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Promo2day Review The New Able2Extract Professional 14: deal with everything PDF!
The New Able2Extract Professional 14: deal with everything PDF!

[Image: xZVUz8k.png]


PDFs or Portable Document Format files are steadily gaining popularity among business and home users since format’s debut in 1993. PDFs became top choice for electronic document archives. They are lightweight and can be displayed on almost any operating system and browser. In addition, the concept of “paperless office” relies heavily on PDF. Increased productivity with better workflows when dealing with a lot of documents is possible by introducing it as a standard.

There are many examples of your daily use of PDF files such as;  making CV database, scanning invoices, eBook files, and many more. The only drawback of the format is that it’s not editable by default and if you need to make any changes to PDF files, you will need a PDF editor.

[Image: DdCsBMF.png]

Able2extract Professional 14:

There is a complete desktop PDF software solution that will let manage PDF files in any way you need. It is a must-have tool in every business environment, because it simplifies and speeds up the process of manipulating data locked down in the most popular digital file format for sharing and archiving documents.
The latest version offers upgrades and improvements that make this product an ultimate solution to any business professional’s PDF needs.


Cover all aspects of your PDF work on your desktop
 Convert PDF files to all major formats including Excel, Word, CAD, PowerPoint…
 Extract scanned PDF content to editable documents using OCR.
 Edit PDF content, manipulate pages and forms in real time.
 Convert hundreds of files in one go with batch conversion and custom templates.
 Bulletproof your PDFs with advanced PDF encryption and file permissions.
 Add signatures to your PDFs and validate PDF signatures you receive. 


Pricing and Purchase:

In order to continue using Able2Extract Professional without any time or length constraints, users can purchase full licenses or subscription plans here:
Able2extract Professional 14 with all the features you need offers a lifetime license for 149.95$. Other software is available for higher price or need subscription.


The software can be easily downloaded from the official website or directly here:

Installation and Activation:

Double click on the installer you have downloaded then follow simple on screen instructions to have the program working on your computer. Activation is very easy. Simply enter the PIN when prompted to activate the license then activate online. That’s all!

Free Trial:

The free trial version can be used for seven days with all features available. The only limitation is the conversion of up to three pages of a document.

System Requirements:

Memory:  512+ MB of free memory
Disk space:   200 MB
Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Windows Server 2019/2016/2012 R2/2012/2008 R2, (32-bit or 64-
bit edition)
The processor has to be x86 architecture, administrative privileges and internet connection

User Interface:

The  user interface is very friendly and easy to use. It doesn’t need any skills even if you are an amateur user. You can easily navigate its Main menu and Command toolbar options to perform all PDF tasks you need. The program supports tabbed view so that you can open many PDF files at the same time, each in a separate tab

New Features in Able2extract Pro 14:

Sign PDF Documents:

[Image: lL9B66R.gif]

You no longer need to waste your time on printing, signing by hand and scanning your documents. The current version of the program supports PDF sign feature. This will make it easy to create and add electronic and digital signatures to your PDF documents in a matter of seconds.
 Insert electronic signatures to PDF contracts
Apply digital (cryptographic) signatures to PDFs
Verify the authenticity of signed documents you receive
Create secure and compliant PDF documents

Verify Digital Signatures:

[Image: dxjE40D.png]

This feature helps to check the security of your PDF files. You will verify the authenticity of PDF documents with digital (cryptographic) signatures whether it is authentic or not. This done by viewing the signature validation status in the document tab.
Make sure that the document was signed by an authorized source,
Check the time of signing
Check if any modifications were made to the document after it was signed.

Enhance PDF to Excel Conversion with Smart Templates:

[Image: EbUDHFT.png]

Get even more control over PDF to Excel conversion with AI-powered Smart Templates which allow you to automatically extract relevant table data from PDF documents to Excel and CSV formats with minimal effort.
Able2Extract Professional 14 is advanced enough to accurately extract the data you need no matter the size or position of the table in your PDF document.

Automate Batch Conversion with Master Templates:

Using this tool, you will enjoy the speed of Batch conversion, and the effectiveness of Custom Templates merged into one powerful conversion feature. The built-in learning engine lets you create distinct document categories and train a Master Template to automatically match each PDF file in the batch queue to the relevant category and convert it using a category-specific conversion template.

Create Better PDF Forms:

The new Able2Extract Professional 14 has improved the PDF form editor. This allows you to create professional-looking PDF forms that conform to business standards. You will have more control over form fields placement. Create and position PDF form fields exactly where you want. Your business PDF forms are perfectly formatted

Now let’s discuss the main uses and features of Able2extract Professional 14:

PDF Viewer:

[Image: UsXHSS7.png]

Easy PDF Creation:

Able2Extract Professional 14 includes advanced PDF creation features. The process is very easy and can be done by many ways. Simply use the File menu or Command toolbar option. The second way is done with the help of the built-in virtual print drive, without opening the software application.

Creating Secure PDFs:

[Image: w0XtaFs.png]

Many users need to secure PDF file with sensitive information. This can be easily done by password-protecting it and setting up various file permissions.
These permissions are set for printing, copying, modifying, adding comments, allowing only low-quality printing, etc. This useful feature helps to limit the recipients’ options when dealing with PDF document.
You can also encrypt or decrypt any PDF document

PDF Creation options and preferences:

These PDF creation settings include general options, viewing preferences, security features, font and color, compression and MS office

[Image: RTiRT4P.png]

[Image: Dnb2XhM.png]

Edit PDF:

When you open a file in Able2Extract, the default view is Convert mode. To make changes to PDF documents without converting them, click the Edit icon on the toolbar.

