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Promo2day Review Passware Kit Forensic 9.1 UPDATE: The complete electronic evidence discovery solution
Thanks Tarek for the review, enjoyed reading it.
I can say few pros, cons of the Forensic version:

Decryption of FDE such as BitLocker, TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt
MS Windows Server versions
Lotus Notes support which is hard to find in similar program

Extremely high price for both the product as well as renewal. Infact 1year renewal price is almost 50% of the Product price. Very costly.
Thank you,
Excellent review, and a great program.
Thanks for the detailed review. 
This is really a wonderful and necessary program.
Thank you for very good review.
Very nice and in-depth review from tarekma7 !
Passware Kit is a complete password recovery and e-discovery solution which can help you decrypt and obtain passwords from almost any file and website. 
Passware Kit Forensic not only helps you recover passwords from protected files, but also enables you to search for them on your computer.
Thank you for the detailed review. I have experience using an older version of Passware Kit Standard and I can tell it is my favorite password recovery solution. Decrypting BitLocker volumes is a feature that might turn to be really needful since more and more often it is used to encrypt Windows 10 Pro hard drives on new PC's and notebooks. Unfortunately it is not available in the Standard edition. What I think is missing in Passware Kit is hash (MD5, SHA1, MYSQL, etc.) cracking functionality - something similar to John The Ripper for example that can crack plain text list of hashes using brute-force or predefined dictionary attacks.
great review thank you
hope see 32 bit version even if its speed lower in 32 bit windows
Wonderful and integrated review
Heart Heart Heart
Good post
Great review tarekma7.
The GPU acceleration feature looks great.
Thanks for the review.  It's very informative.

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