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help i need

I need help
I need help:
my sister has been called
by a fake a microsoft technician
(indu accent)
she has connected the team viewer
for, in theory, fix your computer
also has entered
on her cell phone
with an application, he told him that as he was
synchronized also had to be fixed.
she has allowed everything.
Now I guess everything is hacked.
How do I fix it?
1 format the hard drive of the pc?
2 I put the factory phone?
3 I can copy files before formatting
or the virus will come in when I copy
on an external disk?
From an uninfected computer and cell phone and connected to another router (in another home) file a complaint in your country's organ that handles crimes on the internet, and send all the data you have (about Indian fake techinician) to this organ. .

For the PC. Close any and all remote access service that Windows has and uninstall everything the guy has installed. If possible leave the internet (pull the cable / disconnect the receiving driver) and start the windows recovery and REZE so that the system has a good restore point. Start the restore.
Right now first thing you should do is tell your bank & credit card support that the PC was compromised & whoever has access to it may have gotten your financial & banking details. So no transactions should be made from respective  accounts for the time being, it is better to inform all the banking services you or your family use.

Note that Microsoft never really offer support that way about your pc related problems unless you have an open support ticket & a pre-paid support contract with them. So completely re-install the Windows operating system on your PC to factory condition, including a re-format.

Change every password, including any which you use to log onto your PC. This is where 2FA enabled password managers come very handy. It is good to change all online accounts passwords that may have been compromised from  a different PC. Its good to separate the hard drive for a backup first if your have important data. It most likely got viruses & nasty stuff so scan & clean with a good security tool.

Watch your email accounts for suspicious activity. Same goes for banking accs, cards & stuff like that. Consider contacting cybercrime department of local Polizia/law enforcement, I think you should.
and this too Smile
Thank you very much for your help
for the moment I have put the factory phone
now I'm going to erase the hard drive and reinstall
bank all canceled and all new again
report to the police

Do you think the devices will be safe like that?

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