[Image: ScAK7Or.png]

The edit PDF content and pages panels are located on the right side of the main screen. You can add text, shapes, and images to your PDF, or edit the text that’s already there. Font type, size, and color are also customizable. Pages panel options will let you merge and split PDF files, move PDF pages, rotate, resize and more.

[Image: 7CrAqGC.png]

Document Information Editing:

This feature is accessible through the File menu. It allows users to edit the document’s information. For example; Title, Author, Subject and Keywords. 

[Image: KbAca3F.png]

Text Editing:

[Image: 8fgBiYQ.png]

The program has a built-in on-page PDF text editing tools. You can modify text and blocks of text directly in Able2Extract Professional using the right-side Editing panel. In addition; you can also specify the font style, size and color. You will be able to adjust line spacing, alignment, and rotation for text blocks


This feature make it easy for you to create and insert annotations on PDF documents. You can also  interact, review, add Sticky Notes and post replies to existing comments and annotations.


[Image: kbpf9BP.png]

This tool lets you selectively and permanently delete any sensitive information from the PDF document. This can be  individual sections or even the entire page.

Insert Bates Numbering:

[Image: 52sYqrJ.png]

You will need this feature if you need to index PDF pages for easy reference. It is located under edit menu. It allows you to select from many options. For example; personalized text, properly formatted date, pagination, and counter numbers. You can also set the font and position in the page

PDF Conversion:

Using Able2Extract Professional, you can convert PDF files into several different file formats. These include MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice , HTML, AutoCAD, CSV and many image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF).

[Image: SYuyrtd.png]

PDF conversion may be simple and straight as PDF to word conversion or complex conversions such as PDF to Excel and scanned (image) document conversion. Able2Extract Professional 14 now offers even smoother and more accurate conversions, making this the most attractive feature for its users.

Any format to Excel conversion:

The program supports conversion of non-PDF conversions directly into Excel spreadsheets. Being a data extraction tool, you can easily transfer text and content from Word, PowerPoint and more into spreadsheets.

Custom convert PDF to Excel:

[Image: DrhO5PT.png]

Automatic PDF to Excel conversion is fast and accurate, however the tables are not always perfectly formatted. That’s when this advanced PDF to Excel option shows its full potential. The right side panel lets you customize table and row structure as well as header and footer of PDF tables. Below the document you can preview your conversion output.

[Image: Y7rUzeA.png]

Also, included in this latest version is Artificial Intelligence technology, which allows you to train AI-powered custom Excel templates into Smart and Master templates. These are extremely effective in speeding up custom PDF to Excel conversions.

[Image: r8Mft4Y.png]

To use free online tool for converting PDF to Excel: VISIT [/url][url=]HERE

You can see some PDF to Excel conversion examples using Able2Extract here:

PDF to Excel Conversion Settings:

These options tweak the conversion process and refine the output results. The Advanced Analysis option improves upon Able2Extract’s ability to recognize PDF tables and transfer them into Excel.

Batch Conversion:

[Image: iBenKQB.png]

This built-in feature will certainly save you hours of work. Simply, click on the Batch conversion command from the File menu or directly in the Command toolbar then add as many PDF files according to your work. Finally specify the output format and directory.  Last thing to do before starting a batch conversion is to enter a security code which is case sensitive. Now start conversion.

Conversion Options:

[Image: l7d45Cl.png]

Advanced OCR technology:

[Image: ChvvttK.gif]

This feature helps to convert scanned PDF files into other formats and into searchable file. The process is quick and accurate. The program will automatically detect scanned files.
Get editable data in a file format of your choice
Turn scanned PDFs into searchable ones
OCR sensitive files from the safety of your desktop
Turn poorly scanned PDFs into perfectly formatted documents
Extract scanned text, tables, drawings, and more

Benefits of using Able2Extract Professional PDF OCR Converter:

[Image: F3DRh7o.png]

Filling PDF forms:

[Image: gi71ux7.gif]

This is very easy using able2extract Pro 14. Simply, open the PDF form in the application and start entering data by clicking on the form. That’s all!

Editing and creating PDF forms:

[Image: zKu8ufz.png]  

[Image: tp5wAum.png]

open the program in the PDF form editor panel then insert a form field by clicking the side panel option and then clicking onto the page you will place it. Form fields can be customized, populated, and assigned values

Benefits of signing PDFs with Able2Extract Professional

[Image: qwg0sCY.png]


Able2extract Professional 14 is the ultimate solution that offers all features and tools to let you manage any PDF file in an easy and quick way. You can do any process; view, convert, edit, sign and secure PDF files. The built-in OCR technology lets you deal with all scanned PDFs. Batch conversion tool will help you and save your time. You will easily annotate PDF content and collaborate with others like never before.

Important Links:




Learning Center:


This is one of my favorite PDF tool for conversion and it helped me a lot in my work. It`s scanning OCR is perfect. Thanks for the very good review as always, Tarek.
thanks for deataled pro of the best Heart Heart Heart Thumb Thumb
Thank you for the wonderful review.
Well done review Tarek.
Thank you for the good review. Thumb
THank you Tarek !

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