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professional 17 website x5

Promo2day Contest [Christmas] Website X5 Professional 17
[Image: oUjXZgX.png]

Do you want to create a website? The answer of most users is sure. Now do you find it difficult? You don’t have experience in html, codes and website design. No problem; you can create your website with WebSite X5.  It will help you with a well arranged stepped wizard that need no experience to complete. You can easily design any site you want (for example websites, online stores and blogs) with the new website x5 version 17 of the desktop software.
Website X5 Professional 17 offers you the best app to launch and grow your online activities. The program helps you to enjoy well designed websites tailored for any business, advanced features to sell physical products, and management that's all in one place. In addition, You can control of your work on your mobile device thanks to the included WebSite X5 Manager and Feedready apps. 
Within a few minutes, you can easily create original websites, product landing pages, and professional online stores for you and your clients. 

[Image: 70wX8JE.jpg]


Product Page:

System requirements:

Perfect for Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bit versions)
Free 2 GB RAM 
Min. Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600
Compatible Windows, Linux, Unix PHP 5.x, MySQL (only for certain advanced features) servers
Internet connection and e-mail account required for activation

Publication Requirements:

-Server Windows, Linux, Unix
-PHP 5.x, MySQL (only for certain advanced features)
Internet connection and e-mail account required for product activation.

[Image: abF3xgj.png]

Current version: 17

Release date: November 14th, 2018



[Image: jaubUae.png]
[Image: ZxXPFiP.png]

Update Protection: 

Your 12 months updates for WebSite X5

License Activation:

[Image: RwxRAOt.png]

WebSite X5 Version 17 - News Features:

Key Features:

Shape! Design your fantastic website: WebSite X5 gives you endless features and ways to build your website. Creating websites for desktop and mobile without coding is easy with the Drag & Drop builder, the Templates, and the Objects included in the software. Access infinite website tools with irresistible design and powerful e-commerce to make sales online. There are many blog features and SEO optimization. 
Hosting and personal domains are included free of charge.
Shape & Play with Templates: 500 free built-in templates are available with the using of the application. You can feel free to create your website from scratch, or to customize a template. Start from those included in the software, or choose from dozens of complete, ready-to-use templates on our Marketplace.
Websites and Online Stores: use the program to create your personal or business site, sell products with your beautiful online store, or start a blog and promote your talent.
No need for coding.
No extra fees, you get 1 license to work on 2 PCs and create websites non-stop. 
Save 60% in 1 year compared to any service.

Comparison between different versions:

[Image: o3LZFJv.png]

How can software like Professional help you?

 Unlimited desktop and mobile sites & pages
 E-commerce Pro
 Blog, Reviews, and RSS Feeds
 WebSite X5 Manager - Mobile App
 FeedReady - Mobile App
 Private Area
 Database Integration
 Advanced SEO for search engines
 Privacy and Security
 Backup Pro
 FTP for online publishing
 1 license for 2 PCs
 1 year FREE hosting and domain
 Help Center Support
 12 months of Update Protection

What do you need to make?

[Image: JMpjJEq.png]

How to create a website in minutes:

[Image: QsXPY6I.png]

Business owners love it. Because it's Pro.

Professional offers you the best to launch and grow your online activities. Impeccably designed websites tailored for every kind of business, advanced features to sell physical products, and management that's all in one place, including on your mobile device, with the included WebSite X5 Manager and Feedready apps. In just minutes, create original websites, product landing pages, and professional online stores for you and your clients. Small and big businesses alike have already made it their choice, because it's a multi-use, complete, and flexible software. It's Pro.

Looking for the best way to create professional websites and stores? 

Choose WebSite X5 Professional. With 1 license, you can work on 2 PCs and create websites non-stop. No extra fees, and you can use it forever.

Shape! Design your fantastic website.

WebSite X5 gives you endless features and ways to build your website.

Creating websites for desktop and mobile without coding is easy with the Drag & Drop builder, the Templates, and the Objects included in the software. Access infinite website tools with irresistible design and powerful e-commerce to make sales online. And with blog features and SEO optimization, you're sure to standout. What are you waiting for? Hosting and personal domains are included free of charge.

Is it really that easy to create websites, online stores and blogs 
with WebSite X5?

You bet. We've created endless, intuitive, and powerful features with your needs in mind. We've even made the most advanced of them accessible to you, to make the job easier. That means you can let your imagination run free, and concentrate on what matters: your passion, your talent, or your business. You're free to create, your own way.
Shape Your Website, Play Your Way.

[Image: zI44PwD.gif]

The 5 steps

The 5-step procedure is even more intuitive. For example, you can now choose a template before starting a new project, and you don't have to change the default template. Getting off to a good start makes all the rest more straightforward.

Multiple choice

The template editor now has multiple choice, a magnetized grid-based layout and commands for placing and lining up Objects: essential tools for creating professional headers and footers. From now on, managing different mobile views will be even easier.

Backup Manager

Your work is precious, so don't risk losing it. From now on you'll be notified when it's time to make a backup copy and you can also set the system to automatically delete old backups. Safeguarding your work is much easier now and the advantages are clear.

For Web Pro Users:

WebSite X5 Professional is the right tool for building SEO-ready websites, blogs and online stores with mobile Apps included. Following responsive design, sites can automatically switch and adjust to any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Despite being a step-by-step builder, WebSite X5 Professional has been developed to suit designers' and developers' needs for professional-looking sites and features loads of tools and advanced functions. Pros will get the most out of a tool which is both powerful and easy-to-use, whose benefits are: flexible user experience and customization; fast-paced workflow; up-to-date projects; cost-effective investment.

No hidden costs: no fees or commissions.

