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time windows machine new eazy giveaway lifetime year fix licenses 10

Promo2day Contest [NEW YEAR] Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine (10 Perpetual Licenses)

I have not heard of Eazy Fix. The screenshot reminds me of Rollback Rx. I have used Rollback Rx Home in the past. It is a fast snapshot software. It had issues on the latest Microsoft Bloated Windows 10. I have read that the latest version is improved and stable and the compatibility is good on Windows 10. Imaging software are slow to restore a system. Snapshot software has inherent risk, modifies MBR to work, but the creating and restoring speed cannot be matched by any imaging or backup software. I like the speed and familiar enough to work with this software.

Thank you for a snapshot software giveaway. Now I am thinking to try the latest version.
I had it before. It´s a good recovery program. Thanks for that! Have a happy new year.
Thanks for the giveaway.
I would like to win the Easy Fix to be sure of a quick system restore on my computers to a previous healthy state in case of failure or damage.

Thanks for great giveaway

Why I would like to win EasyFix.

Sounds like a great app. Esp since I often deal with computer recoveries.
I like the idea that it creates snapshots, which I am familiar with in Virtual Machines, which contain everything of the system, which can be used to restore the computer, esp in 10 seconds.
The recoveries is an important and very useful idea, as well as the protection this app offers from threats.
The fact that you can rollback failed software deployments too is good, as not only can this be the reason for a crash, but, even after detection, and removal, it may still cause problems, like leftover damage.

My share
I want to win a license for Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine because it will be useful when testing unknown programs. Thanks to it, I will be able to turn the system into an early state.
Thank you for this personal Easy Fix giveaway. Easy Fix reminds me of another similar software named Rollback Rx. I’ve been a user of Rollback Rx for a short time before. However, there were some annoying issues which eventually made me give it up. For instance, it did not support Windows major upgrade. My computer suffered a BSoD error after upgrading with Rollback Rx. I’ve also met problems when I tried to uninstall Rollback Rx sometimes. While Easy Fix does not have the problems above and those critical errors can quite easily frighten the users away, maybe forever. People may lose their data and cannot recover it afterwards. Generally speaking, snapshot software is a good option when you need to get rid of viruses and trojans without the help of antimalware software. It does affect the performance of the computer a little when used on HDD, to be honest. As for SSDs, things may get better. Easy Fix, like other snapshot software, can insist users in quickly rolling their computers back to previous states when some problems arise and they don’t want to or cannot resolve. Here “quickly” literally means less than a minute instead of 10-40 minutes which traditional backup software usually needs to complete their recovery tasks. It is indeed a nice tool if you prefer things moving forward at a fast pace.

Happy New Year 2019!
Useful software. Want it for testing other software and be able to return to ste stage before install quickly. And for security reasons.
I will announce the result this week. You can participate until then.
I like testing software and systems.
Sometimes damage the system
Eazy Fix can help me recover the system to normal
Giveaway Ended

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