveaway
Thanks for the giveaway

It’s common sense that nowadays you should always have your antivirus and firewall on at all times, since the chance of you getting hit by a virus attack is quite high- and grows exponentially if you start exploring darker areas of the web. This however, does not guarantee that nothing passes through this defensive line of yours; in fact, you should always keep an eye out for rootkits and other stealthy kinds of malware which always find a way in, making it quite hard to get rid of them afterwards. UnHackMe is a tool for removing rootkits that have attached to your system and are giving you a hard time, which has plenty of features.

Thanks a lot for this reliable software giveaway @Cool!

I really need UnHackMe because I don't like my PC to get infected with nasty rootkits. It's a lifesaver for a system while online/offline. What I like in this software is that it can scan rootkits prior starting a system via removable media to remove kernel rootkits while offline. Plus it can remotely check other infected PCs via log which is an advantage over other known antivirus/antimalware softwares. Count me in please!

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Thanks a lot for this very nice giveaway, Cool
UnHackMe is one of the best innovative antimalware on the market with proven capabilities in removing all the malware including the remnants from our PCs. I know very well this software, it is very efficient and trustworthy so that is why i want to win it.
As per features, apart from its overall performance, i like a lot the Warrior as an important tool in removing the unwanted or rogue software.

My share below:

Unhackme is a very good  tool to detect and remove all kinds of malware like trojan, Spyware etc.. I like following features:-
1)Remotely checking a computer by log file. 
2)Offline scanning when booting from USB/CD (Warrior mode). 

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UnHackMe is a very powerful program
that removes malware of all kinds
it's good to have it as a second scanner
to detect what traditional antivirus does not see.
thanks for the giveaway

Thanks for the giveaway.

I need a license because UnHackMe includes specially designed tools for detecting deeply hidden rootkits.
UnHackMe includes:
Anti-Rootkit (fix redirects from Google).
Anti - malware, Anti - Trojan, Anti - Bot.
Anti - adware, Anti - Spyware.

[Image: CH0B0aY.png]

You had 3 day to sent me your particular (name and email) after that you entry will be void and be pass over to the next person in the list.
thanks for giveaway congrats to winners Heart Heart
Thanks a lot for the giveaway and congrats to the winners!
Thanks and Congratulations to the other winners

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