Mobile-friendly. Responsive websites for Tablets & Smartphones:

Make your website responsive and provide everyone with a seamless experience across devices: desktop, tablet or smartphone. Use the visual editor to set breakpoints or get your layout and typography to adapt according to users' screen resolutions. This will result into a mobile-friendly website, recommended by Google and other Search Engines.

E-commerce. Sell products directly online:

Add a web shopping cart to your website and start selling your products right away. You can manage the entire process and keep everything under control. Create your product catalogue, set up shipping and payment method (credit card and Paypal are supported), add coupon & discounts codes and customize the checkout process. From Control Panel you can also manage orders and check  if products are available in stock.

Account Creation. Encourage website registration:

Create protected web pages that only your website users can enter. You can set up user accounts manually or provide a user registration form.  Data collected is stored in your database while user registration can even be managed from the online Control Panel.

Dynamic Content. Edit website directly online:

When you need to update your website constantly, use Dynamic Content and edit your text directly online. Enable specific users to let them add fresh content while your website is online.

Rank Higher in Search Engine Results. SEO Analysis and Optimization:

Use tag options to optimize web pages, images and videos and rank better. Mark up your product information to display rich snippets results with microdata. Start advanced project analysis to further improve optimization. There’s all you need to do to achieve top SERP rankings for your website.

FeedReady &  WebSite X5 Manager. Mobile Apps for your websites:

Free App FeedReady for iOS and Android helps you keep users up-to-date with news on your site by sending a notification message directly on their smartphone anytime you post on your blog. WebSite X5 Manager for iOS and Android is free and designed for you: use it to manage websites from your smartphone or tablet. You can check visitors access stats, moderate discussions, manage user registration, ship orders and monitor product availability. Both apps can be downloaded free on App Store and Google Play.

Light up your creativity with 500 Graphic Templates:

Graphic Templates with simple graphic structure are the starting point for your website design. You will choose your style, customize the pre-designed features, and get right down to designing your website.
You will unleash your imagination through the full templates.  These are ready-made websites that include everything you need to get things done faster, and better. They include sample graphics, styles, and pages created by professional designers to help you. You can easily download the full templates from the official website marketplace, change them with your content and go online!

Dynamic Content. Edit website directly online

When you need to update your website constantly, use Dynamic Content and edit your text directly online. Enable specific users to let them add fresh content while your website is online.

Domain and web space free for You

Website x5 offers you all you need to go online. Web Hosting is included in WebSite X5
Free registration of a domain of your choice is included with your purchase. Additional 25 Gb of web space is available for free for 12 months with unlimited emails and a cloud Drive service for synchronizing files on all your online devices. Security and top quality is guaranteed by

The use of the program run in 5 easy steps:

Settings, templates, Map, Pages, Export

To Read more about this professional app, see our Review HERE:

User Guide:

Full Detailed Features:

Create your own website by yourself with WebSite X5:

Website Templates:

Help Center:



YouTube: For learning , follow this channel:
Giveaway Details:

Number of licenses:  3

Price of each license:  225$

Validity of each license:  Lifetime

Giveaway ends:  January 10, 2019


To have a chance to win just follow these Simple rules:

1. Reply why you would like to use WebSite X5 Professional, in few sentences [Replies as thanks, goos app, count me....]

2. Share this Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or G+. Copy and Post the share link with your comment below. 

3. If you don't have account on Facebook and Twitter, You can also share on any other forum and put the links also.

4. Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and get all the latest giveaways and contests delivered to you by email.

5.  PM me within 2 Days after giveaway ends otherwise your won will be void. 
I take part in this competition because I'm currently working on a large project and I have stayed in place because the test version of the program doesn't allow for the development of large projects. A nice gesture would be to win a license for the program so that I can continue my project.

Google Plus
Thanks for giveaway tarek
I missed last opportunity  Sad

best feature huge number of templates in it.
Big Grin 
I began building my own websites 15 years ago, after teaching myself HTML coding for a year.  It was a pain in the #@!!! for several reasons. Plus, updating was always slow and timely.
....This great software (WebSite X5 Pressional) is famous for making the builder able to get a website working quick and right for submission to search engines, and to please the visitors/readers.

Great contest to win fantastic software.
Many thanks to the forum moderators(Tarekma7) for offering this opportunity.

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Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

Website X5 Professional 17 is the best tool that will help you start and develop online activity. Carefully designed sites tailored to each type of activity, advanced tools for selling physical products and store management - all in one place, and on the phone available WebSite X5 Manager and FeedReady applications. In just a few minutes you can create a website, product catalog pages and a professional online store. Both small and large companies have already made a choice, because this program for many applications and is very flexible
It is a very powerful website creator and I'd be very glad if I won a license.
Thank you for this opportunity.

WebSite X5 Professional is fully loaded with wide variety of customizable features, so that you don’t have to look elsewhere while designing or updating your website. You can easily create original websites, product landing pages and professional online stores for you & your clients without any coding using it.

I would like to win to create responsive online website. Projects made using the program will be perfectly displayed on various types of devices, including smartphones or tablets.
An application for mobile devices called FeedReady is also attached to the software. It is ready for use with iOS and Android.
Thank you for this giveaway
Thanks for the opportunity to win in this contest @tarekma7!

I'd like to win a Website X5 Professional license to create SEO-ready, responsive and dynamically designed websites, blogs and e-commerce stores with FeedReady &  WebSite X5 Manager mobile apps included, with no complicated coding involved especially for starters like me. Having a complete program like Pro version 17, advanced websites can be created more quickly, with precise rendering on the different browsers, when viewed in full width. What a perfect gift this holiday season Big Grin

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