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Promo2day Review Passware Kit Forensic 9.1 UPDATE: The complete electronic evidence discovery solution
[Image: Q1LtsQJ.png]

The complete electronic evidence discovery solution

Passware Kit Forensic is the complete electronic evidence discovery solution that reports all the password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them. The software recognizes 280+ file types and works in batch mode recovering their passwords.

Product page:
Current version:
Passware Kit Forensic 2019.1.1
Release date:
Dec. 26, 2018


Only free demo is available to try. After purchase a link to the full (retail) version will be sent to you with your license key. Also it will be available in your account



Microsoft Windows Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012, or Windows 7/8.x/10 (64-bit only) installed and configured on your system

1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
150 MB of free hard disk space (more if you use custom dictionaries)


Passware software supports PC platforms only. However, it can recover passwords for some FileMaker files created on Macintosh. You can run Passware products on a Virtual PC or Parallels Desktop to unprotect your files. For Windows Key, a Windows Setup CD (32-bit or 64-bit) is required, as well as a burning CD-RW drive in order to record a password reset CD instead of the USB disk.
[Image: z2mW5et.gif]
This is very simple. After complete download, you will double click on the installer and follow simple steps till the program is working on your computer
To activate the program simply input your license key and activate online. This is easily done with the help of the license manager
[Image: Wi0C922.png]
You can choose automatic updates so that you will be notified when there are new versions of the application. Alternatively, you can download the updated version from your account
[Image: KhYVKN9.png]
[Image: croj17t.png]
User Interface:
[Image: mOvQqxb.png]
The user interface is very friendly, easy to use and well arranged. If you are using an old version the UI has many improvements since version 2018 so that you will find a completely redesigned UI which will let you enjoy better experience
Password recovery for 280+ file types

MS Office, PDF, Zip and RAR, Quickbooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, Bitcoin wallets, Apple iTunes Backup, Mac OS X Keychain and many other popular applications.

Password recovery for Bitcoin wallets
Passware Kit now recovers passwords for Bitcoin wallets: and Bitcoin Core using GPU-accelerated brute-force attacks.
Detect encrypted files and containers

Find all the encrypted or password-protected documents, archives and other files. Sort by decryption complexity. Passware Kit Forensic detects 280+ file types.

Live Memory analysis
[Image: 3zKpsdS.png]

Analyzes live memory images, hibernation files and extracts encryption keys for FileVault2, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, BitLocker, logins for Windows & Mac accounts from memory images & hibernation files. Encryption Keys extraction from memory image for FileVault2, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, BitLocker are processed in Full Disk Encryption module only. 

Cloud Data Acquisition

Acquires backups and data from cloud services (Apple iCloud, MS OneDrive, and Dropbox).

Hardware Acceleration

Accelerated password recovery with multiple computers, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, Tableau Password Recovery, and Rainbow Tables.

Mobile Forensics

Recovers passwords for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android backups as well as Android images and extracts data from images on Windows phones. Integrated with Oxygen Forensic Suite.

Intelligent Detection

Detects all encrypted files and hard disk images and reports the type of encryption and the complexity of the decryption.

Decryption of FDE

Decrypts or recovers passwords for BitLocker, FileVault2, APFS, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, LUKS, McAfee, Apple DMG, Symantec and PGP disk images.

Linux Agent Ready

Run a portable Passware Kit Agent from a bootable Linux USB drive.

Extract encryption keys and passwords from memory images

Quickly scan memory images and hibernation files. Extract encryption keys for FileVault 2, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt and BitLocker for instant decryption of encrypted disks and containers. Build possible passwords dictionaries or extract account passwords for Windows and Mac.

Use hardware acceleration and distributed password recovery

Increase password recovery speed up to 400 times by using a single GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) card, and up to 3,200 times by using 8 GPUs in a single computer. Distribute password recovery tasks over a network of Windows or Linux computers for linear scalability.

