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Microsoft Still Can’t Fix Broken Surface Update, More Units Being Replaced
#1     Microsoft Still Can’t Fix Broken Surface Update, More Units Being Replaced

Redmond replacing Surface Pro 4 with broken touchscreen       Dec 17, 2018 07:08 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa      Microsoft is reportedly replacing more Surface Pro 4 units suffering from a display issue caused by a mid-2018 firmware update.

The company has remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to this issue and only said it was investigating, but according to a new report, it is now replacing more faulty units.

The issue was first reported in July 2018 when the Surface Pro 4 received a firmware update supposed to bring a series of improvements. What this update did, however, was cause display issues like unresponsive touch, with lots of users confirming in a discussion thread on the Microsoft Community forums that no workaround repaired it.

We reported back in mid-November that Microsoft started replacing some faulty units, but now it seems like the company has accelerated this effort and more customers are provided with new Surface Pro 4s when reaching out to support services.

Your best option is to reach out to Microsoft
What’s important to know is that the Surface Pro 4 is already a three-year-old device, so it’s no longer under warranty, but Microsoft seems to offer the replacement units anyway regardless of when you purchased the product.

According to the source mentioned above, Microsoft still doesn’t know precisely what causes the display issues on the Surface Pro, and despite several firmware updates that were released in an attempt to correct them, the bug is still there.

As a result, the best way to go is to provide replacement units, though it’ll be interesting to see how many devices are actually impacted and how many units Microsoft can actually replace. Given this is a three-year-old model, Microsoft no longer manufactures the Surface Pro 4, so all replacements units come from the existing inventory.

We have reached out to Microsoft for more information on this and we’ll update the article when and if an answer is provided.

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