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Promo2day Review Techsmith Snagit: The best Screen Capture Software
[Image: QM0qJkG.png]

Snagit has long been the go-to screen capture and screen recording tool for millions of people worldwide, allowing anyone to quickly and easily capture and share information in easy-to-understand visual content. It is the Leader in Screen Capture Software. Take the hassle out of creating images and videos. Capture your screen, edit images, and deliver results. You will easily create images and videos to give feedback, create clear documentation, and show others exactly what you see.


Product Page:

Release date of version 2019: 23 October, 2018

Current version: Snagit 2019.0.1 (6 November, 2018)

Languages supported: English, German, French


Select Windows or Mac version according to your device:

Try the full version of Snagit for 15 days

After you install Snagit, sign up for a TechSmith Account and start sharing to right away.


[Image: AIFkow3.png]

You can purchase a license for personal use, business, education, government and nonprofit or upgrade from a previous version at a discounted price

[Image: G4Adtu9.png]

Purchase new license here:


[Image: oc6rWuV.png]

System Requirements (Windows):

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows N requires the Media Foundation Pack
(Not currently released for Windows 10 - 1809)
.NET 4.6 or later
2.4 GHz single core processor (dual core i5 required for video capture)
1 GB of RAM (4 GB required for video capture)
500 MB of hard-disk space for program installation
We recommend the 64-bit Snagit installation when using multiple monitors or a 4k display


[Image: ZNrIOiw.gif]

User Interface:

[Image: 1Ilmxoz.png]

[Image: toqr2l2.png]

Editor Menus:

[Image: HTPVWWT.gif]

Screen recorder:

[Image: 4bPUn2w.png]

[Image: cW5O49O.png]

[Image: Z7VBZFE.png]

Customize Toolbar:

[Image: Mp683im.png]

New features in Snagit 2019 include:

Snagit 2019 ups the ante by offering new features to help make it even easier to share visual content and help ensure that content has a longer shelf life.

[Image: 1R0LLMp.png]

Combine Images

Whether you want to show a step-by-step process or simply have multiple screen captures in one image, Snagit 2019’s Combine Images Tool offers a fast and easy way to pull multiple images together. You will quickly combine images to create a set of instructions, a short how-to guide, or a side-by-side comparison.

[Image: 8sGt3yC.png]

Favorites tool

Snagit has grown substantially since its debut as a simple screenshot tool. But all these great features means it can be hard to find the tool you want. Here comes the Favorites Tool to the rescue! No more unnecessary tool switching or hunting down a specific style. With the Favorites Tool, all your favorite tool styles are just a click away!

Stamp searching and browsing

As a Snagit customer you already have access to nearly 2,000 pre-made stamps — including icons, symbols, cursors, and more that can be easily applied to your images. They’re great for marking up screenshots or even building simple infographics. With Snagit 2019 you can easily search through the stamps library using keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Simplify Tool

Whether you want to make it easier to keep content up to date or reduce the amount time it takes you to localize content, Snagit’s new Simplify Tool is about to become your new best friend. You can manually add your own custom objects or use auto simplify option

Using the principles of Simplified User Interface (SUI), the Simplify Tool removes distracting or unnecessary parts of an image (including unnecessary text) so that only the most relevant portions are visible — giving your content a longer shelf life and reducing the need for localization!

[Image: f9jVNjk.png]

[Image: NAELXga.png]

[Image: 9xVV8ni.png]

[Image: RNswbbh.png]

[Image: 21P9V6f.png]

[Image: ehLvjnF.png]

Other improvements:

include high DPI support, which means the Snagit interface now looks even better on devices with higher-definition screens, such as Microsoft Surface and Macbook Pro.

 [Image: cM73f0V.png]

New Features in the current version (19.0.1):

New Support Tool for more easily submitting diagnostic information to TechSmith Support.
Improved messaging when the Windows 10 camera and microphone privacy setting is disabled.
Improved visibility of which option is selected in the Selection Tool.
Improved messaging when attempting to Simplify a Combined Image.
Improved Combine text looks small when dealing with larger images.

For all release history:

[Image: 9c0JU20.png]

What are the benefits and features you get from Snagit?

Beyond ordinary screen capture
Snagit's award-winning screen capture software is the only program with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording.

Capture anything on your screen
Snagit makes it easier and more intuitive to capture your screen or record video. Capture your entire desktop, region, window, or scrolling screen.

Edit with a few clicks
Get a full suite of editing tools. And create images on your own. Edit screenshots or build custom graphics. Without needing to work with a designer.

Deliver results
The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Snagit makes it easy to add videos and images to your email, training materials, documentation, blogs, or social media. Or get a short URL to share your screenshots and recordings with anyone.

Snagit integrates with the tools you use:

[Image: zinO8tn.png]

[Image: BgfJIld.png]


Record anything on your screen:

[Image: mbKy7gv.png]

Screen Recorder

Snagit's screen recorder lets you quickly record yourself working through steps. Or grab individual frames out of the recorded video. Save your video file as an MPEG-4 or animated GIF.

[Image: nqgoAwv.png]

[Image: eQKX17F.png]

Record Webcam

Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video. Use the recorder to add a personal touch with teammates or clients, no matter where they are.

Record Audio

Include audio in your videos from either a microphone or your computer’s system audio.

Animated GIFs

[Image: wX43MQS.png]

Turn any short recording (.mp4) into an animated GIF, and quickly add it to a website, document, or chat. Snagit comes with default and custom options to create the perfect GIF, every time.

Trim Video Clips

Remove any unwanted sections from your screen recordings. Cut any section at the beginning, middle, or end of your video.

Record iOS Screen

The TechSmith Capture App lets you record your iOS screen with just a few taps and instantly share it back into Snagit for trimming.