GPU monitoring
Passware Kit now monitors and displays GPU temperature, load, and fan speed, both for local and remote GPUs.
Hardware Acceleration of Password Recovery Attacks
[Image: e8FN1E5.png]
File Types:
[Image: MpTaCEr.png]
Over 280+ files supported. Instant decryption of BitLocker, TrueCrypt, FileVault2, and PGP hard disks, MS Office 2013 documents, instant recovery of passwords for websites, Windows and Mac users.
You can see the full list of supported file types HERE
Passware Kit Editions:
To see all the differences between different editions available please visit this page:
[Image: 8suVD4n.png]
[Image: lkqKyCk.png]
Software Maintenance and Support (SMS):
New features are being added to Passware Kit on a regular basis with four major releases and multiple minor updates per year. The simplest way for you to stay current is to renew the subscription.
[Image: K9Wrntl.png]
Passware Kit Business and Passware Kit Forensic products come with one free year of Passware Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) subscription. New features are being added to Passware Kit on a regular basis with four major releases and multiple minor updates per year. This release cycle has been strictly followed for over 10 years. The simplest way for you to stay current is to renew the subscription.
[Image: AHuAKmK.png]
Password Recovery Performance:
[Image: dnpNefd.png]
[Image: OQCBH22.png]
What are the new features?
Password Exchange
GPU monitoring
Easy access to Passware Kit Agent logs
Decryption of TrueCrypt hidden partitions via memory analysis
Improved macOS Mojave support
Additional dictionaries: Rumanian

Passware Password Exchange:

Passware Kit 2019 v1 introduces Password Exchange; a new opt-in service that provides access to the list of passwords found by Passware Kit users worldwide. This offers an advanced dictionary to improve chances of finding strong passwords. You can enable or disable Password Exchange option at any time at Tools | Options | Password Exchange.

Easy access to Passware Kit Agent logs

Passware Kit 2019 v1 introduces a new built-in tool to view logs and detailed status information for Passware Kit Agents. Simply right-click any Passware Kit Agent and select “Show Details…” to view or export log files and review detailed Passware Kit Agent status information directly from Passware Kit.

[Image: DgvppRl.png]

Decryption of macOS Mojave APFS disks

Passware Kit now fully supports macOS Mojave and decrypts APFS disk images via live memory analysis and GPU-accelerated password recovery.

Instant decryption of TrueCrypt hidden partitions

Passware Kit is the first tool that instantly decrypts hidden TrueCrypt partitions by extracting encryption keys from memory images or hibernation files.

Additional dictionaries: Romanian, Bulgarian, Irish
This version of Passware Kit comes with three new wordlists for the Dictionary attack: Romanian, Bulgarian, and Irish. The software now provides 19 built-in dictionaries in total.

For the whole list of changes, visit here:
Now let’s discuss in details all uses and features:
First; How to use the program:
The use of the program is easy and needs no skills. All you have to do is to select the feature on the Start Page that relates to the type of password you want to recover (file, network, Windows Administrator, hard disk image, etc.) then follow the instructions on the screen. Some password types ask you to fill out a few fields, for example hard disk passwords. Finally, the results are displayed on the Passwords Found page after the password recovery process is complete,
[Image: YqCqD7L.gif]

Recover Password:

[Image: oD8X37D.png]

First you need to locate the required file on your computer. Next the program will analyze the file and display its decryption complexity. You will have three options to choose from, the default settings, wizard or advanced customized settings

Find encrypted files:

[Image: WwYt9wl.gif]

Passware Kit scans your system to detect protected or encrypted documents, archives, and other types of files. This built-in tool provides detailed information about all protected items found.  For example you will get more information about  protection methods and encryption types.

Full Disk Encryption:

[Image: zSEO6XC.png]

Passware Kit  Forensic decrypt hard disks encrypted with BitLocker, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, LUKS, FileVault2, McAfee EPE, DriveCrypt, and PGP. The program scans the physical memory image file  which was acquired while the encrypted disk was mounted, even if the target computer was locked then extracts all the encryption keys, and decrypts the given volume.

