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Promo2day Review PlayClaw: Gaming overlays on your screen
[Image: uHJptvL.png]

PlayClaw gives you an ability to see various gaming overlays on your screen while you are playing a game. With built-in game recording and streaming, PlayClaw is an absolute must-have tool for any gamer.




Free Trial Limitation:

There are two restrictions in a trial version: video is captured with a watermark and in-game message about trial version. You need to buy a license to remove these restrictions forever.

[Image: RBVeAja.png]

Current version :  6

Size:  46.50 Mb

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64-bits versions)
Video hardware with DirectX 11 support
Administrator rights to run software are mandatory
Hardware acceleration of H.264/AVC MPEG-4 codec is possible only if your hardware has appropriate capability
Intel QuickSync: Intel SandyBridge CPU or better. You can see the full list on Intel web site.
NVidia Encoder: NVidia Geforce 6хх or better.
AMD VCE: AMD Radeon HD 77xx or better OR AMD APU A10-58xx or better.


Simply double click the installer and follow on-screen instructions till the program is installed on your device. After complete installation, you will be asked to try the program as a demo or to activate or purchase a license

[Image: Qjy1YIQ.png]

[Image: F0Pxjyy.png]

[Image: FU1CHBT.png]

[Image: 2FkB00o.png]

[Image: uuyEA4n.png]

[Image: swKjOJt.png]

[Image: gZhVMBk.png]

Start using the program: see the video here:

User Interface:

Simple mode:

[Image: wKgRDse.png]

Advanced Interface Mode:

[Image: OVue5Bu.png]

[Image: Y5rpQCQ.png]

[Image: 9o0pMiq.png]



[Image: 7IS7gJ9.png]

Scene item:

[Image: 16rz10C.png]


[Image: G9jf0dW.png]


[Image: 4eFe0Ki.png]


[Image: 0atpFRT.png]


Gaming overlays:

[Image: odxdOa9.png]

Graphics overlay support is one of the special PlayClaw features. Overlays can be seen on a game screen during playing a game or by your audience in a stream or recording. 

Pre-installed overlays: System Information, Web Browser, Webcam, Frame Rate (FPS), Teamspeak 3, Discord, Twitch chat, Clock, Timer, Stopwatch, Window overlay, Text and Image overlays.

Overlays effects:

It is possible to apply special output effects to any overlay: Chroma key, Color key, Shift, Image mask.

Gameplay streaming:

You can stream your gameplay with PlayClaw to various well known streaming services such as YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Restream, Hitbox, GoodGame, CyberGame, etc. Additional overlay effects like Chroma key will make your broadcast looking cool!

[Image: NuRSlSW.png]

[Image: JivVoov.png]

[Image: p9bCYmE.png]

Local recording:

PlayClaw can capture video from graphics applications, games and the Windows desktop. Captured video is encoded in real time using a hardware accelerated codec H.264 or with classic software MJPEG codec.

Capture settings:

Video encoding

PlayClaw can use hardware accelerated H.264 codecs (NVidia, AMD, Intel), software MJPEG and OpenH264 codecs.

Audio processing

[Image: sDjFAQS.png]

PlayClaw can use up to 16 audio sources simultaneously. Audio data can be mixed in a one track. Software supports writing audio to separate audio files.

Desktop recording

Fast desktop recording is available in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 (if Aero is enabled).

Video processing

Almost all operations are performed on GPU. That is why realtime frame resizing, overlays drawing are very fast.

Pre-recording feature

PlayClaw can capture a game into memory buffer, when new frames push our old frames. Save only cool game moments!

Games compatibility

Software supports games based on DirectX 9, 10, 11, 12, OpenGL and Vulkan.

Windows Store (UWP) games are also supported.

Other features

Visual overlay editor (WYSIWYG)

Switchable scenes support

Overlay render options: don't render, only on screen, only on recording, everywhere

App/games black list support

Capture audio only when a custom hotkey is pressed

A recording volume of any audio source can be changed

Detecting default audio sources in a system

Updates history:  Build 4870 / Oct 31, 2018

Added editor windows docking
Windows docking highlight on Youtube
Added ability to use external plugins (encoders, overlays, extensions).
Plugin SDK is available on GitHub
Added ability to add custom devices in Sysinfo overlay and rename devices
Fixed compatibility with Armored Warfare
Fixed possible wrong initialization of DirectX 9 on some systems
Fixed lost sensors after loading scene in experimental Sysinfo overlay
Correct rounding of Sysinfo sensors values
Fixed bug not settings FPS Limit if the program is started minimized
Fixed Sysinfo module crash on 32+ threads CPUs

The full list can be seen here:

Features and uses in details:


[Image: bjX27N0.png]

[Image: x5slkIX.png]

Scene is a set of overlays with customized settings. You can prepare a set of scenes then quickly switch them at any time even while you're playing game. Click to Scenes menu in the toolbar, this will launch the Scenes manager. There are many options to select from. You can load any scene, create a new scene, duplicate, delete or rename existing scene. You can bind a hotkey to a scene for fast scene loading.

[Image: ip7VvME.png]

Scene editor:


Overlays is a core feature present only in PlayClaw. Overlays can be rendered to your game screen and the output . If you have only one display, then PlayClaw overlays are the only way to see Twitch and YouTube chats, System information, Teamspeak voice overlay, various timers and other useful information. To add overlays simply right click  the preview screen or click "plus" button on dashboard. That’s all! you can add, delete overlays, change their rendering order, set overlays visibility options

Adding overlays:

[Image: wiV1dst.png]

Configuring Sysinfo overlay

[Image: FlwXPa7.png]

Scenes & Overlays settings:

[Image: qun0uka.png]

Using dashboard you can easily switch standard overlay properties.
The options available include update rate, color filter, visibility and hotkey. Two visibility options are available for every overlay; in game and in output. The hotkey option lets you bind a hotkey for any overlay to be able to switch it off or on while playing game.

Item settings and Properties:

[Image: 71CllLn.png]

[Image: VVipfkj.png]

Games Screenshot Settings:

[Image: B2pgBPX.png]

Twitch Chat overlay:

PlayClaw has its own Twitch Chat overlay, which works directly with a Twitch server without any 3rd party components. This render it fast and lightweight. You will need first to get the Twitch Authorization following simple steps

Scenes & Overlays Effects

You can add special post processing effects to any overlay. Effects will change overlay image on the output not in game. These effects are done completely on GPU and do not affect your CPU load.

Output overlay effect - Chroma key

[Image: ExNOUDp.png]

This effect will help you to remove unwanted color range from overlay image. Chroma key (or green screen) effect is mostly used to remove background from a live feed captured from video capture device (like webcam).

Image mask:

Image mask effect combines an external image with overlay using one of available masking modes.

Using this effect you can highlight some overlay areas or hide them.

Recording and Streaming settings

[Image: LI5pswp.png]

Web Browser overlay with StreamLabs

[Image: 2F7xtfe.jpg]

Recording bookmarks (time stamps)

You don't need anymore to remember when you did some stunning thing during recording a game (or streaming). This simple extension will do it for you. Just bind a hotkey and press it during a game play.

The program has built-in tutorials that will help you a lot specially if this is your first time to use this app:

[Image: 0MQAWhB.png]

How to set up Teamspeak 3 overlay plugin

Video recording in Destiny 2, overlays:



Very informative review.
However, as always excellent work.
Thank for the review
Thank you for the detailed review!

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