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passware standard

Promo2day Contest Passware Kit Standard
this program is fantastic
can help recover lost passwords
of many types
I need it to recover Microsoft passwords.
Thank you

Thanks for the giveaway.

I need a program because I do not have a password recovery program, and Kit Standard is a full-featured password recovery software. The utility works with files on a computer, as well as with network connections, email accounts, web sites. Very useful software.


Also left a comment in the review.
Thanks Tarek for this opportunity.

I need this application given the basic necessity to recover passwords that are long forgotten or misplaced. I have few XLSM and PDF files for which passwords are misplaced. Also, I'm still holding one of Windows OS image where I need to get password for admin to recover files, so am keeping the image to hope for something to work and help me. Passware Kit Standard list includes most of the commons software's but I wish it also included any one of the FDE's.

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My Reply in the review topic

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Thanks, Grr
Thank you tarekma7 for organizing the competition for the program.

Why do I want to win it?
I have several encrypted files and a container TC, unfortunately I do not remember the password to them, and I have important data for me there.
I hope that PasswareKit will deal with this and do an extra job, the lifetime license is a raisin!

My share

I need Passware Kit because it can recover passwords for many applications, supports all the popular file types, can reset Windows Password, hardware accelerated password recovery and portable build.
Thanks for the giveaway.
I need Passware Kit Standard to recover passwords to a large number of popular programs.
Passware Recovery Kit has more than 30 modules for password recovery, which are combined into one program, which makes it universal and saves a lot of time.

I want to use it because it supports password receovery for many file types and scenarios. I like particularly 

Instantly resets a Windows Administrator (local and domain) password and security settings using a bootable CD/USB flash drive.
why need this application
can recover passwords for MS Office files, archives, PDF documents, Windows administrators, email accounts and other file types.
can identify and recover passwords for more than 80 file types, including MS Word, Excel, Outlook Express and web browsers.
Many password types can be restored or reset immediately
All recovered passwords have been saved and can be reused on other files.
Thank you for the giveaway.

I would like to win the Passware Kit because I have some MS excel and pdf files that I've protected with a password and I can't recover them, additionally I have documents on the USB drive for which I've forgotten my password.

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Thanks for the Giveaway!
Passware Kit is a complete password recovery and e-discovery solution which can help you decrypt and obtain passwords from almost any file and website. It offers you multiple methods and approaches which you can use to attack Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, Access, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Firefox and many other file types and it can help you recover both simple and complex passwords from different types of files with over 25 password recovery modules in a convenient and cost-saving software pack.
Passware Kit Forensic not only helps you recover passwords from protected files, but also enables you to search for them on your computer. 
In view of these favortie features provided, I am eager to win this license to safeguard myself as a reserve in case of loss of memory or record misplace.

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