Memory analysis:

[Image: h8LtBUh.png]

Passware Kit extracts multiple evidence types from memory images and hibernation files in a single streamlined process. Many data can be extracted including encryption keys for BitLocker, TrueCrypt, PGP, FileVault2, and other FDE; passwords for Windows and Mac users; passwords for websites; authentication data for Apple iCloud and OneDrive; master passwords for 1Password manager.

Mobile and cloud:

[Image: yrpSCNJ.png]

The program can easily recover passwords from mobile and cloud backup and images. To start the password-recovery process, click Mobile and cloud on the Start Page, choose either the iPhone Backup or Android Backup option and locate your file. A brute-force password recovery process will start.

Internet and network

[Image: 09Rlcru.png]

You can use this tool to recover lost passwords from websites, emails and network connections

Windows password

This is used to reset admin password so that you can login to your computer again. No need to format your computer

Standalone System:

This feature lets you extract passwords for standalone system from external registry files

Resetting a Windows Administrator Password

[Image: FBH8c7k.png]

With Passware Kit, you can reset a password for any local or Active Directory Administrator account. All versions of Windows and all Service Packs are supported. All passwords are reset instantly.
The process is very easy. Simply create a password reset CD/USB image and burn it on a disk. Then reset the password with the bootable CD or USB disk

Working with Passware Kit Portable

This is a very useful tool that will let you find encrypted files and recover lost passwords on other computers without installing the software. The Portable Version can be installed on any removable device, i.e., a USB drive or a CD (USB recommended), and then used directly from this device on a target computer. Passware Kit Portable does not modify settings or files on a target computer (registry records, patched or unprotected files, etc.). The process is very easy. Simply prepare a portable version on a CD or USB disk then run on the target computer

New dictionary:

Passware Dictionary 2018 Large:

A new dictionary with over 2.5 billions passwords compiled from recent passwords leaks is now available for download from Passware Account. Leveraging this extensive wordlist greatly increases the chances of recovering even complex passwords.

Passware Dictionary 2018 Small:

Another smaller dictionary with the most frequent 500,000+ passwords is also available in your account for download. The combination of this dictionary and attack settings produces approximately 4.5 billion possible passwords and is 2.6 times more efficient than the default built-in dictionary (tested on a leaked passwords list with over 6,000,000 entries).

[Image: pxlD6r2.png]

Program settings:

These are located under tools menu

[Image: sZ9IXkr.gif]


Passware Kit Forensic is the best choice for encrypted electronic evidence discovery and decryption. It can easily report all the password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them. It supports all file types and has many attack settings to recover password. It will help you to recover the admin password of your computer if lost. It is a comprehensive solution for password recovery and decryption tasks. The new version has a completely redesigned easy to use interface
Thanks a lot for the professional review, tarekma7
Passware Kit and especially the Forensic version it represents the dream of any technician but also for software enthusiasts like me it is a must have software but unfortunately i cannot afford over 1000 bucks to have it.
I will be satisfied with lower priced versions from the same developer as long as i am able to recover various passwords, reset forgotten Windows password or reveal the password of an archived bunch of files.
The interface is user friendly, the software seems to perform good on any config, my only drawback will be the installer size of the Forensic version (over 900 MB ~ too big for my taste) from what i`ve seen from the review.

I look forward to trying it.
Enjoyed reading another well done review tarek.
Thanks a lot for the professional review, tarek
Thanks for this review
Thanks for this review tarekma.

This software, especially in its forensic form, it's a must have for almost all users.
Thanks for this review, it is surely a very useful and complex software ;)
Thanks a for the detailed review @tarekma7.

Passware Kit, in my own humble opinion is an essential solution and manager for recovering passwords of various files, even Microsoft's. Though the pricing is a bit high especially for Forensic version, Standard version is enough for home use.

It has a clean professionally looking and user friendly UI, the software seems to be a bit bloated (Forensic) in terms of file size, not sure if installed, the file size will increase further.

A must for all users regardless of platform to use.
Nice review.
Thank you.
Thanks for the good review Tarek.

Passware Kit is very useful software for recovering lost passwords.

Here is a useful video.


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