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For 10 years I have PaintShopPro X and I use it regularly. I bought the X9 version over a year ago. I am an amateur photographer, I really like taking pictures and I have already made them over 100,000. Corel PaintShopPro has been with me from the very beginning of my adventure with photography. Editing photos, cropping, retouching, matching etc. - all this becomes very simple with corel. I would love to win Paintshop Pro 2019 Ultimate, because it is much more elaborate than the one I have and has more possibilities. Thank you for the great competition.

Thx for awesome contest
I currently use Pinta, in CentOS.
It`s a great app, but, very limited and I am familiar with PaintShop Pro...excellent app. Good tools and plenty of features.
Good quick fixes, fun effects and pro features.

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Thanks for great contest!

I use PhotoPlus. 
I would like to use Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate because it doesn't require a subscription, has professional tools for editing photos and creating graphics.
It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use your favorite tools. I like the automatic functions
to improve photos.

Thanks for the giveaway @tarekma7 !

I always use the go to but old reliable buddy, Windows Paint app as my photo editing software. I'd like to win Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate license, because it is the best out there and got everything I need to edit photos and even more, period. I'm really interested on some of its features like images presets using AI and the dual monitor mode. Count me in please!

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Thank you for the giveaway!

Currently most of the time I am using GIMP as a photo editing software. Amazingly it is free and really powerful with a lot of additional extensions and scripts. I am also using CyberLink PhotoDirector depending on the task that I have to solve. Still I believe Corel PhotoShop Pro is even more powerful, polished and stable with better performance. It has a lot of interesting and useful features and is closer to Adobe PhotoShop than the aforementioned products.

Giveaway extended for 3 days. It will end on 27 December 2018
Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate 
Thanks for the Giveaway!
At present, I do not have any photo editing software and that why I want to win this license to help me edit, crop, resize, retouch and enhance images to produce creative filters, photo painting, photo animation, fun effects and image correctio to my photos.

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I use IrfanView but I am not satisfied. I would like to work with my photos with Corel software. Thank you. 
Currently i have photoshop, but i want to try coral product, some said this more easy and no need any skill to use, now i got a chance to try it, I would like win this to keep editing running, 

First of all thank you Tarek sir for the giveaway.

Currently I use the Microsoft photos to edit my images but due to lack of functions and features I can not use it on full potential. As we all know corel is a great company in making graphics designing software and Core Paintshop Pro is an excellent creation by them not only it is an feature rich software but also a great competitor to adobe photoshop. This particular software contains all most all features of adobe photoshop and some extra features like AI preset, 360 photo editing which will help to enhance the true beauty of the image. Moreover the best thing I like about this software is the onetime payment option which is better than renting a software. 

That's It.

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