All-in-One Capture®

Capture your entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling screen.

Scrolling Screen Capture

Take a full-page, scrolling screenshot. Snagit's screen capture tool makes it simple to grab vertical and horizontal scrolls, infinitely scrolling webpages, long chat messages, and everything in between. Snagit can capture the entire contents of a web browser or application window including the content that extends beyond the visible area in the window.

[Image: vA2VNXl.png]

[Image: nJLMZUw.png]

[Image: ynAGyxM.png]

Grab Text

Extract the text from a screen capture or file and quickly paste it into another document for edits. Easily copy information without retyping all the text.

 [Image: dRBywhG.png]

[Image: 4T6NQrm.png]

[Image: v9z2aBz.png]


Annotate screen grabs with professional markup tools. Add personality and professionalism to your screenshots with a variety of pre-made styles. Or you can create your own.

Step Tool

Quickly document steps and workflows with a series of numbers or letters that automatically increase.

Smart Move

Automatically make objects in your screen captures movable. Rearrange buttons, delete text, or edit other elements in your screenshots.

[Image: Dvk2a9D.png]

Text Replace

Snagit recognizes the text in your screenshots for quick editing. Change the words, font, colors, and size of the text in your screenshots without having to redesign the entire image.

[Image: uuBd1jA.png]

[Image: 9sk2ueM.png]

Magic Wand Tool

Use the Magic Wand tool to select an area on your image based on color. Quickly remove a background or replace the color in objects such as text or logos throughout a screenshot.


Personalize your images with stickers specifically designed for screenshots. Get the latest stamps straight from Snagit, or download previous stamps here.


Find all your past captures without wasting time digging for them. Your screen captures are automatically saved to your library. Tag captures to always keep your projects organized.

[Image: XWqDajL.png]

Share Captures:

Quickly share your images or videos using the Snagit outputs.

[Image: oYm7qUq.png]

[Image: FphRxO7.png]

Edit with Tools: Tool Types:

Arrow, Blur, Callout, Crop, Cut Out, Eraser, Favorites, Fill, Grab Text, Highlighter, Line, Magic Wand, Magnify, Move, Pen, Selection, Shape, Simplify, Stamp, Step, Text

[Image: DgaJrdC.png]

Add Effects:

Add an effect to enhance an image. Effects can be applied to the entire image or a selection.

You can learn how to quickly add or delete effects here:

[Image: ijBfIaN.png]

[Image: nCnpftl.png]

[Image: NbLwPeI.png]

Create Presets:

Presets automatically remember your capture settings. Use presets to save commonly used capture settings. Quickly switch between capture types based on the task at hand. Automate which effects are added or locations where captures are shared during the capture process. You can import and export Snagit Preset files (.snagpresets) to share your capture settings with others. You can arrange the Preset List using drag and drop according to your needs

[Image: oztoltw.png]

[Image: EPLXT7l.png]

Snagit Printer Capture Settings (Windows)

Send content from an application into Snagit Editor using the application's Print option.
The process is very easy. Simply, in the Capture window, select File, Capture Preferences, Capture tab, Printer Capture Settings.

[Image: MYB6dQg.png]

[Image: t5YzN0E.png]

[Image: Y0OsNyZ.png]

Record Videos:

[Image: 3A32DeI.png]

[Image: 7LcsX9y.png]

Record a video of the screen as an MP4 video. You can choose to record microphone audio, system audio, and a webcam. Use Snagit videos to:
Walk someone through a process or issue, record a demonstration or a how-to video, record a presentation switching between the presentation slides and video of the speaker, send someone audio and visual feedback in a video, record a small portion of an online video or animation.

Snagit Preferences:

To open the Snagit Preferences, simply select Capture Window, File menu then Capture Preferences. Alternatively you can select Snagit Editor, Edit, Editor Preferences.

[Image: eRleTGX.gif]

[Image: uJouOXf.gif]

Is it better for you to Upgrade to the latest version?

The answer is yes. Now let’s discuss why

The new release of SnagIt offers the quickest way to create step-by-step instructions
You can easily take separate Snagit images and combine them into one, organized piece of content. Perfect for step-by-step instructions, how-to guides, documentation, and more.

Find what you need, when you need it
Favorites allows you to keep all of your most valuable tools together in one spot. There’s no need to dig through menus to find the callouts, arrows, stamps, and shapes you use every day.

Simplify your screenshots with just a click
Now you can convert your standard screenshots into simplified graphics. By simplifying a screenshot, you can make it easier to focus your audience’s attention on the important parts.

Search stamps faster than ever
Quickly search through nearly 2,000 pre-made stamps in Snagit. These graphics include icons, symbols, cursors, and more that can be easily applied to your images.


Snagit 2019 makes it easy to create powerful and practical images and video. It supports simplified user interface to extend the shelf life of your content and enables combining of multiple images to accelerate process documentation.  In addition, it helps to put  most-used features right at your fingertips with the new Favorites tool.

More information/Important Links:

Did you not find what you were looking for in the online help? Check out one of our other resources:
Snagit Tutorials: Free training videos, tutorials, and guides.
Technical Support Articles: Browse our support articles for help with an issue or contact an expert.
 Community: Get help with the TechSmith user community.
Enterprise Resources: Administrator resources and guides to help deploy and customize Snagit installations.

Software Key Help: Learn how to unlock TechSmith products. 
Great review. Thank you tarek.
Great review in detail with the new version & many improvements. Thanks for the very good work.
Nice detailed review.
Thanks for the review. Thumb
Thanks for the review!!! Smile
Wow, super review Tarek. Thumb
Very good software. Top quality review for a professional soft.
thanks for excellent review Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
enjoyed Thumb
Thanks for the great review,Tarek.

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